Lagotto Romagnolo breeder

I met a Lagotto Romagnolo

We kind of expected it, and it’s basically coming true. There are more and more unexpected encounters with Lagottos roaming the cities.

Many families who live in the city have begun to know and realize that the Lagotto Romagnolo, known for its ability to search for truffles, is an excellent companion for children and also for those who simply have some time to devote to him.

Having left the countryside and become a part of the city environment, the Lagotto has become the friend of many people.

The question posed to the owner of the Lagotto comes naturally. What is life like with a Lagotto Romagnolo?

The answer is often obvious.  After such a meeting, those who had always wanted a dog, realize that they have finally found the breed of dog they had always been looking for.

The opinion of those who live with a Lagotto is surely disinterested and authoritative.

To avoid misunderstandings, it must be said that, like people, every puppy has its own personality. Each puppy becomes a big puppy and especially in its adolescent phase is challenging.

Then there are the people who live with him. Too much affection or simply because of inexperience, mistakes are made in education. Sometimes mechanisms are triggered that make the adolescent phase of the dog a little more complicated and long. Nothing transcendental, on the contrary, but do not imagine that you have welcomed a doll.

Why the cognitive visits.

Starting from the premise just made, there are more and more requests that we receive to visit us to know the breed.

In past years we have done many such visits. We used to meet those who today I would call the pioneers of the Lagotto Romagnolo as a companion dog.

Pleasant meetings experienced as a moment: “in the spotlight for our dogs“.

Often families also decided to book one of our puppies. This was not the ultimate goal for us nor for those who outside the period of present litters came to visit us.

Unfortunately now we are more and more difficult to satisfy the increasing requests of visits to know the Lagotto Romagnolo. And in fact that is the reason for this article.

On the one hand, we think there is also less need. Today the possibility of meeting a Lagotto and listening to its owner is much more likely than in the past and it is a good start.

Our kids are growing up and taking up a lot more of our time. Especially on the weekends. Our litters have also increased and therefore we must necessarily adapt to the growth of the present litter in order to safeguard their health before letting people into the places where our puppies live.

  • The visits to the kennel for the choice of the puppy remain decisive, important and often essential.
  • The visits to get to know the breed we had to concentrate in short periods of the year and by appointment.

Moments in which it is really possible and our serenity is such as to make pleasant for all the mutual knowledge.

After a phone contact, some of them understand immediately our limit or need. Others more determined come directly to the gate of our house. Others have already chosen us and we can hardly make them understand that we cannot.

By phone we are always available to give any kind of information and try to complete a picture of the breed sometimes started by chance encounters with a Lagottino.

Maybe one day we will organize open days for those who want to spend a few hours in company of our dogs. If necessary, we will meet a veterinarian and together with us, our stars (Lagotto Romagnolo), we will deepen and solve some of the typical doubts of those who decide to welcome, perhaps, a Lagotto Romagnolo.

saetta amore lagotto

The luck of meeting Saetta ❤️

I approached the Lagotto Romagnolo for its fame as a truffle hunter dog. A bit like our “Customers” do before taking the step, I tried to find out as much as possible about the breed. To understand its needs and how to manage the fabulous curly hair.

Before making up my mind, I had the chance to meet a lot of Romagna’s lakes, both male and female, and I talked to their owners.

From the beginning it was clear that this dog was special.

Those who lived the dog every day, at home, on the couch, those who made every move with his Lagotto next to them, even in the woods, were very satisfied. Even in times of scarce truffle he would come home happy for the turn and often even with some unexpectedly delicious hypogeum mushroom, the white truffle.

The others, alas, always had something wrong with them.

I decided to buy what is still my Super Lagottina. Beloved Saetta ❤️❤️

passione lagotto romagnolo

Photo Lagotto Romagnolo: Linda and Saetta the first day at home. March 2013

The first of the Class

She was the first, every day with the same enthusiasm and the first in everything!

My little soldier: the first to make an exhibition and, moreover, winning with CAC.

The first to give me puppies all mine. Some beautiful Lagotto Speciali.

The first to teach me that no matter how hard I tried, I can’t find truffles without them. So I kept quiet and left the initiative to her.

And just behind master truffle hunters with “phenomenal dogs”, the little soldier found what expert and commanded dogs left, perhaps voluntarily, to us.

For years with Saetta we have understood each other on the fly.

She checks my clothes to see if something fun is planned. She pays attention to my tone of voice to see if it’s a good day. My movements to know when it’s time for a cuddle, a walk or a bit of gardening.

If today I carry on this passion of breeding and have chosen to spend a lot of my time with my dogs, I certainly owe it mainly to my little Saetta.

