inserimento cucciolo lagotto

Inserting the puppy in the new home: his family

The integration of the puppy into the new family requires a lot of patience and attention. We certainly prepared for the arrival of the little Lagotto both with the objects and mentally to read the puppy’s behaviour.

Excesses are almost always to be avoided, especially with a puppy from Lagotto Romagnolo. Common sense must guide us so as not to be too apprehensive or nonchalant.

Small and simple tricks often simplify and make everything easier.

The low tone of voice, like cautious movements avoiding sudden noises, help the puppy to take the first step towards us. Common sense things that especially if there are children in the family become difficult to control.

Every litter has its own characteristics. There are Lagotto litters in which the puppies are real Lion Hearts. Brave and almost brave from the very first moment. These are puppies that hardly ever have insertion problems. Even if the reserved character of the Lagotto tends vice versa to puppies that become familiar a little at a time. A more frequent and typical attitude of the Lagotto Romagnolo.

More often the litters are mixed. Typical puppies of the breed that gradually enter into situations and others that, vice versa, are stronger and more lively.

It is only a matter of time and everyone will be fantastic puppies!

The whities will need a little more time to get rid of the stress of insertion. The more jaunty puppies will soon be ready to be educated to contain their exuberance. These are natural characteristics of the puppy, the individual character to which we will have to patiently adapt to help the puppy grow properly.

Insertion times of the Lagotto puppy

When we entrust our puppies we are certain that they are ready for insertion. Reading the puppy’s signals helps you understand if the puppy is fully inserted.

To expect this to happen in a few hours or days is highly unlikely. Sometimes it happens, but it’s not the norm for a Lagotto puppy.

Vets often claim that a puppy in the first week of insertion is not assessable. This suggests that regardless of the breed of dog such time should be left to the puppy. We should not expect too much in the first few days. Turn on a leash or bathe or a thousand new situations all at once.

The puppies from Lagotto Romagnolo start giving Gas after a week.

We will see extremely extrovert puppies that have immediately settled in and as moderates they will start to be a bit pestiferous. Other slower parties will show that they are completely at ease.

After a week we will begin to interact more directly with our dog and discover new wonderful aspects of his character every day.

Puppy insertion stress signals: Feeding and Diaree

Perhaps we are presumptuous in thinking this, but we work to say that our puppies do not manifest their stress with strong states of depression.

Accustomed from the very first days of life to children and the house. Always surrounded by people and other dogs, the situations that may arise on the day of their insertion are not something totally unknown to the point of deeply discouraging them.

Lagotto’s puppies, precisely because it is the typical character of the breed that makes them be like this, can manifest their discomfort with inappetence or diarea.

Not worrying signals that must be followed and in a few days overcome.

It is fundamental that the puppies continue their growth. Absolutely, the puppy must continue to feed.

We will use cans of humid, puppy food. These tins are always appreciated by the puppy and mixed with his usual croquettes will help him to eat, grow and stay strong. When the sense of discomfort gradually disappears, the wet food will do the same.

Eating regularly both in portions and on time also helps digestion.

Any diaphragms that may occur due to stress will soon disappear as well. It happens, not very often, but this also happens.

It is important not to underestimate but at the same time to give the right size.

In the first days of insertion, gastrointestinal disturbances and loss of appetite are frequent with puppies. Knowing helps to stay serene and at the same time give regularity.

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