test genetici razza lagotto romagnolo

The Lagotto Romagnolo genetic tests

Lagotto genetic tests allow to verify the inheritance of certain pathologies. The pathologies for which the responsible gene has been identified. The puppies children of tested parents will not suffer from such pathologies. . With the process of selection or recovery of the breed have been fixed the pathologies. By examining the DNA of parents it is possible to understand the impact on the litter of the most common pathologies.

The DNA test is carried out with a blood sample.

The result of the DNA examination can give three possible outcomes in relation to each individual pathology.

  • Exempt both alleles of the gene responsible for the disease are healthy. Healthy homozygous Gene.
  • Bearer the two alleles of the gene responsible for the disease are different. heterozygous bearer Gene.
  • Affection both alleles of the gene responsible for the disease are recessive. homozygous recessive Gene.

A dog carrying a certain pathology is a healthy dog in relation to that same pathology.

That is, it will have no symptoms or manifestations. When coupled with another Lagotto Romagnolo bearer the problem is tangible on its offspring. For those who mate Lagotto Romagnolo not tested the unknown is just that. The two Lagotto Romagnoli candidates for mating do not manifest the pathology that will be present in their litter. We can know if a dog is carrier or exempt only through genetic testing.

Why do we do genetic testing?

Genetics makes available a tool to proceed with safety in the direction of the health of the puppies.

We have important certainty about the health of the puppy.

For his known natural dowry of truffle-seeker, the Lagotto Romagnolo is a breed subjected to litters made with little or even without criterion. They are mainly private or some that animated by interest or alleged love of their Lagotto Romagnolo are launching in this adventure.

To procreate their own Lagotto Romagnolo is a beautiful journey to be done without adventurers spirits.

The information that gives genetic testing is not one more thing but a health guarantee for puppies. The breed pathologies and the genetic tests of the Lagotto Romagnolo are not a bogeyman. Just go to the breeding sites to see that there are many healthy dogs carrying one or another pathology. I imagine that the same incidence is also in private individuals who make litters without this information. The real question in which genetic testing is decisive is how to choose mating. We can be sure about the health of the puppies in relation to that pathology.

Genetic tests and hereditary pathologies of the Lagotto Romagnolo.

  • JE Juvenile epilepsy: it manifests itself during the life of the dog with episodes ranging from agitation to paralysis.
  • LSD Lagotto Storage disease: The disease begins between 4 months and 4 years. The movement is completely uncoordinated. The disease also affects the character. Lagotto develops progressive aggression and statistics are carriers of 11% of Lagotto.
  • Furnishing: The pathology is presented with a mutation of the mantle. It has no character or health repercussions. A Lagotto Romagnolo affected by Furnishing exits the Standard of Lagotto Romagnolo and can not participate in exposure.

The cost of genetic testing and selection work fall on the price of the puppy. Often those who decide to take a puppy of Lagotto Romagnolo do not know these aspects. Especially if you are drawn from the first pet dog. Once given the information in this article, everyone appreciates the ability to have a puppy of Lagotto Romagnolo son of parents tested.

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