The luck of having them all

Shortly afterwards Thor arrived. My mother-in-law’s family dog had recently died. Balto represented so much for our whole family. We needed a dog that could be a pet dog. After some hesitation Sara convinced herself to take a Lagotto.

They are inseparable and Thor is special to Sara. He tells us at least three times a week! And we are just pleased!

Luce with her infinite desire for cuddles, Runa with her sweetness, Moka with her requests for confirmations and our Chicca born here. And recently also Pedro the handsome boy who learns everything and who will be our future breeding male. Perla and Giada the two little twins who rely on each other and who represent so much for the piece of Lagotto history they bring with their presence. They are all equally special. The merit is theirs!

Each has its own character, its own characteristics, many facets that, living together, can be perceived and distinguished. All different, but united by being Lagotti Romagnoli, and soon you are conquered!

❤️ I love Lagotto Romagnolo! ❤️

tools to groom lagotto romagnolo

Tools to Groom the Lagotto

Lagotto dog grooming is an activity that every owner can do on his own. The reasons can be many, from pastime, to the desire to try this practice or to keep your dog aesthetically in order with greater flexibility and frequency, compared to having to take him to a groomer when you just can’t take him anymore.

Many of the owners of our Lagotto want to try and do some retouching and gaining confidence and seeing their dog’s results and behaviour improve, they often continue.

If you are reading this article you are certainly interested in understanding what a good grooming equipment is, a compromise with professional equipment but sufficient to care for the curly hair of your Lagottino with excellent results.

Before going into the actual equipment, trying to give references both as brands and prices, remember that it will be necessary to wash the dog.

A bath based on shampoo for dogs and a conditioner to make the hair clean and easy to cut. It can also be easily done in the bathtub at home.

The comb will slide more easily and we will not risk to remove the sharpening of the cutting tools due also to light dirt.

Grooming tools: table

tavolo per toelettare

The Grooming Table

The Grooming Table is certainly indispensable to work in a certain harmony. The main feature is to be able to hold the dog firmly enough to cut. The first few times the dog will not be completely at ease but he will soon get used to it, making the operations much easier and more effective.

A table with an arm and lockable table like the one in the picture has a price around 80 euros or a little more.

It is a basic table, but it allows you to do your work very well and is easily transportable. Going up in price there are pneumatic tables. These are raised and lowered, but cannot be transported. Instead, they can rotate to position the dog quickly to one side or the other to simplify the process.

As for the laces, the ones supplied are made of fabric and can be inadvertently cut with scissors. Soon it will be necessary to switch to hard plastic ones with rubber head support.

Grooming tools: Comb and brush

cardatore toelettare


pettine toelettare

Steel tooth comb

The brush or carder is not necessary to keep the hair of the pond tidy. On the contrary, they are to be avoided in order not to smooth the hair and lose the typical hedgehog of the breed. However, when grooming, the carder can be useful for thinning the hair in certain critical points. It is also useful to raise the hair of the tail and give it a uniform shape. The comb like the one in the photo remains the main tool to manage the coat of the Lagotto Romagnolo.

The prices of both the carder and the comb do not reach 10 euros each.

Grooming tools: Hemostatic ear hair tongs

pinza peli cane emostatica

Hemostatic pliers for inner ear hair

In the picture, the hemostatic clamp is very useful to remove the hair growing inside the earcup. To be handled with great care but really effective. The block on the scissor rod allows you to be very precise for excellent cleaning.

These pliers are easily found at a price of less than 10 euros.

Cutting grooming tools: scissors.

There are also many types of scissors and the quality of the steel used makes all the difference. Both in price and ease of work.

The scissors to be used are straight or straight scissors with a length of about 20 cm. We can also equip ourselves with a second shorter scissors to be more precise in sculpting the head and following the anatomy of the dog near the shoulders and on the back. Excessively cheap scissors are generally not very durable and not very precise.

A good scissor has a price around 40 euros.

Obviously the scissors need to be resharpened and it is not easy to find someone who knows how to sharpen scissors, but it is worth a try.

The cost of sharpening scissors is about 3 euros.

Cutting grooming tools: clippers and heads.

Among the best-known brands of clippers are Moser, Aesculap and Heininger. They all use interchangeable heads, except for a few models of the Aesculap.

The Moser 45 with wire is priced at just over 100 euros and is sufficiently valid.

Probably the most widely used amateur level. The prices of the Aesculap and the Heininger are much higher, especially if we aim at battery-powered models. After years of use of the Moser 45 we have opted for the Heninger Saphir and it is a really nice, comfortable, light and durable battery pack. Of course the cost is justified by the number of our Lagotto.

