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The luck of meeting Saetta ❤️

I approached the Lagotto Romagnolo for its fame as a truffle hunter dog. A bit like our “Customers” do before taking the step, I tried to find out as much as possible about the breed. To understand its needs and how to manage the fabulous curly hair.

Before making up my mind, I had the chance to meet a lot of Romagna’s lakes, both male and female, and I talked to their owners.

From the beginning it was clear that this dog was special.

Those who lived the dog every day, at home, on the couch, those who made every move with his Lagotto next to them, even in the woods, were very satisfied. Even in times of scarce truffle he would come home happy for the turn and often even with some unexpectedly delicious hypogeum mushroom, the white truffle.

The others, alas, always had something wrong with them.

I decided to buy what is still my Super Lagottina. Beloved Saetta ❤️❤️

passione lagotto romagnolo

Photo Lagotto Romagnolo: Linda and Saetta the first day at home. March 2013

The first of the Class

She was the first, every day with the same enthusiasm and the first in everything!

My little soldier: the first to make an exhibition and, moreover, winning with CAC.

The first to give me puppies all mine. Some beautiful Lagotto Speciali.

The first to teach me that no matter how hard I tried, I can’t find truffles without them. So I kept quiet and left the initiative to her.

And just behind master truffle hunters with “phenomenal dogs”, the little soldier found what expert and commanded dogs left, perhaps voluntarily, to us.

For years with Saetta we have understood each other on the fly.

She checks my clothes to see if something fun is planned. She pays attention to my tone of voice to see if it’s a good day. My movements to know when it’s time for a cuddle, a walk or a bit of gardening.

If today I carry on this passion of breeding and have chosen to spend a lot of my time with my dogs, I certainly owe it mainly to my little Saetta.

The luck of having them all

Shortly afterwards Thor arrived. My mother-in-law’s family dog had recently died. Balto represented so much for our whole family. We needed a dog that could be a pet dog. After some hesitation Sara convinced herself to take a Lagotto.

They are inseparable and Thor is special to Sara. She tells us at least three times a week! And we are just pleased!

Luce with her infinite desire for cuddles, Runa with her sweetness, Moka with her requests for confirmations and our Chicca born here. And recently also Pedro the handsome boy who learns everything and who will be our future breeding male. Perla and Giada the two little twins who rely on each other and who represent so much for the piece of Lagotto history they bring with their presence. They are all equally special. The merit is theirs!

Each has its own character, its own characteristics, many facets that, living together, can be perceived and distinguished. All different, but united by being Lagotti Romagnoli, and soon you are conquered!

❤️ I love Lagotto Romagnolo! ❤️

tools to groom lagotto romagnolo

Tools to Groom the Lagotto

Lagotto dog grooming is an activity that every owner can do on his own. The reasons can be many, from pastime, to the desire to try this practice or to keep your dog aesthetically in order with greater flexibility and frequency, compared to having to take him to a groomer when you just can’t take him anymore.

Many of the owners of our Lagotto want to try and do some retouching and gaining confidence and seeing their dog’s results and behaviour improve, they often continue.

If you are reading this article you are certainly interested in understanding what a good grooming equipment is, a compromise with professional equipment but sufficient to care for the curly hair of your Lagottino with excellent results.

Before going into the actual equipment, trying to give references both as brands and prices, remember that it will be necessary to wash the dog.

A bath based on shampoo for dogs and a conditioner to make the hair clean and easy to cut. It can also be easily done in the bathtub at home.

The comb will slide more easily and we will not risk to remove the sharpening of the cutting tools due also to light dirt.

Grooming tools: table

tavolo per toelettare

The Grooming Table

The Grooming Table is certainly indispensable to work in a certain harmony. The main feature is to be able to hold the dog firmly enough to cut. The first few times the dog will not be completely at ease but he will soon get used to it, making the operations much easier and more effective.

A table with an arm and lockable table like the one in the picture has a price around 80 euros or a little more.

It is a basic table, but it allows you to do your work very well and is easily transportable. Going up in price there are pneumatic tables. These are raised and lowered, but cannot be transported. Instead, they can rotate to position the dog quickly to one side or the other to simplify the process.

