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Stress in the Dog

I was waiting at the vet to have an ultrasound scan of my Lagotta. The usual anxiety when I go for ultrasound to confirm pregnancy. To deceive the wait and to think about something else, I take a magazine and start leafing through. Ah here is an interesting article on the stress of dogs. Let’s see if there are new things we don’t know.

Entrusting our Lagotto puppies to families who are often the first dog is a strong unknown for us. Generally everything goes well but inevitably mistakes are made due to inexperience.

Recognising the stress of the dog, what can cause it and how to manage it is certainly a subject dear to us.

It is difficult to think of the dog as a stressed being. We have the same difficulty in thinking that the families who take our puppies can be a source of stress for the Lagotto.

Their lives are generally affluent, covered in cuddles and attention, yet dogs are under stress. Sometimes they are short-lived and other times they take on chronic forms.

I read in the article that research has shown the connection between the brain and intestine and how a hormone is responsible for gastrointestinal disorders and diabetes.

A confirmation that from direct experience and by talking to veterinarians we had given as a matter of course…. better!

Causes of stress in dogs

A simple overview of what can be the sources of stress for our dog, or as in our case of the puppy.

  • For the Lagotto Romagnolo the novelty in general is almost always lived with mistrust. Changes in the living situation, changes in the family nucleus, changes in schedules and routine
  • Absence of venting valves such as walking, outdoor games, driving and racing.
  • Separation anxiety.
  • Loud noises such as thunder or fireworks.
  • Invasion of personal space such as interruption of rest, unwelcome hugs and kisses, physical constraint.
    Methods of coercive punishment are a strong source of stress inspired by loud noises and invasion of personal space. It goes without saying, however, that they should not be used.

How to recognize stress in the Dog: the signals

The ability to withstand stressful situations is subjective.

The following stress signals may also depend on other causes.

They are signs of discomfort that can be caused not only by stress.

Common sense and knowledge of the habits of our Lagotto should make us stand out if we are talking about stress or something else.

  • Yawning and a tendency to lick one’s nose as frequently as for men the dog is getting bored.
  • Low tail and between the legs, ears pulled back or squatting posture generally causes some fear.
  • Loss of appetite or diaree. In new situations such as the arrival in the new family is quite frequent. It is important to know the reason and help your puppy or dog brilliantly get through this moment. If the condition lasts longer than a few days, it is advisable to consult a vet.
  • Fatigue, tremor and increased vocalisation. If it’s just stress, the dog is psychologically weak and severely uncomfortable. It is very likely that there are competing causes to have created such a sad picture. It is essential to consult a vet to understand not only how to better manage the Lagotto dog but also other problems or pathologies.

How to manage the stress of an Italian Water Dog

The stress management strategies of a Dog are similar for other breeds. Knowing the breed and knowing that aggressiveness such as the attempt of continuous escapes is not part of the atavistic instincts of the Lagotto Romagnolo, we will focus on what is most relevant in our case.

  • Ensuring the safety of the Lagotto and the members of the family. Especially in the initial period after the arrival of the puppy, having a safe and comfortable place that can at certain times protect the puppy from the excessive attention of children ensures a balanced and serene growth.
  • Avoid excessive recalls (it is obviously subjective of the Dog) in moments of stress or depression.
  • Physical activity. As for humans, physical activity helps to free the mind and provides a feeling of physical pleasure.
  • Eliminate sources of stress wherever possible, even thunderstorms or fireworks can have less impact if lived alongside family members.
  • Gradual exposure to sources of stress. I am thinking for example of a car journey with your dog. For some dogs it is quite natural, for others they are often a strong source of stress. This is usually overcome by short trips and physical contact with family members. Slowly the problem is usually overcome. If at the end of the journey there is also fun to be had, the dog will soon associate the ride in

Tomorrow comes the puppy. Our first dog.