For the heads, on the other hand, it is worth spending a few words on ceramic blades.  The ceramic blades are much more durable and above all they heat very little and avoid burns to our dog. Let’s remember to use the lubricating oil for shearing machine at a cost of about 10 euro.

For the shearing of Lagotto the blades number 7 – 7F (about 3 mm) are very good for shearing and to keep the belly clean even when we opt for a grooming instead of the complete shearing.

The cost of the complete blades is around 35 euros, something more for ceramic blades, but in my opinion they are to be recommended.

There are also other grooming tools from Lagotto that can be useful in case you need them, nail scissors or lower blades like the 10 to finish the feet and belly. But with the grooming equipment described above we will be able, with a little experience, to achieve excellent results in complete autonomy.

A certainty as an element of tranquillity:

The hair of your Lagotto will grow back, and any grooming mistakes will soon be remedied.



Cura del pelo del Lagotto Romagnolo Toelettare e Tosare

The Lagotto Romagnolo does not lose hair. His cloak is one of the strengths of this breed. Who has a Lagotto Romagnolo does not find annoying hairs around the house, couch or car. Who has a Lagotto Romagnolo for truffles, with the management of shearing will have a dog suitable for all seasons. The Lagotto Romagnolo should not be brushed for any reason. Using combs with steel teeth not too sparse. The breed standard provides a curly coat and a rustic look.

The combing is targeted to keeping the hair clean and free of knots.

Behind the ears and under the armpits are the points where the hair felts more easily. Grooming should never be excessive. We must not confuse our Lagotto Romagnolo with a Poodle, I want not offend the owners of the Poodles. A small video that helps you understand how the main grooming operations take place. Operations we will however go below to describe specifically for the Lagotto Romagnolo.

Care of the mantle of a pet Lagotto

With the arrival of the heat and to renew the mantle an annual shearing it is necessary. The period generally coincides with the arrival of the heat may-June. With a short hair the Lagotto can walk and run for meadows without filling with annoying and dangerous pellets of grasses.

The fur on the head and on the legs grows slower. In these two areas the hair is kept slightly longer.

The tools needed for the management of the mantle are the shearer, the scissors and a comb.

  • The shearer must necessarily be professional otherwise after three shearing we have to throw it and we will never do a good job. The blades must be well oiled and usually 3mm high. An alternative it is to turn to dog grooming. Only a recommendation: give him a picture of the head lagotto, too often Lagotto exit as Poodles, but the Lagotto is another dog breed . The number of annual shearing is limited then it’snt so expensive.
  • The scissors can also be common scissors if we have no intentions to participate in shows. Sometimes it may be necessary to make small finishes. The grooming from shows is very complex and not all groomer know how to groom a Lagotto Romagnolo for show.
  • The comb as mentioned is a teeth not too sparse and steel. The purpose is to keep the hair clean and the hedgehog in order without knots.

If we exclude particular situations that have dirtied our dog indecently, the complete bath can be limited to once for year. When it must be evalueted according to the season. The conditions of the mantle particularly full of knots can induce us to an extraordinary bath. A conditioner can help to better untangle the knots. Then we can proceed with a slight lowering of the length of the hair.

Due to a different PH of the pet’s skin compared to humans, its should be used Dog products.

Care of the mantle of lagotto used for hunting truffles

The fur of the Lagotto Romagnolo is an important protection against water and cold.

With a thick coat, the lagotto enters in the stain to recover the most cramped truffles and easily exceeds the shrubs in the woods.

Usually we proceed with a couple of shearing for year. The first with the start of the warm season for the renewal of the mantle. It is then repeated in order to go in search of truffles in the summer. The short hair , let feel less the heat, its also are not filled with annoying and dangerous grasses and other seeds of the season.
In Tuscany from September begins the search for the white truffle. The arrival of autumn open all the regions to the white truffle, the Magnatum Pico. To be ready, the coat of the lagotto must be left growand not sheared for a couple of months. Conversely we will see our lagotto stop in front of the barrier of stain which typically protects the terrain where is the white truffle.

A truffle hunter who loves his lagotto will take care of the mantle weekly. After each exit check the need to wash the lagotto or a nice combed. Often he proceeds manually to remove grass or other seeds present in the fur

When the first grooming to a puppy of Lagotto Romagnolo

When it is the opportune time to have the first snip to the fur of the puppy of Lagotto it’s a controversial issue. Somebady believes grooming too early it can make the hedgehog lose. Others think a nice grooming strengthens the fur.
I do not think the hedgehog depends on when we cut for the first time the fur of our puppy. It depends on nature and how we will keep it in order with constancy. Around three months old we can strìart to shorten the length of the mantle. We remove the necessarily felted hair that the puppy has been wearing from birth. How much shortening depends substantially from circumstances.