As for the laces, the ones supplied are made of fabric and can be inadvertently cut with scissors. Soon it will be necessary to switch to hard plastic ones with rubber head support.

Grooming tools: Comb and brush

cardatore toelettare


pettine toelettare

Steel tooth comb

The brush or carder is not necessary to keep the hair of the pond tidy. On the contrary, they are to be avoided in order not to smooth the hair and lose the typical hedgehog of the breed. However, when grooming, the carder can be useful for thinning the hair in certain critical points. It is also useful to raise the hair of the tail and give it a uniform shape. The comb like the one in the photo remains the main tool to manage the coat of the Lagotto Romagnolo.

The prices of both the carder and the comb do not reach 10 euros each.

Grooming tools: Hemostatic ear hair tongs

pinza peli cane emostatica

Hemostatic pliers for inner ear hair

In the picture, the hemostatic clamp is very useful to remove the hair growing inside the earcup. To be handled with great care but really effective. The block on the scissor rod allows you to be very precise for excellent cleaning.

These pliers are easily found at a price of less than 10 euros.

Cutting grooming tools: scissors.

There are also many types of scissors and the quality of the steel used makes all the difference. Both in price and ease of work.

The scissors to be used are straight or straight scissors with a length of about 20 cm. We can also equip ourselves with a second shorter scissors to be more precise in sculpting the head and following the anatomy of the dog near the shoulders and on the back. Excessively cheap scissors are generally not very durable and not very precise.

A good scissor has a price around 40 euros.

Obviously the scissors need to be resharpened and it is not easy to find someone who knows how to sharpen scissors, but it is worth a try.

The cost of sharpening scissors is about 3 euros.

Cutting grooming tools: clippers and heads.

Among the best-known brands of clippers are Moser, Aesculap and Heininger. They all use interchangeable heads, except for a few models of the Aesculap.

The Moser 45 with wire is priced at just over 100 euros and is sufficiently valid.

Probably the most widely used amateur level. The prices of the Aesculap and the Heininger are much higher, especially if we aim at battery-powered models. After years of use of the Moser 45 we have opted for the Heninger Saphir and it is a really nice, comfortable, light and durable battery pack. Of course the cost is justified by the number of our Lagotto.

For the heads, on the other hand, it is worth spending a few words on ceramic blades.  The ceramic blades are much more durable and above all they heat very little and avoid burns to our dog. Let’s remember to use the lubricating oil for shearing machine at a cost of about 10 euro.

For the shearing of Lagotto the blades number 7 – 7F (about 3 mm) are very good for shearing and to keep the belly clean even when we opt for a grooming instead of the complete shearing.

The cost of the complete blades is around 35 euros, something more for ceramic blades, but in my opinion they are to be recommended.

There are also other grooming tools from Lagotto that can be useful in case you need them, nail scissors or lower blades like the 10 to finish the feet and belly. But with the grooming equipment described above we will be able, with a little experience, to achieve excellent results in complete autonomy.

A certainty as an element of tranquillity:

The hair of your Lagotto will grow back, and any grooming mistakes will soon be remedied.



Medium-sized dog Lagotto Romagnolo.

Have you recently decided to add a puppy to your family? Have you always wanted a dog and it finally seems the right time has come? Have you recently discovered Lagotto Romagnolo and have you seen different sizes and sizes and this makes you wonder if it is the right dog for your flat?

Have you never had a dog or has it been a long time since you lived happily with your dog as a child? Or would you simply like to add a Lagotto as a life companion?

A medium-sized dog is ideal for living in a flat, in houses with a small garden. A medium sized dog has all the characteristics to adapt to many situations.

In the video some of our Lagotto; Chicca Ambra and Atena who cheer us up with their company on a Sunday picnic. It is always a joy to see them running outside.


The Lagotto Romagnolo is a medium-sized dog.

The Standard of Lagotto Romagnolo says it clearly.lagotto romagnolo cane taglia media

The weight and height measurements define it precisely. And yet the tonnage of the Lagotto dog is one of the questions that we are asked the most. Perhaps it is due to a certain margin that at least in height is tolerated in the standard. Even the relatively young breed still leaves some variance on the morphological and aesthetic characteristics of the various subjects.