The day of the puppy’s arrival is approaching, it is the first dog in the family and some doubt as to what it will serve in the days to come assails us. Let’s do a quick review:

  • The puppy food, of the same brand and flavour used at the kennel. The puppy kit that is delivered with the puppy already contains food for a few days. The kibble we use is readily available from pet shops. A large bag also ensures good savings.
  • Pesticides When the puppy arrives in spring, summer and autumn they will soon be necessary. Our puppies are entrusted with treatments, but these will soon need to be repeated. Arrange for pesticides.
  • A game to relieve the stress of the first few days so as not to interfere with the teething process.
  • Identify the vet you trust if it is your first dog, but even if it is your first Lagotto, it is best to find out in advance who you are going to entrust with the health of your beloved Lagottino and inform them of its forthcoming arrival. In order to facilitate the task of both the veterinary surgeon and the future owner, we always write down in the puppy’s health booklet all the treatments, vaccinations received, the next deadlines and the results of the visit made by our veterinary surgeon.
  • Identify the space to be made available to the puppy. Possibly in a certain way. Second thoughts due to cramped management of needs in the first few weeks should be avoided.
  • Create its den. Its safe and quiet shelter equipped with a bowl for water and three times a day a bowl for kibble. Metal.

Leash. Even if you wait a few days to start this new experience, it is worth having it. Sometimes, during the journey, situations may arise where you need to keep your puppy safe. See a stop at a motorway service station.

The journey is always fun and the puppy is finally home.

During the journey, the puppy falls asleep in the arms and cuddles of its companion. And waking up is a complete novelty.

A surprise to get used to slowly.

  • Let him have the initiative. Give it time to get to know the environment. A timid start and then the puppy will begin its patrol. It will probably ask you, in its own way, to reassure it with a few cuddles, but let it look for us.
  • Let’s curb our enthusiasm. If possible, let’s hold back for a moment and slow down when introducing children. It is not easy, but it is good not to assault the puppy who is struggling to get through the moment. He will soon overcome his initial discomfort and understand that he is only receiving affection from you.
  • Days go by, a little pest that gets into everything? It’s not always like that, but your time is coming. Educate your puppy in the rules of the house. With the gentle manners a Lagotto requires of its owner. We’ll make him understand what’s allowed and what’s not.
  • Get it used to being alone.  If the puppy has to spend part of the day on its own, it is important to educate it from the start. For flat dwellers, the kennel is often the perfect den. It helps them to understand that their needs are outside. A few kibble and a few toys and the puppy will go in on its own. Without any problems it will fall asleep and have a peaceful stay even when we are not present.
  • Once the first few days have passed, we can start with the first walks on a leash.
  • Enrolling in a puppy class. The socialisation of the dog will give it an extra edge as an adult. Pay attention to the respect of the vaccination protocol knowing that attending with you other puppies and making experiences will help you to have a special relationship.
gold2 Teaching Lagotto's puppy where to take care of his needs

Puppy needs: the first challenge in education

For those who live in a flat to teach their puppy where to dirty becomes a fundamental issue. In the long run, I dare say survival.

Even those who own a garden or a terrace have to make an effort to have the area used for this purpose recognised.

A puppy from 2 to 4 months of age is not in control and will not be able to hold back.

It takes patience and perseverance. We should not shrink from showing our disappointment when the puppy leaves the house, but nothing more.

In particular, with a Lagotto Romagnolo, excessive reproaches for something that the puppy doesn’t even understand, risk intimidating him and marking his character.

I’m thinking of old customs, I hope now outdated, such as putting the puppy’s nose in the pee or mortifying him excessively with newspaper reports.

As the puppy’s autonomy will increase.

Between two and three months, every two hours or so, he will need to make his liquid needs. We will have to make arrangements for this.

The most likely times that your puppy will need to make his needs are:

after meals

shortly after a nap

after drinking

Being regular in feeding and taking him out shortly afterwards will help your puppy to do the right thing.

Gratifying your puppy will soon help him to understand the right behaviour. Finding the right moments from the start will greatly shorten the education process.

When we clean the house, it’s important not to be seen. It must not become a game at all.

We’ll have to sanitise with products that eliminate odours; on the other hand, the puppy will go back there to do his needs.


To the owners of our puppies who live in the flat, without outside space, I suggest to confine the areas of stay of the puppy.

