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Why sterilise your dog

Neutering a dog mainly protects him from tumours. For the female these are tumours of the uterus and udder, for the male tumours of the testicles and prostate.

Mother Nature takes her course and would like females with puppies twice a year. This, however, is very bad. It would soon debilitate the females and shorten their lives.

The dog is not a wolf.

The Lagotto does not even resemble the Wolf. The Lagotto Romagnolo, and the dog in general, is a domestic animal that lives in a family and does not have the rules and hierarchies of a pack. Hierarchies that also regulate mating within the pack and which consequently determine the selection of the species.

Man’s intervention on a domestic animal such as the dog is necessary to try to prevent certain pathologies deriving from the lack of reproduction of the female in particular, but also of the male.

This remains the main and perhaps only reason, sorry if it is not enough, to convince people to sterilise their dogs.

When to sterilise your dog

I have searched for information and I have also consulted directly or indirectly with some vets. Unfortunately there are no univocal lines of thought on when to sterilise the dog and each one has its advantages and disadvantages.

For the male the operation is very simple and requires little time to recover. The operation can be done at any time, there is no reproductive cycle to take into account.

In general, early castration in males is not recommended.

But from 3-4 years of age it is worthwhile.

For the female after the operation it takes a few days to recover and overcome the pain in the abdomen. Early sterilisation of females significantly reduces the risk of tumours in later life.

But how early?

I believe that the evaluation must also take into account the breed. For the Lagotto Romagnolo I would avoid surgery before one year of age. The first year of age is fundamental for physical development in a breed exposed to dysplasia. It can also be a traumatic experience from a character point of view, which in my opinion should be postponed until after one year of age.

Sterilisation of the female takes place 2-3 months after the last heat.

Our females, once the reproductive activity is over, after the 5th litter, are sterilised.

The breeder’s code of ethics requires that females should not be reproduced after 5 litters.

Contraindications to sterilisation

If we exclude the minimum risk due to a surgical intervention, even if it is trivial, there are no contraindications to sterilisation.

The tendency to put on weight after sterilisation is not something that I have seen in my females, although obviously we always pay a lot of attention to this aspect.

Taboos and rumours

There are some taboos to overcome on this subject. That of going against nature. Briefly, I would say that nature is quite ruthless with regard to reproduction, two litters a year means exhausting the females to the point of shortening their lives. Overcome this taboo considering that the dog is a domestic animal.

The idea of having the female breed at least once to protect her from tumours is a widespread but unfounded consideration. Neutering certainly has benefits, one pregnancy in a lifetime, it is not clear why it should mark the female against tumours if the poor thing continues to have two heats a year for the rest of her life.

first journey with lagotto pup

Preparing to Welcome Your Lagotto Puppy

The arrival of a puppy at home is a subject we have already covered in the past. Several years have passed since that article, although it is obviously still valid.

However, there are many families who ask us for more precise details about the size of the carrier and how to organise the first trip with the puppy. What to expect, what the puppy’s reaction will be, and other information that we will try to give in this article.

What items are needed for the journey and on arrival

The travel bag or carrier

The best way for your puppy to travel by car is on the back seat in a cloth travel bag.

The bag or carrier should be openable at the sides and top.

This allows the second passenger to comfortably comfort the puppy. If a car journey is followed by a flight, the bag will be indispensable.

The measurements of the bag are for a 70-day-old puppy weighing 5-7 kg. In the case of a puppy for some foreign countries, i.e. at least 15 weeks old, the bag will be for a puppy weighing around 7-9 kg.

As it is often the case that some people also want to equip themselves with a kennel for an adult Lagotto, the measurements of the carrier will be about 60×40 cm and 50 cm high. Larger sizes are not convenient as they perform worse in protecting the dog during turns or other events.

The blanket

Using a blanket with mum’s scent can help give your puppy peace of mind. Useful in puppies as young as 70 days old that are less open to new things.

The blanket will be passed over the mother on the day the puppy is picked up.


