My first Lagotto Romagnolo is often also the first dog in the family

Lagotto Romagnolo is often chosen by families who decide to adopt a dog for their first time.

Lagotto Romagnolo is choose for the characteristics of the breed we have written about a lot. The characteristics both physical and character and intellectual of Lagotto Romagnolo push them to make this choice.

Casual meetings with a Lagotto, now more and more frequent and the lightning bursts.

The advice of friends or veterinarians intrigue families to investigate more about the characteristics of Lagotto Romagnolo.

Here are, the first steps for the first dog in the family are taken, then it is a wonderful discovery.

Other times they are people who have already had dogs and ahime! …. you can not give up the affection of a dog.

Conscious and aware of meaning to adopt a puppy, they find the perfect dog in the characteristics of Lagotto Romagnolo.

The characteristics of Lagotto Romagnolo are unique! A curly dog of Italian breed!

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive from families who consciously decide to approach the Lagotto Romagnolo.

  • can the lagotto live in an apartment?

    lagotto romagnolo compagnia veneto

    Yes, it fits well. Managing a dog in an apartment requires more commitment for the family.

    The Lagotto Romagnolo will ask to have its moments of leisure and beautiful walks. But life in the apartment near his reference humans is very gratifying.

  • Is the Lagotto a dog that can be left alone for a few hours of the day?

    cuccioli lagotto romagnolo allevamenti

    Yes, some hours are not a problem. If the rule is full of days waiting for the weekend, it is preferable to think about adopting a dog when we have more time to spend. There are pets of other species that are more suitable.

  • How often should he be washed or groomed?

    allevamento lagotto romagnolo cuccioli carattere

    When the dog is really dirty when returning from a picnic, it must be washed.

    Frequent washing, however, is not recommended. We can keep the hair in order with the comb. Without exaggerating not to lose the rustic appearance typical of the breed. With the help of scissors we can shorten the coat even by themselves. A shorter coat is always easier to keep tidy and requires less intervention.

  • Is the Lagotto Romagnolo a delicate breed with particular health problems?

    cucciolo lagotto aosta

    Il Lagotto Romagnolo is a robust and vigorous dog. With the proper management of the hair is a dog ready in every season. It does not fear cold and adores water even at low temperatures.

  • The Lagotto Romagnolo really does not lose hair?

    lagotto romagnolo casa appartamento

    That’s it. A mantle with constant growth that will require maintenance but does not lose fur. Precisely because of this characteristic Lagotto is among the breeds of hypoallergenic dogs.

  • Better Male or Female

    lucy cucciolo lagotto

    What really makes the difference is the character of the puppy and therefore how it is raised and socialized. There are extremely lively puppies and others more laid. Already after three weeks of life, with a careful eye one understands the nature, but does not depend on sex.

  • Is Lagotto a dog that has to do a lot of physical activity to stay balanced?

    Displasia Lagotto Romagnolo

    It’s a working dog that has always meant work as a game … and who does not like to play!

    Love moments of leisure and participate in the life of your family at home and outdoors. This needs to be a balanced and pleasant dog.

    It does not tend to get fat.

  • Can we choose the puppy based on color?

    lagotto nano

    The watershed on color is generally white. Who likes it a lot and who does not like it. On other color combinations that include the presence of brown on the mantle, there is generally more elasticity.

    We always welcome the preference on color, however, trying to associate puppies with certain characteristics to owners with corresponding characteristics.

    Space, time to devote, family composition and more are important information.

  • The Lagotto Romagnolo is a puppy with characteristics suitable for growing up with children?

    lagotto bambini

    Lagotto loves cuddling and children are his passion. Due to its characteristics and temperament it is ideal for children. Recall that the breed is used for pet therapy at the Meyer pediatric hospital in Florence.

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