The idea of using kennels or transporters of appropriate size is often not appreciated. The use of puppy enclosures gives surprising results. The feedback from families who have tried them is often extremely positive.

Of course, it should never be used as a place to extinguish a punishment.

It soon becomes a protected place, with its own toys, a mat and where you take prizes when you spontaneously enter it.

The puppy generally does not dirty the environment where it rests. Limiting the space available to the puppy, especially when we are in other busy matters, makes it easy to identify the moment when needs come.

Soon a relationship of mutual understanding will be created which is also useful in the future.

Once the initial moment has passed, the kennel for the puppy becomes a place where he can feel safe and rest peacefully.

The sleeper

The use of sleepers is not at all educational to teach your puppy to do his needs outside.

Evident! If we set up a place in the house to take care of the needs, how can we expect the puppy to ask to go out!

The use of sleepers only makes sense in the period leading up to the first vaccine booster.

A temporary solution as we will have to limit contact with other dogs whose vaccination status we do not know about. For this reason alone, and if we have no alternative, we may need sleepers.

In all other cases, sleepers are uneducational. It can be a comfort in the immediate future, but a torture for the future.

If we have used sleepers the route gets longer. We will start carrying the sleeper towards the door. Gradually we will take it out until it disappears.

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Puppy games: choose the most suitable one for the puppy Lagotto Romagnolo

All future owners of our puppies show up on the day of foster care with some games. We have the opportunity to see many puppy games and we can make a ranking of the most chosen ones.

However, the game for the puppy chosen is not always the most suitable for a puppy from Lagotto Romagnolo.

Many puppy games are available on the market: tennis balls, cotton ropes, balls with throwing rope, soft puppets, bone and last but not least Kong.

Sometimes it is the inexperience in knowing how to identify the most suitable one. Other times it is the desire to give the best for your puppy. As a result, the house is filled with treats.

Providing your puppy with too many toys can lead to total indifference. Better a few but good ones.

What are the best toys for puppies in Lagotto Romagnolo?

When we think of a puppy toy we have to take into account the breed and therefore the size of the dog. The Lagotto in particular has important changes in the closing of the mouth which must not be further modified by the type of game made available. For example, playing with the puppy at the tug-of-war is strongly to be avoided. The same game can be useful and stimulating for dogs of other breeds.

A game suitable for a puppy, specifically for the Lagotto Romagnolo breed should be:

  • Interesting to be able to entertain the puppy in our absence and at the same time to be used in moments of training and education.
  • Resistant in order not to represent a health hazard if ingested in small pieces.
  • Soft to help the puppy during the period of the teeth change to alleviate the discomfort to the gums. At the same time it does not compromise the correct growth of the teeth and their closure.
    Much also depends on the habits of each individual puppy and how the toy is used. There are toys that are more likely to be misused and become a problem or a danger.

For example, the bone is too hard. It can compromise the closure of the mouth of a Lagotto which, during the period of tooth change, by nature, moves a lot.

The thick cotton rope is made of a thousand pieces and frayed.  Fragments that we find in the puppy’s faeces and can cause gastritis. It can also be a means of deformation at the bite.

The tennis ball or similar object is often an attractive toy for the puppy. It has all the characteristics to be fun. Difficult to grip and pleasant to drive with its legs. It can be used as an educational object and has no contraindications for health. In fact, it is not caught in the mouth.

Kong is made of caoutchouc, the ideal consistency. Specially designed to be grasped, it is indestructible.  If filled with kibble or moist, it can become intellectually stimulating for the puppy. Once it becomes the puppy’s object of desire it can completely replace the tennis ball. Ah already forgotten. At first the Lagotto puppies seem to completely ignore Kong. I don’t know why, but they do!

Our advice is to make a kong always available and place it next to the tennis ball. When the Kong will be considered particularly interesting we will have in a single object everything we are looking for to make the pond play.

The game for the puppy, educating while having fun

The game for the puppy is an important moment. It is fundamental for his growth and education. Lagotto’s puppies have not yet turned one month old and spontaneously try to play. For us it is a hoot when the litter begins its socialization with us and with the brothers through the game.