The puppy will certainly not play on its first car journey, but as we will need to buy toys for its arrival home, we remain convinced that the tennis ball and a Kong are more than enough. For more details see the article on toys for Lagotto puppies.


We have also written an article on this subject, but our suggestion is to take a Retriever leash.

A harness is not recommended up to a year old. If the puppy proves, as is often the case, that it can keep up with the pace without any major jerking, an exception can be made and the harness can be used.


For particularly long journeys, it is advisable to carry a bowl and a bottle of water.

Feeding during the journey

When handing over the puppy, try to leave it on an empty stomach for at least 6-7 hours. The agitation and stress of the journey will undoubtedly lead to regurgitation. For the same reason, even if the journey is particularly long, it is wise not to feed the puppy during the journey:

do not give the puppy any food during the journey.

The fact that when the puppy arrives at its new home it wants to eat and finds it is positive in many ways.

We always give a one-kilo sack on the day the kitten is picked up. Now that I am writing this article, it is included in the Puppy Kit, but if things change in the future, we will continue with this good habit.

1 kg of kibble is enough for 4-5 days. In other words, there is no urgent need to buy a large bag for the puppy. If possible we will continue with the trend that we are using at the moment, vice versa we will use the feed taken from the kennel to make a gradual transition to the new brand.


I believe and hope I have not forgotten anything. The last recommendation is to stay calm, even if the moment has been so long awaited and it will not be easy to control the strong emotion.

I only remember one puppy that got confused during the return trip, Snoopy, actually took a while to accept the separation. For the rest, Lagotto puppies like children let themselves sleep in the car and after a few minutes of bewilderment and great stress they let themselves go. They spend most of the journey sleeping or being pampered.

  • Travel bag or carrier
  • Retriever leash
  • Cover
  • Kong and tennis ball
  • Bowl and water bottle
tools to groom lagotto romagnolo

Tools to Groom the Lagotto

Lagotto dog grooming is an activity that every owner can do on his own. The reasons can be many, from pastime, to the desire to try this practice or to keep your dog aesthetically in order with greater flexibility and frequency, compared to having to take him to a groomer when you just can’t take him anymore.

Many of the owners of our Lagotto want to try and do some retouching and gaining confidence and seeing their dog’s results and behaviour improve, they often continue.

If you are reading this article you are certainly interested in understanding what a good grooming equipment is, a compromise with professional equipment but sufficient to care for the curly hair of your Lagottino with excellent results.

Before going into the actual equipment, trying to give references both as brands and prices, remember that it will be necessary to wash the dog.

A bath based on shampoo for dogs and a conditioner to make the hair clean and easy to cut. It can also be easily done in the bathtub at home.

The comb will slide more easily and we will not risk to remove the sharpening of the cutting tools due also to light dirt.

Grooming tools: table

tavolo per toelettare

The Grooming Table

The Grooming Table is certainly indispensable to work in a certain harmony. The main feature is to be able to hold the dog firmly enough to cut. The first few times the dog will not be completely at ease but he will soon get used to it, making the operations much easier and more effective.

A table with an arm and lockable table like the one in the picture has a price around 80 euros or a little more.

It is a basic table, but it allows you to do your work very well and is easily transportable. Going up in price there are pneumatic tables. These are raised and lowered, but cannot be transported. Instead, they can rotate to position the dog quickly to one side or the other to simplify the process.

As for the laces, the ones supplied are made of fabric and can be inadvertently cut with scissors. Soon it will be necessary to switch to hard plastic ones with rubber head support.

Grooming tools: Comb and brush

cardatore toelettare


pettine toelettare

Steel tooth comb

The brush or carder is not necessary to keep the hair of the pond tidy. On the contrary, they are to be avoided in order not to smooth the hair and lose the typical hedgehog of the breed. However, when grooming, the carder can be useful for thinning the hair in certain critical points. It is also useful to raise the hair of the tail and give it a uniform shape. The comb like the one in the photo remains the main tool to manage the coat of the Lagotto Romagnolo.

The prices of both the carder and the comb do not reach 10 euros each.