The outside temperature, the climate and where the puppy spends most of the time are the elements to be assessed to decide how much to shorten the length of the mantle. He lives in the house or in the garden..

Grooming our Lagotto Romagnolo puppy with constancy accustomed him to this moment. Starting soonly he will get used to being handled being quiet.

Cleaning the ears of the Lagotto

The control and cleaning of the ears of Lagotto Romagnolo are operations to always keep in mind.

The curly hair around the ear can be a vehicle of infections and dirt responsible of otitis. The hair may form progressing towards the ear canal and be a vehicle for external bodies such as dangerous grass which can also cause serious damage.

The hair that forms on the ear-piece and near the ear canal must be removed.

The hair on the ear-piece and close to the ear canal must be removed. In the first few times the Lagotto will feel this practice strange and not be so available. Then, he will get used to it and will see benefits. Depending on the subjects we will also notice his inclination to get cleaned. In any case the cleaning of the ears does not cause pain. There are specific products for ear cleaning. Once product has been introduced into the auditory duct it must be massaged and then dried with cotton.

Internal cleaning with detergents is not a substitute for the removal of the hair which is still necessary.

meglio maschio o femmina

Male or female puppy? a look over to the Lagotto Romagnolo.

This is the most common question. A must for those who have never had a dog in the family. Who is looking for a dog as a friend and has fear of not to be able in the management. Understandable doubts that are deeply convinced do not depend on the sex of the puppy. The color of the puppy’s hair and how will be his adult cloak is the question that follows in the special ranking of frequently asked questions.

A dog is beautiful for his structure and morphology. The bearing and proportions, but above all must be a clever dog and of excellent character.

About the sex of the puppy the request is aimed to looking for a dog generally more quiet and that does not take advantage of the inexperience of the future owners. Sometimes the rumors, often false, to suggest the choice. Right information and considerations from other breed its can become a real nonsense for the breed Lagotto Romagnolo. Differences between the two sexes are there, let’s analyze it referenced to the Lagotto Romagnolo.

Lagotto Romagnolo female versus Lagotto Romagnolo male

The body

In some breeds the difference in tonnage between the male and the female can be really important. Sometimes even 10kg of muscles. It can lead to problems in the management of walks, for example. Even if a dog at leash should never pull, who is at the first experience with a dog thinks do not immediately able to handle this situation. Even the powerfull of a male can leave doubts. For the Lagotto Romagnolo the difference is not so considerable. For the breed standard the male is 2 cm taller and 2 Kg more weight.

The Beauty

It is more beautiful the male or the female? I have no doubts about that!
A beautiful male specimen is superior to a beautiful female. Of course if the male is a little bit ugly than it is better a beautiful female.I can’t choose even this time!
I would not be able to give advice on beauty based on the sex of a puppy. We have to see every puppy and if one has intentions to participate in show we will have to choose according to the morphological characteristics. Surely it is not a choice that can be made with puppies of one or a few weeks old.

Character and intelligence

Here the arguments are more abstract. We are not talking about centimeters or pounds or proportions.
We would like to determine our ability to have an excellent relationship with our dog based on the attitudes that the puppy should have based on sex. I think two sexs have some character differences, I am not so sure its are which one prefer future families. I believe, the female has more intellectual abilities especially in youth. The male is more clumsy and sometimes more instinctive. With the growing it can change. The female of Lagotto can become more complex. I think it depends on the arrival of the first heat. The management of hormonal changes can influence a phase of the character growth. Physical disrupting sometimes affect the mood of the dog. The male is generally more constant and when he exceeded the adolescent he has a behavior of easier interpretation.

The heats of the female

The female’s heat often moves definly the choice of the pet puppy according to the sex. The females go in heat twice a year and for twenty days we will have to be careful in our walks.
The signs will be clearly visible in home and we must be careful to our garden it is not accessible to male dogs. Especially during our absence. Not everyone is in favor of sterilizing their dog. Taboos must be exceeded to appreciate the benefits of sterilization.

A female not involved for reproduction should always be sterilized. In the interest of the dog’s health.

With sterilization the heats disappear and there are also some character benefits that I mentioned above. And again, we will no longer be able to choose the Lagotto puppy based on the sex.

Can you choose a pet Lagotto puppy based on sex?

