Pedigree Lagotto Romagnolo e Qualità del Cucciolo

When for the first time you hear the definition of "quality" a puppy breed, it comes from smiling or horrify. It depends on the sensitivity of each of us. It's an expression that makes a puppy think like an object. Objectively not pleasant thing. And yet the concept of "puppy quality" exists. It is an expression in the documents of the Animal Health Foundation and in magazines of Culture Cinofila. The quality of a puppy is not an advertisement, but a clear and definite concept referring to the parents of the puppies and to those who breed.

Radiographs and genetic tests, beauty exhibits and work tests, the analysis of the pedigree and the evaluation of the offspring, i.e. the selection, are as important as the socialization of the puppies, the diet and the character attitudes.

Certifications attesting and demonstrating the search for the improvement of the breed in terms of health, morphology and character.

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Only poor canine culture has allowed those who want to make a profit to accept as true, false concepts. Just like what a pedigree puppy already has the highest requirements. Comfortable No?!

What is Pedigree

The pedigree is a document attesting to the pedigree of the puppy. He says who his parents, grandparents, great-grandparents and trisgrandparents are.

The pedigree also shows some information on the health and morphology of the ancestors. That is, the results of X-ray examinations for dysplasia of the also and elbows, if supported. The pedigree provides information on the morphology and character attitudes of the ancestors. That is if they have distinguished themselves in beauty, in work or as reproducers, by obtaining titles.

A pedigree can be exceptional. But it can also not say anything or anything good.

Claiming that a pedigree puppy automatically has the requirements to be a player is a huge nonsense.

The pedigree is released to all the puppies children of parents with pedigree.

For example, even the puppy of two Lagotto Romagnolo biting would have his pedigree. Such lagotto if presented to the judgement of a judge of race would lose their pedigree. Because their puppies could have a character taken from their parents.

The pedigree is simply the least we can do for a puppy breed. It is prohibited by Italian law to sell purebred puppies without pedigree (D. Lgs 529/92 art. 5 comma1).

We can not ask who buys a puppy of Lagotto Romagnolo to know the dogs present in the pedigree. Although the breed is relatively young. What we can ask to those who buy a puppy Lagotto Romagnolo, or even another breed is to always claim the pedigree and at the same time to go further.

The quality of a lagotto Romagnolo puppy

The quality of a puppy is in all the virtuous actions that makes a breeder to get to that puppy.

  • Selection for health, morphology and character
  • Quality food, for a correct growth
  • Complete health care framework of parents. Better if you also include grandparents, genetic testing and radiographs for official Dysplasias
  • An excellent pedigree rich in beauty samples or breeding samples from quality to a puppy
  • The medical care of the mare and the litter, supplements and vermicides. Healthy and Robust puppies
  • The socialization of the puppies for balanced dogs is fundamental for the choice of a breeding

[Av_horizontal_gallery ids = ' 2312, 2310, 2338, 2308, 2307, 2303, 2306, 2305, 2311 ' height = ' 15 ' size = ' large ' links = ' active ' gap = ' large ' active = ' enlarge ' initial = ' ' control_layout = ' av-control-default ' Av_uid = ' av-2nwjxw '] The farms, or rather the breeders determine the quality of a puppy. The selected playback, for example, is defined as an official recognition to the quality control for the greatest warranties and information. A puppy is of quality if it has complete information about health, character and morphology. The breeder was serious in assessing and making known these aspects. We will also find dogs specialized in various disciplines. There are Lagotto Romagnolo frequent frequenters of exhibitions or work tests. Everyone stands out in what they most like or think best suited to their lagotto. Without prejudice to the minimum requirements, genetic tests and X-rays to parents and socialization of the litter.

Our litters of Lagotto Romagnolo

We made these concepts our own, like some other farms. Litters with health requirements.

Puppies of Lagotto Romagnolo from parents tested for the pathologies of the breed and radiographed for the Dysplasias.

Character Requirements and morphology

Puppies of Lagotto Romagnolo socialized children of known parents who live in the family. Pedigree and/or the judgement of expert judges attesting to attitudes and morphology.

The Lagotto Romagnolo is a relatively young breed. Its diffusion is still very much linked to the search for truffles. But luckily the bar is getting up. In This process of growth helps the fact that the Lagotto Romagnolo is getting known and appreciated as a pet dog. The quality of the request is growing. Consequently the quality of the farms grows.. The request is no longer just for an excellent truffle dog, and that's all. But for a dog suitable for family and children, healthy and possibly beautiful.

A quality Lagotto puppy, as bad as it sounds.

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