Grooming tools: Hemostatic ear hair tongs

pinza peli cane emostatica

Hemostatic pliers for inner ear hair

In the picture, the hemostatic clamp is very useful to remove the hair growing inside the earcup. To be handled with great care but really effective. The block on the scissor rod allows you to be very precise for excellent cleaning.

These pliers are easily found at a price of less than 10 euros.

Cutting grooming tools: scissors.

There are also many types of scissors and the quality of the steel used makes all the difference. Both in price and ease of work.

The scissors to be used are straight or straight scissors with a length of about 20 cm. We can also equip ourselves with a second shorter scissors to be more precise in sculpting the head and following the anatomy of the dog near the shoulders and on the back. Excessively cheap scissors are generally not very durable and not very precise.

A good scissor has a price around 40 euros.

Obviously the scissors need to be resharpened and it is not easy to find someone who knows how to sharpen scissors, but it is worth a try.

The cost of sharpening scissors is about 3 euros.

Cutting grooming tools: clippers and heads.

Among the best-known brands of clippers are Moser, Aesculap and Heininger. They all use interchangeable heads, except for a few models of the Aesculap.

The Moser 45 with wire is priced at just over 100 euros and is sufficiently valid.

Probably the most widely used amateur level. The prices of the Aesculap and the Heininger are much higher, especially if we aim at battery-powered models. After years of use of the Moser 45 we have opted for the Heninger Saphir and it is a really nice, comfortable, light and durable battery pack. Of course the cost is justified by the number of our Lagotto.

For the heads, on the other hand, it is worth spending a few words on ceramic blades.  The ceramic blades are much more durable and above all they heat very little and avoid burns to our dog. Let’s remember to use the lubricating oil for shearing machine at a cost of about 10 euro.

For the shearing of Lagotto the blades number 7 – 7F (about 3 mm) are very good for shearing and to keep the belly clean even when we opt for a grooming instead of the complete shearing.

The cost of the complete blades is around 35 euros, something more for ceramic blades, but in my opinion they are to be recommended.

There are also other grooming tools from Lagotto that can be useful in case you need them, nail scissors or lower blades like the 10 to finish the feet and belly. But with the grooming equipment described above we will be able, with a little experience, to achieve excellent results in complete autonomy.

A certainty as an element of tranquillity:

The hair of your Lagotto will grow back, and any grooming mistakes will soon be remedied.



Lagotto Truffle Dog Puppy

When we receive requests for a Cucciolo di Lagotto Romagnolo truffle puppy we try to satisfy the future owner.  It is important to us that our puppy can show his skills and be appreciated. It is important for the Cucciolo and it is also important for those who have chosen us.

For us it is important to understand who our puppies are entrusted to. All the more so for a puppy who will go truffle. The risks that he will not be considered as a member of the family are greater.

Being an excellent Lagotto Romagnolo pet doesn’t take anything away from his truffle making skills. Unfortunately not everyone thinks so, but I think they are wrong.

Our puppies are given to those who consider them family members.

Only then are we happy if they are also taken to look for truffles.

Having verified that the request we receive for a truffle dog is part of what has just been said, we try to give our best.

We try to find the puppy that shows the most passion.  Since he is a puppy, we start looking for truffles with a special eye.

Among the many games and experiences that we make with our puppies to start them in a positive way in their growth and socialization, there is never a truffle ball missing.

I really like to see how the puppies are placed and relate to a scent that is in their DNA for this breed. Soon you can see the differences, the vocation of each one. The will and the attention that he puts into making these simple games.

Before delivering “the truffle puppy” we are quite sure of its dowry. He is a puppy who has learned to look and rasp. He often already knows how to bring back a few balls because he has understood that truffles bring prizes and cuddles. We are always available to support the puppy’s training even when he has reached his new family. Often these are simple tips to avoid regressing in training and continue straight to the most important obstacle: the truffle in natural truffle-grounds.

