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Tomorrow comes the puppy. Our first dog.

The day of the puppy’s arrival is approaching, it is the first dog in the family and some doubt as to what it will serve in the days to come assails us. Let’s do a quick review:

  • The puppy food, of the same brand and flavour used at the kennel. The puppy kit that is delivered with the puppy already contains food for a few days. The kibble we use is readily available from pet shops. A large bag also ensures good savings.
  • Pesticides When the puppy arrives in spring, summer and autumn they will soon be necessary. Our puppies are entrusted with treatments, but these will soon need to be repeated. Arrange for pesticides.
  • A game to relieve the stress of the first few days so as not to interfere with the teething process.
  • Identify the vet you trust if it is your first dog, but even if it is your first Lagotto, it is best to find out in advance who you are going to entrust with the health of your beloved Lagottino and inform them of its forthcoming arrival. In order to facilitate the task of both the veterinary surgeon and the future owner, we always write down in the puppy’s health booklet all the treatments, vaccinations received, the next deadlines and the results of the visit made by our veterinary surgeon.
  • Identify the space to be made available to the puppy. Possibly in a certain way. Second thoughts due to cramped management of needs in the first few weeks should be avoided.
  • Create its den. Its safe and quiet shelter equipped with a bowl for water and three times a day a bowl for kibble. Metal.

Leash. Even if you wait a few days to start this new experience, it is worth having it. Sometimes, during the journey, situations may arise where you need to keep your puppy safe. See a stop at a motorway service station.

The journey is always fun and the puppy is finally home.

During the journey, the puppy falls asleep in the arms and cuddles of its companion. And waking up is a complete novelty.

A surprise to get used to slowly.

  • Let him have the initiative. Give it time to get to know the environment. A timid start and then the puppy will begin its patrol. It will probably ask you, in its own way, to reassure it with a few cuddles, but let it look for us.
  • Let’s curb our enthusiasm. If possible, let’s hold back for a moment and slow down when introducing children. It is not easy, but it is good not to assault the puppy who is struggling to get through the moment. He will soon overcome his initial discomfort and understand that he is only receiving affection from you.
  • Days go by, a little pest that gets into everything? It’s not always like that, but your time is coming. Educate your puppy in the rules of the house. With the gentle manners a Lagotto requires of its owner. We’ll make him understand what’s allowed and what’s not.
  • Get it used to being alone.  If the puppy has to spend part of the day on its own, it is important to educate it from the start. For flat dwellers, the kennel is often the perfect den. It helps them to understand that their needs are outside. A few kibble and a few toys and the puppy will go in on its own. Without any problems it will fall asleep and have a peaceful stay even when we are not present.
  • Once the first few days have passed, we can start with the first walks on a leash.
  • Enrolling in a puppy class. The socialisation of the dog will give it an extra edge as an adult. Pay attention to the respect of the vaccination protocol knowing that attending with you other puppies and making experiences will help you to have a special relationship.
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