The type of game and the way in which the games are played depend very much on the litter’s locomotor skills at that moment. When our puppies arrive in their families they have achieved complete control of movement and are happy to play with their new companions.

The time of play is perfect for teaching, educating and correcting certain behaviours.

The Mother herself tries to play with her puppies when the nursing period is over. She has recovered enough mental energy to enjoy her creatures.

With the game we will be able to create a unique bond with our Dog!

travel with lagotto golia

Travelling with your dog. Walking with the Lagotto

The first journey of the Lagotto is certainly that of the puppy that leaves our breeding. Afterwards it will surely happen to plan a holiday with the dog. The choice of the means of transport is certainly linked to the destination to be reached. The age of the dog or a trip abroad requires specific documentation and health certificates for different situations. Let’s try to see some of them.

Travelling with your dog: Documentation

  • Passport: This is done at the ASL (Local Health Authority) where you can also find the dog registry office. We will have to have the Lagotto Romagnolo with us for the microchip reading and we will have to pay an amount that may vary from region to region. A prerequisite for obtaining the passport is simply that the dog is equipped with a microchip.
  • vaccination booklet: This is the booklet that we deliver on the day of the puppy’s foster care and it is regularly updated by the vet every time we do the vaccine booster.
  • rabies vaccination: It is a NON COMPULSORY vaccination in Italy. In fact, Italy is not a country at risk. It can only be done after the puppy has turned three months of age.
  • certificate of good health: This is a certificate issued by the vet who, after a general examination of the puppy’s state of health, issues a certificate.

Contact with wild: It is a self-declaration made by the owner of the puppy. When the puppy has not yet reached the 12 weeks necessary for rabies vaccination.

Travelling with the Lagotto Romagnolo as a puppy and as an adult: Car, airplane, ship, train

  • By Car: The first journey, that of the puppy leaving our kennel, generally takes place on a blanket and on the legs of a child of the family that welcomes the puppy. Even rather long journeys are well tolerated by small Lagotti. After the first few bends the puppy generally spends the time sleeping. A little stress, a little the new situation, better to sleep on it. Afterwards the journey should be done in extreme safety using safety belts like the one of the Lagotto in the picture or with suitable carriers. Some Lagotti are immediately at ease with the car, others take some time to accept it. In these cases it is important to make positive associations to go by car: some prize or a destination to go for a nice walk.
  • By plane: Using the plane as a means of transport is a solution to be considered when we really cannot do without it. As long as the Lagotto is a puppy and its weight allows it can be accompanied with us in the cabin. At the end of the day it’s not even too bad, as the transfer by car would actually be very long. The airlines each have their own rules. In general three months of age are required and the total weight must not exceed 8 Kg. The puppy must have the vaccinations certified by the health booklet. A suitable ATA carrier must be used, and the puppy must have a ticket. The certificate of good health can simplify the checks even when not explicitly required. When the destination is abroad things get a bit complicated as we will see later.
  • By Ship: Some companies provide a cabin suitable for travelling with your dog. Three months of age, vaccinations and sometimes a certificate of good health are required. Also in this case if we are heading abroad we will have to take into account the rules of the country of arrival.
  • By Train: Travel by train is generally comfortable and well accepted by the puppy. Comfortable and easily manageable even with an Adult Lagotto Dog. There are no particular controls on the certification of the dog to board. I report the link to the state railways for detailed information on the transport of pets.

Travelling with the Lagotto Romagnolo: In Italy, in the European Community, outside the EU

To travel in Italy it will be sufficient to respect the rules described above. It is necessary to inquire with the reference company if we travel by ship or plane.

In the European Community puppies up to 12 weeks old can circulate without rabies vaccination. Certainly not by ship or plane as all companies require the puppy to be three months old. After 12 weeks the puppies must also be vaccinated for rabies for at least 21 days. In other words, puppies between the 12th and the 15th cannot leave Italy. For the adult dog, the annual rabies booster will be sufficient, or 21 days if it is the first time.

It will therefore be necessary to have a passport, vaccination booklet in order.

To enter Switzerland, a puppy under 12 weeks must also have a declaration that it has not had contact with the wild and a certificate of good health drawn up by a veterinarian.