Lagotto Puppy Company Dog

More and more families have had the opportunity to meet some examples of Lagotto Romagnolo . In parks or at friends’ houses. They have documented the character and qualities of Lagotto Romagnolo. They could not resist the charm of this fantastic breed.

Those who approach this breed for the first time, fear that they will not be able to make their four-legged companion happy. They think that the Lagotto Romagnolo can only be had by those who take it for truffles.

Can we consider the equation: Lagotto Romagnolo equals truffle dog?

In reality, even in the Lagotto Romagnolo breed we hear more and more frequently about bloodlines.

We do not want to transform an excellent Lagotto pet dog into a mediocre Lagotto truffle dog.

Every Lagotto Romagnolo can do without truffles.

There are more lively dogs and others quieter. Both require the daily attention of their family, to have fun with them, and nothing more.

I have seen for myself that there are some puppies and big puppies that for temperament and character are not interested in going through the woods to look for truffles. They prefer the sofa!

During the 70 days of living together, we can understand the aptitudes of each individual puppy. We always want to choose the puppy together.

The availability of space and time of the family, the presence of children and also the dynamism of the future owners are elements that help us to identify the puppy to create the best man-dog combination.

Often the first thing that is asked is the colour of our puppies. We know that only after a few days of living together, the new families appreciate the sweetness, character and joyfulness of our puppies. That’s why they fall in love with them.

Stress in the Dog

I was waiting at the vet to have an ultrasound scan of my Lagotta. The usual anxiety when I go for ultrasound to confirm pregnancy. To deceive the wait and to think about something else, I take a magazine and start leafing through. Ah here is an interesting article on the stress of dogs. Let’s see if there are new things we don’t know.

Entrusting our Lagotto puppies to families who are often the first dog is a strong unknown for us. Generally everything goes well but inevitably mistakes are made due to inexperience.

Recognising the stress of the dog, what can cause it and how to manage it is certainly a subject dear to us.

It is difficult to think of the dog as a stressed being. We have the same difficulty in thinking that the families who take our puppies can be a source of stress for the Lagotto.

Their lives are generally affluent, covered in cuddles and attention, yet dogs are under stress. Sometimes they are short-lived and other times they take on chronic forms.

I read in the article that research has shown the connection between the brain and intestine and how a hormone is responsible for gastrointestinal disorders and diabetes.

A confirmation that from direct experience and by talking to veterinarians we had given as a matter of course…. better!

Causes of stress in dogs

A simple overview of what can be the sources of stress for our dog, or as in our case of the puppy.

  • For the Lagotto Romagnolo the novelty in general is almost always lived with mistrust. Changes in the living situation, changes in the family nucleus, changes in schedules and routine
  • Absence of venting valves such as walking, outdoor games, driving and racing.
  • Separation anxiety.
  • Loud noises such as thunder or fireworks.
  • Invasion of personal space such as interruption of rest, unwelcome hugs and kisses, physical constraint.
    Methods of coercive punishment are a strong source of stress inspired by loud noises and invasion of personal space. It goes without saying, however, that they should not be used.

How to recognize stress in the Dog: the signals

The ability to withstand stressful situations is subjective.

The following stress signals may also depend on other causes.

They are signs of discomfort that can be caused not only by stress.

Common sense and knowledge of the habits of our Lagotto should make us stand out if we are talking about stress or something else.

  • Yawning and a tendency to lick one’s nose as frequently as for men the dog is getting bored.
  • Low tail and between the legs, ears pulled back or squatting posture generally causes some fear.
  • Loss of appetite or diaree. In new situations such as the arrival in the new family is quite frequent. It is important to know the reason and help your puppy or dog brilliantly get through this moment. If the condition lasts longer than a few days, it is advisable to consult a vet.
  • Fatigue, tremor and increased vocalisation. If it’s just stress, the dog is psychologically weak and severely uncomfortable. It is very likely that there are competing causes to have created such a sad picture. It is essential to consult a vet to understand not only how to better manage the Lagotto dog but also other problems or pathologies.

