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Male or female puppy? We analyse the Lagotto Romagnolo.

This is the most common question. A must for those who have never had a dog in the family. For those looking for a dog as a friend and has the fear of not being up to its management. Understandable doubts that are increasingly convinced do not depend and do not resolve with the choice of the sex of the puppy. The color of the puppy's hair and how it will be his adult cloak is the question that follows in the special ranking of frequently asked questions.

A dog is beautiful for its structure and morphology. The bearing and proportions, but above all must be a clever dog and of excellent character.

With regard to the sex of the puppy the request is aimed at the search for a dog generally more quiet and that does not take advantage of the inexperience of the future owners. Sometimes it is common places, often false, to suggest the choice. Information from other races and considerations in the right can become a real nonsense for another breed. The differences between the two sexes are there, let's analyze them with reference to the Lagotto Romagnolo.

Lagotto Romagnolo female against Lagotto Romagnolo male

The physicist

For some breeds the difference in tonnage between the male and the female can be really important. Sometimes even 10kg of muscles that for example can lead to problems in the management of walks. Even if the dog on a leash should never pull, it is normal that anyone who has never had a dog can think that it is not immediately able to handle this situation. Even the greatest power of a male can create doubts. For the Lagotto Romagnolo the difference is not so important. For the breed standard it is 2 cm tall and 2 Kg in weight.

The Beauty

Who is more beautiful than the male or the female? I have no doubts about that! A beautiful male specimen is superior to a beautiful female. Of course if the male is a ciofeca much better a beautiful female. I can't even make it this time! I would not be able to give advice on beauty based on the sex of a puppy. We have to see every puppy and if one has intentions to participate in beauty manifestations we will have to choose according to the morphological characteristics. Surely it is not a choice that can be made with puppies born from one or a few weeks.

Character and intelligence

Here the arguments are made a little more abstract. We are not talking about centimeters or pounds or proportions, but we would like to determine our ability to have an excellent relationship with your dog based on the attitudes that the puppy should have based on sex. I think there are some character differences. But I am not sure that they are the ones who prefer future families. I believe that the female has more intellectual abilities especially at an early age. The male is more clumsy and sometimes more instinctive. Then growing things can change. The female of Lagotto in particular can become more complex. I think it depends on the arrival of the first Calori. The management of hormonal changes can influence a phase of the character growth. Physical disrupting that affect the mood of the dog. The male is generally more constant and exceeded the adolescent stage and mess has a behavior of easier interpretation.

The Calori of the female

The female's heat often shifts permanently the choice of the pet puppy according to the sex. The females go into heat twice a year and for twenty days we will have to be careful in our walks, leaving our lagotta free. If we do not have a garden the signs will be clearly visible for home. Conversely we must be very careful that our garden is not accessible to male dogs. Especially during our absence. Not everyone is in favor of sterilizing their dog. Taboos must be slaughtered to appreciate the benefits of sterilization.

A female that is not intended for reproduction should always be sterilized. In the interest of the dog's health.

As a result the heats disappear and there are also some character benefits that I mentioned above. And again, we will no longer be able to choose the Lagotto puppy based on the sex.

Can you choose a pet Lagotto puppy based on sex?

Anyone who has had other dogs often asks for a same-sex puppy. A good choice if we enjoyed it. Even if the dog was from another breed. If there are other dogs in the family the choice of the sex of the puppy can be obliged. For example, to avoid unwanted couplings or vice versa because we know that our dog is particularly aggressive with same sex dogs. The choice of the sex of the puppy can also be made for personal considerations: "In The family I only have males, enough! I want a girl! "or vice versa. How to blame Ahaha. Without prejudice to these special cases and others that at the moment escape me, when we decide to enlarge our family with a puppy of lagotto we must know that much will depend on the relationship that we will be able to establish.

The relationship with your dog makes a difference, it is rarely a matter of sex. Our dog will trust us and we must always merit his trust and demand mutual respect.

Within the same litter we see puppies more lively or enterprising, those who arrive first to the solution and those more rebellious. More dynamic puppies and more calm. Character aspects that in the following months of coexistence with their new companions of life will be exalted or reduced. It will change the education and also the stimuli. Until the patience of future families allows us, we try to delay the association puppy-family. We want to collect as much information as we can to seek in everyone's interest to leave on the right foot. Arrived at some point the desire to know how the puppy grows and who he is, becomes unstoppable and rightly give in. Once the puppy leaves the mother and the brothers, and so do we, the situations change. There will be more spaces to give the best of if, new friends and all the spotlight on him.

The only certainty that we have left is to have given each puppy the basis for an excellent growth with beautiful families.

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