To travel outside the European Community we are likely to talk about aeroplane or ship, in any case we will certainly have to wait at least 15 weeks for the rabies issue described above. At this point we will have to check with the embassy of the country of destination for any necessary certification. Sometimes blood tests or specific controls or vaccinations for diseases typical of the country of destination are required. A fairly frequent half is the USA, and to be in good standing with the documentation becomes essential to avoid quarantine isolation for our dog for lack of proper certification.

There are agencies specialised in the transport of pets that can be of valuable help for important journeys. BLISSPET or IPATA

A holiday in a motorhome with your pet is a positive experience and with many benefits, the documents will certainly have to be in order, but over the bureaucratic part….. the Lagotto Romagnolo is an excellent travel companion.

Inserting the puppy in the new home: his family

The integration of the puppy into the new family requires a lot of patience and attention. We certainly prepared for the arrival of the little Lagotto both with the objects and mentally to read the puppy’s behaviour.

Excesses are almost always to be avoided, especially with a puppy from Lagotto Romagnolo. Common sense must guide us so as not to be too apprehensive or nonchalant.

Small and simple tricks often simplify and make everything easier.

The low tone of voice, like cautious movements avoiding sudden noises, help the puppy to take the first step towards us. Common sense things that especially if there are children in the family become difficult to control.

Every litter has its own characteristics. There are Lagotto litters in which the puppies are real Lion Hearts. Brave and almost brave from the very first moment. These are puppies that hardly ever have insertion problems. Even if the reserved character of the Lagotto tends vice versa to puppies that become familiar a little at a time. A more frequent and typical attitude of the Lagotto Romagnolo.

More often the litters are mixed. Typical puppies of the breed that gradually enter into situations and others that, vice versa, are stronger and more lively.

It is only a matter of time and everyone will be fantastic puppies!

The whities will need a little more time to get rid of the stress of insertion. The more jaunty puppies will soon be ready to be educated to contain their exuberance. These are natural characteristics of the puppy, the individual character to which we will have to patiently adapt to help the puppy grow properly.

Insertion times of the Lagotto puppy

When we entrust our puppies we are certain that they are ready for insertion. Reading the puppy’s signals helps you understand if the puppy is fully inserted.

To expect this to happen in a few hours or days is highly unlikely. Sometimes it happens, but it’s not the norm for a Lagotto puppy.

Vets often claim that a puppy in the first week of insertion is not assessable. This suggests that regardless of the breed of dog such time should be left to the puppy. We should not expect too much in the first few days. Turn on a leash or bathe or a thousand new situations all at once.

The puppies from Lagotto Romagnolo start giving Gas after a week.

We will see extremely extrovert puppies that have immediately settled in and as moderates they will start to be a bit pestiferous. Other slower parties will show that they are completely at ease.

After a week we will begin to interact more directly with our dog and discover new wonderful aspects of his character every day.

Puppy insertion stress signals: Feeding and Diaree

Perhaps we are presumptuous in thinking this, but we work to say that our puppies do not manifest their stress with strong states of depression.

Accustomed from the very first days of life to children and the house. Always surrounded by people and other dogs, the situations that may arise on the day of their insertion are not something totally unknown to the point of deeply discouraging them.

Lagotto’s puppies, precisely because it is the typical character of the breed that makes them be like this, can manifest their discomfort with inappetence or diarea.

Not worrying signals that must be followed and in a few days overcome.

It is fundamental that the puppies continue their growth. Absolutely, the puppy must continue to feed.

We will use cans of humid, puppy food. These tins are always appreciated by the puppy and mixed with his usual croquettes will help him to eat, grow and stay strong. When the sense of discomfort gradually disappears, the wet food will do the same.

Eating regularly both in portions and on time also helps digestion.

Any diaphragms that may occur due to stress will soon disappear as well. It happens, not very often, but this also happens.

It is important not to underestimate but at the same time to give the right size.

In the first days of insertion, gastrointestinal disturbances and loss of appetite are frequent with puppies. Knowing helps to stay serene and at the same time give regularity.