How to manage the stress of an Italian Water Dog

The stress management strategies of a Dog are similar for other breeds. Knowing the breed and knowing that aggressiveness such as the attempt of continuous escapes is not part of the atavistic instincts of the Lagotto Romagnolo, we will focus on what is most relevant in our case.

  • Ensuring the safety of the Lagotto and the members of the family. Especially in the initial period after the arrival of the puppy, having a safe and comfortable place that can at certain times protect the puppy from the excessive attention of children ensures a balanced and serene growth.
  • Avoid excessive recalls (it is obviously subjective of the Dog) in moments of stress or depression.
  • Physical activity. As for humans, physical activity helps to free the mind and provides a feeling of physical pleasure.
  • Eliminate sources of stress wherever possible, even thunderstorms or fireworks can have less impact if lived alongside family members.
  • Gradual exposure to sources of stress. I am thinking for example of a car journey with your dog. For some dogs it is quite natural, for others they are often a strong source of stress. This is usually overcome by short trips and physical contact with family members. Slowly the problem is usually overcome. If at the end of the journey there is also fun to be had, the dog will soon associate the ride in

Tomorrow comes the puppy. Our first dog.

The day of the puppy’s arrival is approaching, it is the first dog in the family and some doubt as to what it will serve in the days to come assails us. Let’s do a quick review:

  • The puppy food, of the same brand and flavour used at the kennel. The puppy kit that is delivered with the puppy already contains food for a few days. The kibble we use is readily available from pet shops. A large bag also ensures good savings.
  • Pesticides When the puppy arrives in spring, summer and autumn they will soon be necessary. Our puppies are entrusted with treatments, but these will soon need to be repeated. Arrange for pesticides.
  • A game to relieve the stress of the first few days so as not to interfere with the teething process.
  • Identify the vet you trust if it is your first dog, but even if it is your first Lagotto, it is best to find out in advance who you are going to entrust with the health of your beloved Lagottino and inform them of its forthcoming arrival. In order to facilitate the task of both the veterinary surgeon and the future owner, we always write down in the puppy’s health booklet all the treatments, vaccinations received, the next deadlines and the results of the visit made by our veterinary surgeon.
  • Identify the space to be made available to the puppy. Possibly in a certain way. Second thoughts due to cramped management of needs in the first few weeks should be avoided.
  • Create its den. Its safe and quiet shelter equipped with a bowl for water and three times a day a bowl for kibble. Metal.

Leash. Even if you wait a few days to start this new experience, it is worth having it. Sometimes, during the journey, situations may arise where you need to keep your puppy safe. See a stop at a motorway service station.

The journey is always fun and the puppy is finally home.

During the journey, the puppy falls asleep in the arms and cuddles of its companion. And waking up is a complete novelty.

A surprise to get used to slowly.

  • Let him have the initiative. Give it time to get to know the environment. A timid start and then the puppy will begin its patrol. It will probably ask you, in its own way, to reassure it with a few cuddles, but let it look for us.
  • Let’s curb our enthusiasm. If possible, let’s hold back for a moment and slow down when introducing children. It is not easy, but it is good not to assault the puppy who is struggling to get through the moment. He will soon overcome his initial discomfort and understand that he is only receiving affection from you.
  • Days go by, a little pest that gets into everything? It’s not always like that, but your time is coming. Educate your puppy in the rules of the house. With the gentle manners a Lagotto requires of its owner. We’ll make him understand what’s allowed and what’s not.
  • Get it used to being alone.  If the puppy has to spend part of the day on its own, it is important to educate it from the start. For flat dwellers, the kennel is often the perfect den. It helps them to understand that their needs are outside. A few kibble and a few toys and the puppy will go in on its own. Without any problems it will fall asleep and have a peaceful stay even when we are not present.
  • Once the first few days have passed, we can start with the first walks on a leash.
  • Enrolling in a puppy class. The socialisation of the dog will give it an extra edge as an adult. Pay attention to the respect of the vaccination protocol knowing that attending with you other puppies and making experiences will help you to have a special relationship.


The puppy’s name is given at the time of microchipping. By law this is done by 60 days of age.

