Lagotto Romagnolo puppies available at Kennel Valle dei Medici

All our litters are the offspring of parents with official health certificates for breed diseases. All of our puppies are closely monitored because we want puppies with a strong character.

Lagotto puppies currently available at the breeding kennel. Here we present our available puppies.

Images and videos to follow our litter. Space for puppies to live with us the growth of our wonders.

Link to the litter with available puppies ( At the moment we have no available puppies)

In this page we will highlight the available puppies of the born litter. In order to identify and follow your own Lagotto Romagnolo puppy we refer you to the page related to the same litter below. The contents of these tabs are photos of the puppies and videos of the litter. Like those already present in past litters.

Lagotto Romagnolo puppies available

Every now and then we receive requests for puppies or dogs trained to search for truffles. Other times adult dogs to be used as Pet-therapy.

We do not keep puppies or big puppies to be trained or initiated into truffle hunting.

It’s available last white-brown female puppy born July 23 daughter of our Pedro and a female controlled for health by our friend breeding. If interested contact Patrizia +39 3483385114

PERLA X Terracarnica Bixby

The time has come to keep Perla’s heir, which is why we have chosen a stud with an excellent pedigree, with world beauty champions and with all health requirements. A nice weekend abroad to meet Bixby, not easy to move during the pandemic, but we were rewarded.
4 females and 4 males were born on 18 June

Date of Birth 18 June 2021

both parents have official genetic tests and X-rays.

The litter is fully reserved


Pedro had already been Amber’s companion in her first litter.
We wanted to repeat two years later and on 25 June three females and a male brown were born.

Date of birth 25 June 2021

both parents have official genetic tests and X-rays.

The litter is fully reserved

For information on the next litter Lagotto Romagnolo Valle dei Medici 2022.

Ongoing behavioural counselling

The puppies will only leave our kennel after the 70th day of life, which allows us to socialise them properly and to comply with the vaccine protocol.

Martina is a Dog Instructor and our experience and competence are always available to those who have chosen one of our puppies.

We remain available even after the adoption and for the whole life of the dog.

We follow our Lagotto Romagnolo puppies in all the phases of their growth so that when they grow up they will be balanced and well socialized dogs.

For the puppies that go outside Italy, obviously there are some difficulties due to the distance and the language, but in any case we will try to do our best.

LAGOTTO ROMAGNOLO Valle dei Medici – Italian water dog

Our essence and protagonists




Information Request

Contact us for more information about the next litters and bookings. We ‘ll answer you as soon as possible.

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