Before introducing the leash we understand the character of Lagotto Romagnolo puppy

The Lagotto Romagnolo has a diffident character compared to the novelties. In every new situation he tends to want to make his own idea first. He wants to understand what’s going on. For the owner it is important to understand the signals your puppy send every time a new experience begins. Especially the leash. The goal of the puppy owner is to make the leash feel like an experience with extremely positive implications.

The psychological trauma that can result from wearing the collar and then the leash must be minimized. This will make it easier for him to appreciate the rewards he will receive during the walk and the walk itself.

Dog harnesses are generally not recommended. Once you have overcome the difficulty of the start, the bib makes the puppy more difficult to handle. With both the collar and the harness, we will never play with those who pull harder with our puppy.

The bib is chosen because in the collective imagination is still rooted in the concept of a puppy pulling on one side and us on the other. That’s exactly what we’ll never have to do.

For these reasons, the bib is uneducative for our Lagotto Romagnolo, and harmful to his body.

For the Lagotto Romagnolo, the rock to be overcome will almost certainly be the starting point.

There are puppies that as you put the leash leave and follow you. Others, the majority, live the moment with a bit of fear and stand still or even retreat.

First steps on a leash with the puppy of Lagotto Romagnolo

The collar should be introduced step by step. We will get the Lagottto puppy used to wearing the collar. To have it removed and put back on. Short exercises where we will reward your puppy every time you do well to put on and take off the collar. Another way to improve the relationship with our puppy.

If your puppy already has a good relationship with us, it becomes much easier.

Once the leash is attached to the collar, we kneel down to get up to the level of the puppy. Caressing him and rewarding him with some tasty treats, calling him and encouraging him we will be able to make him take his first steps.

If our common sense tells us that for the moment it is too early, we will try again later.

After a few sessions we will be able to take our first short walk.

The character of each puppy makes the difference. The timing, the necessary attention depends heavily on how we have prepared this event, and much on the character of the puppy.

In the very first walks we let our puppy have fun. We will follow him.

Using an extendable leash will help your puppy to enjoy the novelty more independently, but always safely.

Once the leash will be a fun thing, indeed coveted. The temptation to run around behind new smells will be uncontrollable.

The time has come to work on education.

We educate the puppy not to pull on a leash

The actions to take during the walk are only three:

  1. Call up our puppy as soon as he starts to pull.
  2. Stop until you are back in the center of your attention.
  3. Encourage and reward the puppy with croquettes or tasty tidbits every time he does the right thing.

The action not to be done during the walk is only one:

  1. Do not pull the puppy for a leash for any reason!

We encourage our puppy every time he does the right thing by telling him “Good!”. With time, patience and a bit of constancy, it will soon become a pleasure to be on a walk with your Lagotto Romagnolo. The “Dog activity bag” are handbags to bring the prizes, croquettes or other tidbits and hook comfortably to the belt. They are a fundamental accessory to always have with us during a walk. Useful every time we want to educate our Lagotto Romagnolo introducing some new command.

Leashed walks are a magical moment to strengthen the relationship with your Lagotto Romagnolo.

When the dog is walking with its owner it should just be fine with him. With time and dedication you succeed.

Lagotto e bambini

The Lagotto Romagnolo is the dog suitable for children

When you decide to adopt a dog and you have children in family necessary you look for a dog with certain characteristics. Especially when it is the first experience.

The Lagotto Romagnolo is a dog suitable for children.

There are more or less demanding breeds whose coexistence with children is always possible. Temperament, responsiveness and meekness are characteristics that have made some dogs particularly suited to the fortunate life with a child.

Adopt a Lagotto Romagnolo with a child in the house still remains a commitment. With the Lagotto, compared to some other breeds, we will have to worry less about what the dog could do to the baby and more about what the baby could do to the Lagotto puppy. The Lagotto is not able to give a bite, even under torture. After adopting a puppy of Lagotto Romagnolo we will still have to educate the child to relate in the correct way with the dog.

A child who grows up with a puppy is a lucky child.