For purebred dogs, the paperwork for applying for pedigree often leads to the microchip being inoculated earlier.

Breeders who have an affix,

will also pass on to their puppy the name of the affix. A sort of surname that identifies the kennel of origin of the puppy. For this reason, criteria are introduced for naming the puppies. For example the same initial letter for the whole litter.

Our puppies have the suffix of our kennel “Valle dei Medici”. They are puppies that carry our name: “Valle dei Medici Giotto” for the dog for example whose name is Giotto.

Two puppies with the same initial letter and coming from the same kennel …are brothers!

When the puppies go to exhibitions as adults they are so easily recognisable. This helps to understand the value of the litter in terms of morphology and also of the parents in terms of offspring.

The initial letter is by far the most used criterion, but not the only one. It allows the puppies and their owners to be remembered over the years with a minimum of effort.

Our criterion for choosing a name for the puppies is to give the litter a theme. We often take advice and guidance on the theme. If we find that the person who has booked one of our puppies has a particular interest in the name for the dog and also a little imagination.

It is very common for dogs to be called by a name other than the one on the certificates. Danger averted, dogs cannot read and therefore the problem of the official dog name is minimal. For me, my name is David, but everyone calls me Yuri, it was and is a bit more complicated.

This is how the acronym AKA (Also Know As) was born. In Italian “also known as”.

If the kennel from which the puppy comes does not have an ENCI affix,

the puppy will have only one name. ENCI does not allow compound names to be given to the puppies. The timing for inoculating microchips and applying for pedigrees remains the same, of course.


The official puppy name can be chosen by the owner if we move before inoculating the microchip.

If the puppy comes from an affixed kennel we will be required to meet the breeding criteria.

We, as well as other breeders who are concerned about finding the most suitable accommodation for their puppies, reserve the right to inform the families which puppy will be in their litter.

We wait a few weeks after the birth to make evaluations on the character or morphology or its aptitude for truffles.

It depends on the composition of the family, the availability of space and time and the presence of children for a pet puppy. Different characteristics will be those for a Lagotto puppy for show or breeding or that will also go truffling.

In these cases the name of the puppy will be chosen by the breeder without any emotional consequences for the puppy.

The Lagotto’s name will be the one he hears himself called every day.


Whether it is the official name or not we will still have to go through the process of naming the puppy. A dilemma just like when you have to choose a name for your children. Female names for female dogs or thunderous names for male dogs.

A trivial search on the internet reveals endless lists of names for female dogs and names for male dogs. Sometimes instead of helping they confuse ideas, other times they put us on the right track.

Animalpedia has given importance to this topic. By going to their site and searching for the keyword “Dog Names” various articles and Name Lists come up.

I found it nice and imaginative. Names of Famous Dogs, Names for Dogs in French or other languages, Names for short and long dogs, names of dogs selected by breed. Names for cute and affectionate dogs just like the Lagotto. There’s something for everyone, and hopefully it will help.

We’ll avoid the overused “EIGHT”in Italian “Otto” the Lagotto.

gold2 Teaching Lagotto's puppy where to take care of his needs

Puppy needs: the first challenge in education

For those who live in a flat to teach their puppy where to dirty becomes a fundamental issue. In the long run, I dare say survival.

Even those who own a garden or a terrace have to make an effort to have the area used for this purpose recognised.

A puppy from 2 to 4 months of age is not in control and will not be able to hold back.

It takes patience and perseverance. We should not shrink from showing our disappointment when the puppy leaves the house, but nothing more.

In particular, with a Lagotto Romagnolo, excessive reproaches for something that the puppy doesn’t even understand, risk intimidating him and marking his character.

I’m thinking of old customs, I hope now outdated, such as putting the puppy’s nose in the pee or mortifying him excessively with newspaper reports.

As the puppy’s autonomy will increase.

Between two and three months, every two hours or so, he will need to make his liquid needs. We will have to make arrangements for this.