It is worth remembering that the herd book of the breed is still open. This means that some dogs presumed to be Lagotto Romagnolo can be recognised as dogs belonging to the breed. There is obviously a path of recognition to follow, but the aim is clear, the desire not to lose the genetic heritage of this breed that has been recovered with so much effort and finally recognized by the International Dog Federation FCI.

Returning to the typical measures of the Lagotto Romagnolo, even if with the distinction on the slight variance of the morphological characteristics mentioned above, whether it is a female of 11 kg or a 14 kg female or a 13 kg male rather than a 16 kg male, the Lagotto Romagnolo is a medium-sized dog.

In the picture we see one of our 5 months old puppies living in a house with a garden, she is a pet dog, for other things with a giant rabbit. Exactly the almost total disappearance of the hunting instinct of the Lagotto.

The breeds of dogs considered of medium size range from 8 kg to 25 kg in weight. These breeds are generally very appreciated for the possibility of living in a flat, being able to adapt to the life of families with children.

At the same time they have characteristics of strength and resistance that are not delicate but suitable, and let me say satisfied, to sustain efforts.

We who are lovers of the breed know that in addition to everything that a medium-sized dog offers, and this is no small thing, the Lagotto Romagnolo puts its own spin on it. These are topics of our other articles but his character, his docile temperament and his curly hair make him an Italian excellence.

The Lagotto Romagnolo is a breed dog of Italian origin, also know as Italian Water Dog, of medium size and with characteristics increasingly appreciated in the world.

lagotto romagnolo breeder italian water dog

Lagotto Puppies in Breeding

When you decide to have a Lagotto Romagnolo puppy, the choice of the breeding and of who breeds them is decisive. On the site we have tried to put as much information as possible about us, see ABOUT US. About our Lagotto Romagnolo and the puppies available in our kennel and the next litters. About our ideas and beliefs.

We believe that seriousness and transparency can go peacefully hand in hand. All the information concerning the health of our Lagotto dogs are on the site.

Here are the most common questions we are asked at first contact.

Can we visit the puppies in the kennel?

The visits to the kennel are an important moment to get to know the puppies, the kennel and the breeder. The visits give us pleasure because we get to know the new families of our puppies, or simply dog lovers. The returns we have always been positive, and this repays us for all our efforts.

The visits are always without obligation, aimed at showing our creatures and getting to know the breed.

The price of a Lagotto Romagnolo puppy?

The price of one of our puppies depends on the expenses incurred for that specific litter. The price of a puppy can be influenced by the external stud, the pregnancy of the mother, the health certificates of the parents and also the number of puppies. To understand how the price of a Lagotto Romagnolo puppy is determined, see also PRICE OF A PUPPY IN A BREED.

When is the puppy delivered?

We deliver the puppies after their 70th day of life.

The socialisation of the puppy is not just a matter of saying. The differences between puppies raised with their mothers and in families with children and other dogs of different sexes and breeds can be seen.

Dogs that as adults are well-balanced, funny and well.

The socialisation of the puppy is decisive in forming the character of the Lagotto Romagnolo.

We never anticipate the vaccination protocol.

The health of your puppy is important.

With this in mind, waiting a few days to adopt a puppy should never be a problem.

What documents do you deliver with the puppy?

All our litters are the offspring of pedigreed Lagotto Romagnolo puppies that have been tested for the main breed diseases. Checking the parents for genetics and evaluating their character is a necessary act to create the premises for an excellent litter. In the HEALTH section there are other articles full of important information.

The puppy is delivered with a health booklet, dog registry entry, first vaccine, pedigree (always), passport, genetic test results and x-rays of the parents, puppy kit.( What is not present on the website)

Is it advisable to book a Lagotto Romagnolo puppy?

We don’t have many litters per year. The booking of the puppy allows us to evaluate the puppies during their growth phases, knowing which is the context in which they will have to be inserted.

We try to satisfy requests based on the composition of the family, the space and time available or whether there are expectations for a Lagotto Romagnolo that also goes to truffles or exhibition.

For booking we ask for an advance to have a mutual commitment. For the programme of the litters see BREEDING PLAN.

Booking your puppy well in advance allows the adoptive family to follow the puppy during its growth with photographic and video contributions.

On the website we update with videos and photos of the puppy and the litter as it grows with its mother. A modern way to enjoy this wonderful experience even from a distance.

