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The puppy’s name is given at the time of microchipping. By law this is done by 60 days of age.

For purebred dogs, the paperwork for applying for pedigree often leads to the microchip being inoculated earlier.

Breeders who have an affix,

will also pass on to their puppy the name of the affix. A sort of surname that identifies the kennel of origin of the puppy. For this reason, criteria are introduced for naming the puppies. For example the same initial letter for the whole litter.

Our puppies have the suffix of our kennel “Valle dei Medici”. They are puppies that carry our name: “Valle dei Medici Giotto” for the dog for example whose name is Giotto.

Two puppies with the same initial letter and coming from the same kennel …are brothers!

When the puppies go to exhibitions as adults they are so easily recognisable. This helps to understand the value of the litter in terms of morphology and also of the parents in terms of offspring.

The initial letter is by far the most used criterion, but not the only one. It allows the puppies and their owners to be remembered over the years with a minimum of effort.

Our criterion for choosing a name for the puppies is to give the litter a theme. We often take advice and guidance on the theme. If we find that the person who has booked one of our puppies has a particular interest in the name for the dog and also a little imagination.

It is very common for dogs to be called by a name other than the one on the certificates. Danger averted, dogs cannot read and therefore the problem of the official dog name is minimal. For me, my name is David, but everyone calls me Yuri, it was and is a bit more complicated.

This is how the acronym AKA (Also Know As) was born. In Italian “also known as”.

If the kennel from which the puppy comes does not have an ENCI affix,

the puppy will have only one name. ENCI does not allow compound names to be given to the puppies. The timing for inoculating microchips and applying for pedigrees remains the same, of course.


The official puppy name can be chosen by the owner if we move before inoculating the microchip.

If the puppy comes from an affixed kennel we will be required to meet the breeding criteria.

We, as well as other breeders who are concerned about finding the most suitable accommodation for their puppies, reserve the right to inform the families which puppy will be in their litter.

We wait a few weeks after the birth to make evaluations on the character or morphology or its aptitude for truffles.

It depends on the composition of the family, the availability of space and time and the presence of children for a pet puppy. Different characteristics will be those for a Lagotto puppy for show or breeding or that will also go truffling.

In these cases the name of the puppy will be chosen by the breeder without any emotional consequences for the puppy.

The Lagotto’s name will be the one he hears himself called every day.


Whether it is the official name or not we will still have to go through the process of naming the puppy. A dilemma just like when you have to choose a name for your children. Female names for female dogs or thunderous names for male dogs.

A trivial search on the internet reveals endless lists of names for female dogs and names for male dogs. Sometimes instead of helping they confuse ideas, other times they put us on the right track.

Animalpedia has given importance to this topic. By going to their site and searching for the keyword “Dog Names” various articles and Name Lists come up.

I found it nice and imaginative. Names of Famous Dogs, Names for Dogs in French or other languages, Names for short and long dogs, names of dogs selected by breed. Names for cute and affectionate dogs just like the Lagotto. There’s something for everyone, and hopefully it will help.

We’ll avoid the overused “EIGHT”in Italian “Otto” the Lagotto.

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