The most likely times that your puppy will need to make his needs are:

after meals

shortly after a nap

after drinking

Being regular in feeding and taking him out shortly afterwards will help your puppy to do the right thing.

Gratifying your puppy will soon help him to understand the right behaviour. Finding the right moments from the start will greatly shorten the education process.

When we clean the house, it’s important not to be seen. It must not become a game at all.

We’ll have to sanitise with products that eliminate odours; on the other hand, the puppy will go back there to do his needs.


To the owners of our puppies who live in the flat, without outside space, I suggest to confine the areas of stay of the puppy.

The idea of using kennels or transporters of appropriate size is often not appreciated. The use of puppy enclosures gives surprising results. The feedback from families who have tried them is often extremely positive.

Of course, it should never be used as a place to extinguish a punishment.

It soon becomes a protected place, with its own toys, a mat and where you take prizes when you spontaneously enter it.

The puppy generally does not dirty the environment where it rests. Limiting the space available to the puppy, especially when we are in other busy matters, makes it easy to identify the moment when needs come.

Soon a relationship of mutual understanding will be created which is also useful in the future.

Once the initial moment has passed, the kennel for the puppy becomes a place where he can feel safe and rest peacefully.

The sleeper

The use of sleepers is not at all educational to teach your puppy to do his needs outside.

Evident! If we set up a place in the house to take care of the needs, how can we expect the puppy to ask to go out!

The use of sleepers only makes sense in the period leading up to the first vaccine booster.

A temporary solution as we will have to limit contact with other dogs whose vaccination status we do not know about. For this reason alone, and if we have no alternative, we may need sleepers.

In all other cases, sleepers are uneducational. It can be a comfort in the immediate future, but a torture for the future.

If we have used sleepers the route gets longer. We will start carrying the sleeper towards the door. Gradually we will take it out until it disappears.

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Puppy games: choose the most suitable one for the puppy Lagotto Romagnolo

All future owners of our puppies show up on the day of foster care with some games. We have the opportunity to see many puppy games and we can make a ranking of the most chosen ones.

However, the game for the puppy chosen is not always the most suitable for a puppy from Lagotto Romagnolo.

Many puppy games are available on the market: tennis balls, cotton ropes, balls with throwing rope, soft puppets, bone and last but not least Kong.

Sometimes it is the inexperience in knowing how to identify the most suitable one. Other times it is the desire to give the best for your puppy. As a result, the house is filled with treats.

Providing your puppy with too many toys can lead to total indifference. Better a few but good ones.

What are the best toys for puppies in Lagotto Romagnolo?

When we think of a puppy toy we have to take into account the breed and therefore the size of the dog. The Lagotto in particular has important changes in the closing of the mouth which must not be further modified by the type of game made available. For example, playing with the puppy at the tug-of-war is strongly to be avoided. The same game can be useful and stimulating for dogs of other breeds.

A game suitable for a puppy, specifically for the Lagotto Romagnolo breed should be:

  • Interesting to be able to entertain the puppy in our absence and at the same time to be used in moments of training and education.
  • Resistant in order not to represent a health hazard if ingested in small pieces.
  • Soft to help the puppy during the period of the teeth change to alleviate the discomfort to the gums. At the same time it does not compromise the correct growth of the teeth and their closure.
    Much also depends on the habits of each individual puppy and how the toy is used. There are toys that are more likely to be misused and become a problem or a danger.

For example, the bone is too hard. It can compromise the closure of the mouth of a Lagotto which, during the period of tooth change, by nature, moves a lot.

The thick cotton rope is made of a thousand pieces and frayed.  Fragments that we find in the puppy’s faeces and can cause gastritis. It can also be a means of deformation at the bite.

The tennis ball or similar object is often an attractive toy for the puppy. It has all the characteristics to be fun. Difficult to grip and pleasant to drive with its legs. It can be used as an educational object and has no contraindications for health. In fact, it is not caught in the mouth.