The Confidence Veterinarian

The choice of the veterinarian who will follow the puppy is an important choice. The fact that he is near home is a valid criterion of choice. Managing emergencies quickly can sometimes save your dog’s life. Of course it is not the only criterion. A 24-hour clinic will certainly provide additional benefits, but it should not be a factory. Competence and experience are essential.

The trusted veterinarian, together with the breeder, can solve useless mental disorders or vice versa help not to underestimate serious problems.

For us it is important that the Confidence Veterinarian knows how to recognize the seriousness and completeness of information that we provide together with the puppy and can transmit peace of mind to those who have never had a dog.

Unfortunately, however, we find that this is not always the case. We understand of course that the number of unwise litters, especially in breeds of dogs in great demand, is high and therefore lead some veterinarians to depart from the dog in a prejudiced way.

We are here! We and our referring veterinarians to give any information that may be necessary.

In other articles, we have explained how important the choice of breeding is. Equally important is the choice of the Confidence Veterinarian.

An experienced and competent doctor, used to work with breed puppies and if you know the Lagotto Romagnolo.

Our Breeding Veterinarians

For a farm the figure of the veterinarian is of primary importance. Only the vet can give you indications on how to deal with the various situations that we have in the breeding. Our luck is that we have a vet in our family. When she visits us she is automatically on the farm.

The possibilities of comparison and the number of information we can have are so high.

That’s not why it was an obligatory choice. For a veterinarian to follow a breeding even if small is very tiring. We insisted that Camilla and Laura were our references.

Besides Camilla and Laura we use other veterinarians, trusted orthopedists and clinics for night emergencies.

Doctors expert in working with breeders that often give us valuable information. They guide and support us in all matters relating to joint problems, dysplasia and official certifications of our dogs. Sometimes they take care of our puppies even when they are no longer with us.

Dr. Cammelli and Dr. Corti follow our dogs always and especially pregnant females and puppies in the first two months of life.

They are therefore also available for the family’s trusted veterinarian with useful information about our little Lagotto Romagnolo.

Here are their references:

Ambulatorio veterinario Borgo San Lorenzo (FI) Medico Veterinario C. Cammelli e Medico Veterinario L. Corti

Ospedale Veterinario I Portoni Rossi via Roma, 57/a – 40069 Zola Predosa (BO) T: 051 755233

lagotto kennel italy

Choosing a Lagotto kennel and the puppy.

Choosing a Lagotto Romagnolo puppy in a kennel provides guarantees. The breeder will always be available to support you with advice for the management of the puppy. How to behave for the insertion and also how to continue with the education.

It is difficult for a kennel to give you a puppy without explaining who the parents are, what guarantees of health and what assumptions have been made about the litter.

They will be able to explain and help those who do not know the breed to understand it. If, like us, the breeder also has a passion for truffle hunting, he will be able to give you valuable training advice.

If the puppy, besides being an excellent Lagotto for Companionship, will also be a brilliant truffle hound, we can only be satisfied. In a kennel the puppy is not given to just anyone.

These are the prerogatives of Breeders and of no other figure who can hand over puppies.

Notwithstanding the above, it is always a good idea to visit the kennel to see the puppies and get to know the breeders.

Choice of a Lagotto Romagnolo breeding farm

I believe that the choice of the kennel is similar in importance and method to the choice we make of the future owners of our puppies.

It is a mechanism of trust and mutual esteem that often starts from the first phone call.

There are some elements that help in the choice of a kennel. Objective aspects that distinguish breeders whose primary objective is economic from those who breed with the well-being of their puppies in mind.

  • Genetic tests on the parents cannot be considered as an extra. They are essential to GUARANTEE exemption from certain diseases in the puppy. Pathologies that can also occur after the sale.
  • X-rays of the hips and elbows of the parents are expensive examinations whose information is valuable for serious breeders. Breeders who X-ray their dogs always give evidence of the results.
  • The pedigree does not justify any difference in price.
  • The breeder must show the ability to support the future owner with competence and availability.
  • The structure of the kennel, How the dogs are kept in the kennel. The spaces dedicated to them. Where the puppies are bred. They help to understand if the Lagotto Romagnolo puppy has been raised in a healthy environment or if it is just a commodity.
  • Too many litters, raising a litter takes a lot of time. The presence of so many litters in the kennel at the same time can give rise to doubts.

