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The Confidence Veterinarian

The choice of the veterinarian who will follow the puppy is an important choice. The fact that he is near home is a valid criterion of choice. Managing emergencies quickly can sometimes save your dog’s life. Of course it is not the only criterion. A 24-hour clinic will certainly provide additional benefits, but it should not be a factory. Competence and experience are essential.

The trusted veterinarian, together with the breeder, can solve useless mental disorders or vice versa help not to underestimate serious problems.

For us it is important that the Confidence Veterinarian knows how to recognize the seriousness and completeness of information that we provide together with the puppy and can transmit peace of mind to those who have never had a dog.

Unfortunately, however, we find that this is not always the case. We understand of course that the number of unwise litters, especially in breeds of dogs in great demand, is high and therefore lead some veterinarians to depart from the dog in a prejudiced way.

We are here! We and our referring veterinarians to give any information that may be necessary.

In other articles, we have explained how important the choice of breeding is. Equally important is the choice of the Confidence Veterinarian.

An experienced and competent doctor, used to work with breed puppies and if you know the Lagotto Romagnolo.

Our Breeding Veterinarians

For a farm the figure of the veterinarian is of primary importance. Only the vet can give you indications on how to deal with the various situations that we have in the breeding. Our luck is that we have a vet in our family. When she visits us she is automatically on the farm.

The possibilities of comparison and the number of information we can have are so high.

That’s not why it was an obligatory choice. For a veterinarian to follow a breeding even if small is very tiring. We insisted that Camilla and Laura were our references.

Besides Camilla and Laura we use other veterinarians, trusted orthopedists and clinics for night emergencies.

Doctors expert in working with breeders that often give us valuable information. They guide and support us in all matters relating to joint problems, dysplasia and official certifications of our dogs. Sometimes they take care of our puppies even when they are no longer with us.

Dr. Cammelli and Dr. Corti follow our dogs always and especially pregnant females and puppies in the first two months of life.

They are therefore also available for the family’s trusted veterinarian with useful information about our little Lagotto Romagnolo.

Here are their references:

Ambulatorio veterinario Borgo San Lorenzo (FI) Medico Veterinario C. Cammelli e Medico Veterinario L. Corti

Ospedale Veterinario I Portoni Rossi via Roma, 57/a – 40069 Zola Predosa (BO) T: 051 755233

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