Kong is made of caoutchouc, the ideal consistency. Specially designed to be grasped, it is indestructible.  If filled with kibble or moist, it can become intellectually stimulating for the puppy. Once it becomes the puppy’s object of desire it can completely replace the tennis ball. Ah already forgotten. At first the Lagotto puppies seem to completely ignore Kong. I don’t know why, but they do!

Our advice is to make a kong always available and place it next to the tennis ball. When the Kong will be considered particularly interesting we will have in a single object everything we are looking for to make the pond play.

The game for the puppy, educating while having fun

The game for the puppy is an important moment. It is fundamental for his growth and education. Lagotto’s puppies have not yet turned one month old and spontaneously try to play. For us it is a hoot when the litter begins its socialization with us and with the brothers through the game.

The type of game and the way in which the games are played depend very much on the litter’s locomotor skills at that moment. When our puppies arrive in their families they have achieved complete control of movement and are happy to play with their new companions.

The time of play is perfect for teaching, educating and correcting certain behaviours.

The Mother herself tries to play with her puppies when the nursing period is over. She has recovered enough mental energy to enjoy her creatures.

With the game we will be able to create a unique bond with our Dog!

Lagotto Romagnolo power supply

The correlation between food and health is often forgotten even for humans. This relationship was well known more than two centuries ago to the father of medicine, Hippocrates.

“Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food”.

Even before Lagotto Romagnolo’s puppy becomes part of our life, the problem of how to feed it arises. Finding the right product to feed the puppy and even afterwards is not very easy. And even cooking ourselves is not so obvious.

The question is whether to cook the food at home or use the food, the croquettes.

Cooking our own food for our dog is certainly a demanding choice, but one that will benefit our Lagotto Romagnolo in the long run.

We ask our vet’s advice, to understand how to ensure a balanced diet for the puppy. An adequate diet to guarantee the correct development of our Lagotto Romagnolo.


The croquettes must be specific for puppies up to the compimentFeeding the Lagotto Romagnolo as a puppy and not only.o one year old. If we have opted for croquettes as a daily food for our puppy from Lagotto Romagnolo.

The quality croquettes ensure all the substances necessary for the correct growth of the puppy, vitamins, proteins, calcium and so on.

The dog does not need to change his food as he likes to do.

For this reason it is possible to choose the croquettes as a daily diet. Changing even just the brand of kibble can cause dysentery in the puppy and also in an adult dog.

How to choose the right product

It is not easy to find your way around the many products available.  Only the label on the package can provide useful information to understand which is a good food for our Lagotto Romagnolo.

The most famous brands are not necessarily the best.

The power of advertising can exceed the quality of the product. Then we will have to learn how to read the label, even if only to submit the products that we think are the best to our vet. Our Lagotto Romagnolo are completely dependent on our choices and even the breeder can share the experience made on his dogs giving useful information.

The croquettes are divided into two classes. Two fundamental adjectives for the choice of the nutrition of your Lagotto Romagnolo and not only:

  • CRUELTY-FREE, a product not tested by vivisection experiments on animals.
  • GRAIN-FREE, product without cereals and grains. Composed exclusively of animal proteins, fruit and vegetables.
    This information is indicated on the packaging of the croquettes.

For more information on how to read the label and how to choose a dry diet for your dogs, there is a lot of information on the WEB.

A first decisive information to be evaluated is the meat content. The dog is a carnivorous animal and the meat content must be high.

The label shows the substances that make up the feed in descending order. The first substance will be the one most present inside the croquette. The indicated meat content should be dehydrated, and attention should be paid to this as well. The presence of water increases the weight of the meat compared to other substances. But it is only water!

The content of ash, additives and chemical preservatives should be as low as possible.

After careful analysis and evaluation, I have chosen a product with excellent requirements.  In order to understand if over time the diet chosen for my Lagotto Romagnolo puppies could have repercussions on their health, I relied on personal experience and that of other breeders.

Dog signals

The dog sends clear signals when the chosen food is harmful to his health.  Continuously grazing grass is a sign of poor digestion.

Dermatitis and localised hair loss are often attributable to poor nutrition. In these cases, it is clear that you need to consult your vet..