allevamento lagotto romagnolo

Our breeding Lagotto Romagnolo:

is located in Mugello, in the province of Florence and therefore in Tuscany. It is the Regions that draw up the regulations for the protection and keeping of animals.

For the custody of our dogs, we have reserved spaces larger than those provided for by the relevant laws issued by the Region of Tuscany. Since we are always present in the kennel, it is our home, our Italian water Dogs live with us in our garden or at home.

The spaces we have reserved for them are used exclusively for night shelter or to manage possible needs. Contingencies of cohabitation such as separating puppies from adults or rainy weather situations. We are an amateur breeders with the intention of maintaining our family dimension. The only way to consolidate a daily relationship with our friends.

The structure of our breeding

For our dogs we have opted for fences. Having space available and believing that logistics and accommodation can affect the quality of life and avoid stress due to staying in the box.

Even if little used, such spaces are indispensable for the management of our Lagotto Romagnolo. Our dogs mainly live with us all day long.

As in a tourist village we have built some beautiful terraced houses. The houses are always tidy, with a stall, a hedge and trees to provide shady areas.

Inside each fence we have created smaller enclosures used when necessary or at mealtimes.

Every Lagotto Romagnolo must be able to eat peacefully, at its own time. We want to avoid mechanisms whereby those who have finished eating in their own bowl approach another’s bowl.

Once the meal is over, everyone returns to live the spaces made available to them. Inside the cottages we find two separate spaces with a kennel. Even at night our dogs must be able to choose to sleep next to each other. Or each dog can sleep in its own kennel.

Pregnancy management
In one of the houses we have made permanent delivery boxes. They are used to manage the litter when it has reached the moment of being able to live outdoors.

Pregnant mothers live their last month of gestation strictly at home with us.

We squeeze in a little, but it is important for the future mother to become familiar with the environment where she will have to give birth to our puppies. In the house she will be able to follow her litter until the puppies are ready for their first outing.

We are very proud of the accommodation we have created. We are very pleased with the praise given to our breeding and how we keep our Lagotto Romagnolo.