Who has had other dogs often asks for the same sex of puppy. A good choice if we enjoyed it.
Even if the dog was from another breed. If there are other dogs in the family the choice of the sex of the puppy can be obliged. For example, to avoid unwanted couplings or becoese we know our dog is particularly aggressive with same sex dogs. The choice of the sex of the puppy can also be made for personal considerations: “In The family I only have males human, enough! I want a girl! “or otherwise. How to blame them Ahaha. Excluding these special cases and others that at the moment escape from my mind, when we decide to enlarge our family with a puppy of lagotto we must know a lot depends on the relationship we will be able to establish with our Lagotto.

The relationship with your dog makes the difference, it is rarely a matter of sex. Our dog will trust us and we must always merit his trust and demand mutual respect.

Within the same litter we see puppies more lively or enterprising, those who arrive first to the solution and other who are more rebellious. More dynamic puppies and more calm. Character aspects that in the following months of coexistence with their new companions of life will be exalted or reduced. In the family will change the education and also the stimuli. Until the patience of future families allows us, we try to delay the association puppy-family. We want to collect as much information as we can to seek in everyone’s interest to create the right couple. Then arrive the moment that the desire to know how the puppy grows and who he is, becomes unstoppable and rightly we give up. Once the puppy leaves the mother and the brothers, and we too, the situations change. Puppy will have more spaces to give the best of himself, new friends and all the spotlight on him.

We have an unique certainty, we have given each puppy the basis for an excellent growth with beautiful families.

Selected Reproduction for Lagotto Romagnolo

The selected breeding is an official certificate with which it is certified that the puppies are born from controlled parents.

The puppies born in selected breeding have a special red pedigree.

ENCI with the special pedigree rewards the quality control of the puppy for the greater guarantees and information provided to the buyer of the puppy.

This is how the selected breeding is accessed.

The parents undergo morphological evaluation in exhibitions.

These are the exhibitions of beauty. Real morphological examinations of respect to the breed standard.

The judgements are expressed in:

NG= Not judged SQ= Disqualified INS= Insufficient SUFF= Sufficient B = Good MB= Very Good ECC= Excellent

In the Lagotto Romagnolo, in order to have access to selected breeding, the dog must reach a qualification of MB in the Meeting or Special.

The parents are subjected to special tests to evaluate attitudinal and character aspects.

For the Lagotto Romagnolo these are the truffle hunting trials. The dog’s working aptitude and character are tested.

In order to be eligible for selected breeding, the dog must attain a qualification of MB in work trials.

The parents undergo diagnostic checks to assess health aspects.

The requirement for access to Selected Reproduction is hip dysplasia of the Lagotto Romagnolo.

Only dogs with degree of dysplasia A, B, C are admitted.

The parents must make the DNA deposit.

Regardless of the selected breeding, all serious breeders perform genetic tests on the breeding stock. At this stage the biological sample is also deposited.

Only after having carried out the health checks and having passed the work and beauty tests, the breeder is recognised as a Selected Breeder!!!!

 Ordinary Reproduction

In ordinary breeding, there are no morphological, aptitude or health control requirements.

The puppies born in ordinary breeding will have a pedigree certifying the origin of the dog. It is issued to all puppies whose parents are in possession of a pedigree.

The pedigree in ordinary breeding attests the breed membership and traces the family tree.

The seriousness of the individual breeders and their commitment to selection can make all the difference to the quality of the puppies. Even if it is not officially certified and recognised by ENCI.

The controls that attest to the quality of Lagotto Romagnolo puppies:

  • The genetic examinations JE, LSD and Furnishing
  • Radiographic control of the degree of dysplasia of the elbow as well as of the hips.

Checks that should always be done. Even if the procedure for recognition as a Selected Reproducer is not started. Even if not required for access to Selected Reproduction.

When we talk about health, Selected Reproduction sets out the requirements to be followed in order to breed, a benchmark to be passed.

Pedigree Lagotto Romagnolo e Qualità del Cucciolo

The first time you hear talk about “quality” of a breed puppy , it comes from smiling or horrify. It depends on the sensitivity of each of us. It’s an expression that makes think a puppy like an object. It’s not pleasant.

The concept of “puppy quality” exists in facts. You find this expression in the documents of the Animal Health Foundation and in many magazines of dog Culture. The quality of a puppy is not an advertisement, but a clear and definite concept referred to the parents of the puppies and to those who breed them.

Official Radiographs for dyslasias and genetic tests, title in show and working prove, the analysis of the pedigree and the evaluation of the offspring, i.e. the selection, are as important as the socialization of the puppies, the diet and the character attitudes.

Certifications attesting and demonstrating the search for the improvement of the breed in terms of health, morphology and character.