Dog characteristics suitable for children

All dogs can happily live with children. What changes is the level of attention to have during their coexistence. A dog is still an animal and his way of communicating is through gestures that must be correctly interpreted. There are breeds with huge size that are however known for their patience and small size dogs known for their fiery temperament. The size is not an element on which to choose a dog for the children. The size may be critical to other evaluations or become an additional item. Many families with children call us believing that they have found in the Lagotto Romagnolo the dog suitable for living with the child and family life.

Sometimes it is the curly hair that is curious and approaching this canine breed. Oh yes! The Lagotto Romagnolo does not lose fur.

It’s a low-allergen, hypoallergenic dog. And here is that from a trivial curiosity we go to deepen who is really the Lagotto Romagnolo. At this point it turns out that he has a quiet temperament, he is a clever and tame dog.

A dog with a quiet temperament in the house but outdoors loves to play and walk.

A dog suitable for children is a balanced and properly socialized dog from the first weeks of life.

For the Lagotto Romagnolo is uninfluential sex.

Male or female is really secondary . It is the character of the Lagotto who make the difference. The Lagotto Romagnolo is recommended for families with children from veterinarians who knowledge many breeds or from the owners of Lagotto who have now become inseparable companions.

Educate the child to live with the Lagotto Romagnolo

Adopting a lagotto romagnolo when in the family there are children requires some attention to make sure as an adult a dog balanced and free of fears. Our commitment is maximum to entrust extremely serene and fun puppies. The first week of cohabitation with the new family is hard for the puppy, and despite the family’s commitment requires a brief period of setting before the puppy feels at ease and begins to give the best of himself. It is always recommended not to leave the dog alone with the children.

With the Lagotto Romagnolo our fears will be for the puppy dog rather than for the child. We didn’t drink our brains!
A lagotto will never hurt a child. At least as far as our puppies are concerned. Those we breed and entrust. On the other hand, we know the Lagotto puppies take some time to become familiar with every new situation. Learn quickly, but the enthusiasm of a child can intimidate him and take him to flee from the child. We will have to be present and control how the child relates to the puppy. That is the best time to educate the child to manage and relate to the puppy. Soon they will become inseparable friends!

Dog Lagotto Romagnolo and a cat for friend.

Dog Lagotto Romagnolo and a cat for friend.Dog and Cat get along almost always. If they are both puppies, everything will be simpler. Their coexistence is anyway possible. The dog is a predator. The cat is territorial. That is the main obstacle to overcome.

Two specimens properly socialized, it really makes no sense to give up the affection of a dog because we have a cat, and of course the other way around.

In the literature there are many explanations on how to introduce an adult dog in a family where there are one or more cats, and also how to insert a cat when we have dogs. We will focus on the arrival of a puppy of Lagotto Romagnolo when there are already cats in the family. This competes us. Our puppies are followed at all times of their growth to be dogs loved by their families and have all the requirements, created with socialization, to have a cat for friend.

Dog ‘ Lagotto ‘ and cat friends at home

The Lagotto is a dog that for character, nature and intelligence has all the requirements to get accepted and not pose a danger to the cat.

The predatory instinct of the dog should move the cat attack if he considers him as his prey.

In the selection the Lagotto Romagnolo has almost completely lost that instinct. Awaken the predatory instinct in a socialized lagotto, when he is a puppy, in the home environment will not be easy. Almost impossible if we proceed with the necessary attentions.

When the puppy grows we should ask to our pets the respect of the hierarchies.

With a lagotto it will be really hard to have to go that far! For each dog the respect of the hierarchical scale and therefore of the person always comes before any unlikely predatory instinct. The Lagotto Romagnolo in particular for temperament and character has no difficulty in living with other animals, and the cats too. If we attended and managed in the right way the first meetings between the two family furry friends everything will go fast for the best.

The cat could pose a danger to the puppy. The reason why a cat might not accept a puppy is always and exclusively traced back to the territory.

Considering that in the house the food will always be plentiful for both.  Only space sharing can trigger conflicts. The cat is a free spirit e haven’t many hierarchies in his hand.
His first thought will be: “When I come back to my territory I do not want you little lagotto around me, it’s clear!.” If for a moment we can think like our cat, we will identify easily which is his territory. It is important to avoid macroscopic errors.  The clashes are very dangerous for the puppy of Lagotto..