Choosing the breeding. Visiting a Lagotto Romagnolo puppy

In order to choose a Lagotto kennel, the visit is fundamental. The moment that provides a lot of information and sensations. Often it happens even before the puppies are born. At other times, in addition to the cattery, we may also visit the puppy.

When weaning has started and the puppies are moving with a fair degree of ease, the first interactions also begin. We are around the fourth week and this is a good time to make our visit to the kennel.

It is a good time to visit the kennel to check the health of the mother and to evaluate the nutritional and hygienic care of the puppies.

A few more weeks and the puppy’s character begins to show itself. The socialisation work done in the kennel begins to bear fruit.

Where the puppy was born and where it spent its first two months is decisive for its adult character. The visit to the kennel should help to understand the past of the puppy that we will take home.

Choosing a Lagotto Romagnolo puppy

It was hard. We selected the breeding farm among those that had puppies available. We probably travelled several kilometres to visit it. And now the whole Lagotto Romagnolo litter is right in front of us. Some puppies are interested in our presence. Another is sleepy or naughty.

The moment is topical. They’re all great, but we’ll only choose one.

If the puppies have entered the fifth week they have a fair amount of independence and it is then that the puppy makes the first move.

In a homogeneous litter, the choice of a Lagotto Romagnolo pet puppy can also be made in this way. In a romantic way.

If the request is for a puppy that in addition to living with the family will also go truffling, the opinion of those who have bred the litter is decisive.

Talking to those who have raised the puppies from birth and understanding together which situations are most congenial will benefit the owners and the puppies and make the breeder feel at ease.

lagotto cane da compagnia famiglia e bambini

The Lagotto Romagnolo has a mild temperament, a balanced character and is linked to its master. Loyal and loving, he is an ideal pet dog for the family and suitable for children. The picture of the Lagotto and the Child on the cover is of our “Valle dei Medici Heros” in the Yago house with our nephew Ettore and kindly granted by his family.

The Lagotto since he was a puppy loves to play. For training he uses this temperament. He can carry out the most demanding obedience commands without any effort.

At its origin the Lagotto Romagnolo was an excellent dog to bring back. This characteristic of his is still very much alive today, we can spend hours throwing an object at him and having him brought back to us.

Its intelligence, mild temperament and lack of aggressiveness make the Lagotto a very appreciated dog by families.

The Lagotto Romagnolo is not a demanding dog. It knows how to stay in its place until it is decided that its time has come, provided that it arrives anyway.

The Lagotto Romagnolo is defined as a working dog. In reality, it is a dog that knows how to please its owner, which is why we find it in manifestations of agility, obedience. Whatever the job for Lagotto Romagnolo is, it’s a game.

Particularly suitable for children and recently recommended for pet-terapy.

With its small size it is suitable for living at home, it is not a barking dog. Its diffusion in Italy but also abroad, is having an exponential growth, thanks to its increasingly appreciated qualities as a companion dog.

The Lagotto Romagnolo does not change its coat. Its thick and curly hair is not lost at home. Its coat has a constant growth that requires a couple of grooming per year. Also for this characteristic it is a dog increasingly sought after by those who live in flats.

Personally, I happened to see a dreadlocks style pond. Although it attracts the attention of all passers-by, let’s say it’s not exactly the best.

The Lagotto Romagnolo does not like to be scolded at all. He gets touchy, and when it happens that we have to scold him, we must never exaggerate. He understands at first and if we insist, it offends his fine intelligence.

With these qualities, the abrupt and snappy bosses are unable to have any relationship with Lagotto Romagnolo. Often with no dog, but with the Lagotto they are really incompatible.

The Lagotto Romagnolo is endowed with enormous patience and intelligence. Qualities of which it is fully aware and for this reason it knows how to wait for the moment of play or pampering.

It can stare at you tirelessly for hours with languid eyes, and when called for two caresses or to play or for a walk, in a few moments it becomes very active, wags its tail and shows all its happiness.

Ideal for children because they can become inseparable playmates.

Sharp enough to understand from your outfit what is about to happen…get out, and go!!!