The poor dog culture has allowed those who want to make a profit to accept as true, false concepts. Just like what a puppy with pedigree already has the highest requirements. Comfortable No?!

What is a Pedigree

The pedigree is a document attesting to the genealogy of the puppy. It reports the parents, grandparents, great-grandparents and trisgrandparents.

The pedigree also shows some information on the health and morphology of the ancestors. That is, the results of X-ray examinations for dysplasia of the hips and elbows, if its are been executed. The pedigree provides information on the morphology and character attitudes of the ancestors. That is if they have distinguished themselves in beauty show, in work proof or as reproducers, by obtaining titles.

A pedigree can be exceptional. But it can also not say anything or anything good.

Claiming that a puppy with pedigree has automatically the requirements to be a reproducer is a huge nonsense.

The pedigree is released to all the puppies children of parents with pedigree.

For example, even the puppy of two biting Lagotto Romagnolo would have his pedigree. Such lagottos if presented to a judge of the breed would lose their pedigree. Because their litters could have a character from their parents.

The pedigree is simply the minimum we can do for a puppy breed. It is prohibited by Italian law to sell purebred puppies without pedigree (D. Lgs 529/92 art. 5 comma1).

We can not ask who buys a puppy of Lagotto Romagnolo to know the dogs in the pedigree. Although the breed is relatively young. What we can ask to those who buy a Lagotto Romagnolo puppy , or even of another breed is to always claim the pedigree and at the same time to look forward.

The quality of a lagotto Romagnolo puppy

The quality of a puppy is in all the virtuous actions of the breeder to get to that puppy.

  • Selection for health, morphology and character
  • Quality food, for a correct growth
  • Complete health care framework of parents. Better if you also include grandparents, genetic testing and radiographs for official Dysplasias
  • An excellent pedigree rich in champion show or champion reproduder give quality to a puppy
  • The medical care of the mother and the litter, food supplements and vermicides. Healthy and Robust puppies
  • The socialization of the puppies for balanced dogs is fundamental for the choice of a breeding

The farms, or rather the breeders determine the quality of a puppy. The selected playback, for example, is defined as an official recognition to the quality control for the greatest warranties and information. A puppy is of quality if it has complete information about health, character and morphology. The breeder was serious in assessing and making known these aspects. We will also find dogs specialized in various disciplines. There are Lagotto Romagnolo frequent frequenters of exhibitions or work tests. Everyone stands out in what they most like or think best suited to their lagotto. Without prejudice to the minimum requirements, genetic tests and X-rays to parents and socialization of the litter.

Our litters of Lagotto Romagnolo

We made these concepts our own, like some other breedings. Litters with health requirements.

Puppies of Lagotto Romagnolo from parents tested for the pathologies of the breed and radiographed for the Dysplasias.

Character Requirements and morphology

Puppies of Lagotto Romagnolo socialized, children of known parents who live in the family. Pedigree and/or the judgement of expert judges attesting to attitudes and morphology.

The Lagotto Romagnolo is a relatively young breed. Its diffusion is still very much linked to the hunter of truffles.

Luckily the crossbar is getting up. This process of growth is helped from the Lagotto Romagnolo is getting known and appreciated as a pet dog. The quality of the demands is growing too. Consequently the quality of the breeding grows. The request is no longer just for an excellent truffle dog, and that’s all. But for a dog suitable for family and children, healthy and possibly beautiful.

A quality Lagotto Romagnolo puppy, even if it sounds bad.

When to take the puppy?

In terms of the law accomplished on the 60th day of age, the puppy can be yielded. But is the puppy really ready to leave mom and siblings? The litter from the sixtieth day onwards shows important changes. It is analogous to what the families notice when they pass the moment of initial settling their puppy explodes in all its splendor. It is a process of growth that starts slowly from the seventh week. With increasing motor capacity increases the intensity of interaction and in an increasingly strong and decisive until the twelfth week. Until the eighth week the litter must be serene. Do the first experiences without exaggerating, adapted to their age. Without too much noise or frenetics.

Between the eighth and tenth weeks of life The puppy knows a new feeling: fear.

It is important to be able to follow our puppies during this period. Mommy helps us and our attentive eye does the rest. We are in the environment where the puppy has grown and it is easy to see if the whole litter proceeds uniformly in the growth of character. It is a delicate phase that must be held close to the mother and the people who have always reassured the puppy. Sometimes it is enough a sudden noise or a sudden movement, and here all together they look at you with a thousand exclamation marks:

Now what happens!?!?! No villains!!! Let’s do a little racket!