The first meeting between dog Lagotto and Cat

Our Lagotto puppies have not received an imprinting such as to consider the cat an enemy. Probably not even the cat treats the puppy as an enemy.

As usual you have to proceed by degrees.

The arrival of lagotto puppy we will continue to give the same attentions to the cat, as usually. Slowly we have to get them to the idea there are both. Let them see from afar, feel the reciprocal smells transported by our clothes, it serves to make the right associations. We must not be in a hurry to make them known.

When possible, it is useful for the first meeting to take place in neutral territory. Out of the house.

Slowly it will be completely normal both are inhabitants of the same house. The moment of the meal can be an opportunity to exploit. Our message will be clear: “Here the food is not lacking for anyone!”

In our presence they can eat at the same time. Two bowls well apart but that make the idea of coexistence.

Evaluate the reactions of both to increase the duration of the contact periods. Both in the same room or in the garden. Considering that the puppy of Lagotto will have to acclimatate to the new house and to the new people too, it is good really good idea proceed with the utmost caution and without any haste.

The moment of “they lived happily ever after”will come. Definitely!

The humans who like the Lagotto

The Lagotto Romagnolo is the dog suitable for you, but You are suitable for the Lagotto Romagnolo? Which are the characteristics of the owners and the family who decide  to indulge themself in the amazing friendship of a Lagotto Romagnolo.

Family composition

Number of people composing the household: there is no minimum number, from one up it always right.

Who can take care of the dog during our absence: The Lagotto is not a dog that required too commitment. Can endure a few days of relative calmness. You can rely on some familiar who already knows and who can look after it. Grandparents are often very happy to provide this service. Alternatively you can turn to Dog-Sitter that can meet the needs of movement and pampering of the Lagotto. Dog-sitters are often canine educators or have diplomas that certify their ability beyond the desire to spend hours with a dog.

Children’s presence: The Lagotto loves children, he does everything and they are excellent playmates. A particular eye should be given to the puppy if the child is still too small. It’ll be a strong friendship that will see them grow together.

Family Lifestyle

House: A garden or a large balcony facilitates the management of a dog, especially a puppy. It is not indispensable however for the Lagotto Romagnolo.

The Lagotto knows how to live in the apartment.

The Lagotto does not lose fur and also for this is a hypoallergenic dog. It doesn’t smell like a typical hunting dog. They are all elements that greatly facilitate coexistence.

Dynamism: quiet in the house and dynamic outdoors. A real funny dog. He is sufficently patience to wait for the moment of maximum fun and recreation. He loves water and a trip to the lake to the river or to the sea makes him tireless and happy.

Presence in the house other animals: the cat but also other animals do not arouse aggressive instincts in the Lagotto.

The leader of the Lagotto dog is authoritative, never authoritarian.

The management of a lagotto is very easy. The Lagotto’s innate desire to be close to his own family is often enough to create an excellent relationship based on respect and desire to do things together.

Respect: The Lagotto is very intelligent and respectful. There will be no need to repeat the same. Just be consistent and polite to grow with respect a balanced and perfectly integrated adult.

Firmness: For the Lagotto Romagnolo is not a decisive feature. Being a stationary master can help any dog in the educational process. The Lagotto is not a dog that will often ask us to have recourse to this dowry.

Dedication: Spending time with our dog improves the understanding and allows us to better understand his language and therefore his needs.

Authoritativeness: firmness, dedication and calmness, will make us an authoritative master. The ideal owner of the Lagotto is a calm person. The Lagotto who estimates his leader makes him feel a god on earth. Sorry if it is not enought!

Ability to correct mistakes: knowing how to recognize our mistakes in education is indispensable to correct them. The Lagotto will give us second chances, but if we persevere he’ll definitely take sideral distances from us by retreating into himself. We will sometimes have to change the way we relate to him and we will get completely different results. Introduce prizes and change the tone of voice or you ignore unwanted behavior when done voluntarily to attract our attentions.

Good Lagotto Romagnolo to everybody!