It kind of works like that. Maturation times vary from litter to litter. Often they also depend on the breed. In any case, there is always the time when the awareness of fear comes up. In Nature The feeling of fear plays an important and also vital role. The darers face the danger without fear and often get into trouble. In this period is mainly mum Lagotta to give important lessons of life to their puppies.  His boys in the face of unexpected reactions feel fear and are put back to the rules of Mother. Exaggerated games or eat in the bowl of MOM are some examples that MOM Lagotta prohibits. Instead we must avoid that the Lagottino perceals with terror situations that in the future will be completely normal. Other dogs, people and children for example. We want balanced Lagotti and for this we seek balance even in the puppy. Knowing the feeling of fear is important. It will not have to be overwhelmed by turning into terror, much less ignoring it by becoming a rash.

The character of the dog is formed in good and bad for a long time by the experiences made during this period.

On the day that the puppy changes home, as much as we commit all to make it as stressful as possible, it is a strong experience for the puppy. It can take days to settle. The loss of appetite and diareas are fairly normal events in the first week in the new home. For this reason we entrust the puppies after the 70 days of life. In this environment the puppies are at ease, the place where they were born and raised and will also be the place where to overcome brilliantly the first signs of fear. The Lagotto Romagnolo is a breed of dog that easily tends to the fear and confidentiality of the puppy. It is all too easy during this period to mark negatively the puppies of Lagotto Romagnolo that difficult and with so much effort can be recovered. A Lagotto Romagnolo grown and bred properly is a special dog with features that will have to remain in him throughout his life.

Entrust a puppy after 12 weeks

There is a time window in the bibliography that represents the best time to entrust a puppy.

Exceeded the period of the feeling of fear that arrives approximately to 70 days of life the puppy will accumulate experiences. Until 12 weeks the puppies are sponges that from every situation I learn spontaneously and immediately.

After 70 days it is the ideal time to leave the farm and enter the new family.

Here you will start to meet new people and environments. The process of socializing and character training continues up to 4 months of age. Traffic noises and cars if it will be a puppy that lives in the city. and other dogs, adults and puppies like him. Games made under the watchful eye of his new family. For the respect of the hierarchies will have to locate his pack leader. Learn to respect the rules of the family and the basic commands that will soon lead him to be a polite and happy dog Lagotto representative of his race.

Taking a puppy at 70 days of life is a good choice, often the best to have a happy and pleasant Lagotto.

Yielding puppies abroad means educating them and starting them to new experiences awaiting the vaccine against rabies and passport. expatriation procedures for a dog are not the same in all European countries. Although we have requests for our puppies from other European countries and not only do we only give them up if we can follow them in their growth. We look first at the welfare of our puppy. We entrust the puppies only to those who can come to take them in breeding. We don’t ship them for sure! If a puppy stays with us for a longer period we will take care of its character growth by starting it to as many experiences as we can.

Coupling Lagotto Romagnolo: The Stud

For a small breeding as we are, with a small number of females and Stallions, it is sometimes essential to turn to Stallions from other Lagotto Romagnolo farms.

Serious breedings even if they have many dogs sometimes turn externally to look for something that they lack. For those who breed, it is necessary to ask externally for a stallion (Stud) are additional costs.

It is a matter of priority! If quality comes before quantity.

What we do is a selection process similar to what our customers do when they decide to buy a puppy. We turn to breeders that we trust and esteem.

We know that the quality we are looking for is the quality we will find in our puppies.

Being a Male of Lagotto Romagnolo is not enough to be a stallion, Stud.

The ultimate goal is to give birth to healthy and beautiful puppies. Balanced and happy dogs, good specimens of their breed. In other words, the improvement of the breed through the selection of breeders.

Genetic improvement is a process of modifying the genetic heritage of the breed. It is implemented through the empirical and visible selection of the best subjects (phenotypes). Through the knowledge and study of genomes (genotypes).

The male in reproduction plays a fundamental role. Stallions should provide the offspring with those qualities that the female may lack.

  • Our Thor Odinson is a selected breeder and has all the credentials to be considered a stallion. PEDRO is a Lagotto of the highest genealogy with the highest health requirements and with offspring that testifies to its quality. Yago we have kept him with us for the important genealogy, his offspring are filling us with satisfaction.
  • They are available for mating with females checked with official X-rays for dysplasia and genetic tests for breed diseases.
  • Our Pedro as well as Yago are perfect breeders for morphology and genealogy. Free from all genetic diseases of the breed and clean for dysplasia resulting HD A ED0 at official control is available for mating. The results of the DNA controls allow to mate with all females guaranteeing puppies not affected by LSD, Juvenile Epilepsy and Furnishing.
    For those who choose one of our Male breeders we will be available to provide our support from pregnancy to puppy foster care. By publishing on our website the litter to find excellent families also for our Male puppies.

When a Male from Lagotto Romagnolo is a valid Breeder.


The character of the dog is part of phenotypical evaluations. The Stallone must be a balanced dog. It is very important!

We breed with care and attention to the socialization of the puppies, but it is essential that the genetic component of the puppies regarding the character aspects is good.


Every owner sees his dog as the most beautiful and good in the world. Since they are animals who know how to love us and also know how to be loved, it is very difficult for an owner to be objective.

Relying on experienced judges participating in an exhibition helps to understand the merits and defects of the Stallone.

Health and genetics

For the Lagotto Romagnolo there are recognized pathologies in the breed. The Mares and also the Stallone must have a clear picture of health.

Dysplasia is evaluated empirically (phenotype). Official X-rays certified on the pedigree by the reading centers. In Italy FSA and CELEMASCHE

The genetic diseases of Lagotto Romagnolo are Juvenile Epilepsy (JE) Lysosomal Storage Disease (LSD) and Furnishing.

Attitude to Work

The Lagotto Romagnolo is a working dog. The only recognized breed for truffle hunting. The Stallone will also have this quality.

If the ambition is to have puppies that will be excellent companions in life, in our opinion, the ability of the stallion to search for truffles can be considered “sometimes” an accessory dowry.

The Lagotto Romagnolo breed club organizes events. Truffle hunting trials, in which the ability of the dogs is evaluated by expert judges.

Offspring and genealogy

Evaluation of offspring and knowledge of ancestors are important indicators of a dog’s validity as a breeder. If the offspring and ancestors of a dog have shown excellent character and morphological or attitudinal qualities at work, we are faced with an excellent Stallone.

lagotto romagnolo breeder italian water dog

Lagotto Puppies in Breeding

When you decide to have a Lagotto Romagnolo puppy, the choice of the breeding and of who breeds them is decisive. On the site we have tried to put as much information as possible about us, see ABOUT US. About our Lagotto Romagnolo and the puppies available in our kennel and the next litters. About our ideas and beliefs.

We believe that seriousness and transparency can go peacefully hand in hand. All the information concerning the health of our Lagotto dogs are on the site.

Here are the most common questions we are asked at first contact.

Can we visit the puppies in the kennel?

The visits to the kennel are an important moment to get to know the puppies, the kennel and the breeder. The visits give us pleasure because we get to know the new families of our puppies, or simply dog lovers. The returns we have always been positive, and this repays us for all our efforts.

The visits are always without obligation, aimed at showing our creatures and getting to know the breed.

The price of a Lagotto Romagnolo puppy?

The price of one of our puppies depends on the expenses incurred for that specific litter. The price of a puppy can be influenced by the external stud, the pregnancy of the mother, the health certificates of the parents and also the number of puppies. To understand how the price of a Lagotto Romagnolo puppy is determined, see also PRICE OF A PUPPY IN A BREED.

When is the puppy delivered?

We deliver the puppies after their 70th day of life.

The socialisation of the puppy is not just a matter of saying. The differences between puppies raised with their mothers and in families with children and other dogs of different sexes and breeds can be seen.

Dogs that as adults are well-balanced, funny and well.

The socialisation of the puppy is decisive in forming the character of the Lagotto Romagnolo.

We never anticipate the vaccination protocol.

The health of your puppy is important.

With this in mind, waiting a few days to adopt a puppy should never be a problem.

What documents do you deliver with the puppy?

All our litters are the offspring of pedigreed Lagotto Romagnolo puppies that have been tested for the main breed diseases. Checking the parents for genetics and evaluating their character is a necessary act to create the premises for an excellent litter. In the HEALTH section there are other articles full of important information.

The puppy is delivered with a health booklet, dog registry entry, first vaccine, pedigree (always), passport, genetic test results and x-rays of the parents, puppy kit.( What is not present on the website)

Is it advisable to book a Lagotto Romagnolo puppy?

We don’t have many litters per year. The booking of the puppy allows us to evaluate the puppies during their growth phases, knowing which is the context in which they will have to be inserted.

We try to satisfy requests based on the composition of the family, the space and time available or whether there are expectations for a Lagotto Romagnolo that also goes to truffles or exhibition.

For booking we ask for an advance to have a mutual commitment. For the programme of the litters see BREEDING PLAN.

Booking your puppy well in advance allows the adoptive family to follow the puppy during its growth with photographic and video contributions.

On the website we update with videos and photos of the puppy and the litter as it grows with its mother. A modern way to enjoy this wonderful experience even from a distance.