Lagotto e bambini

The Lagotto Romagnolo is the dog suitable for children

When you decide to adopt a dog and family we have children you look for a dog with certain characteristics. Especially when it is the first experience.

The Lagotto Romagnolo is a dog suitable for children.

There are more or less demanding breeds whose coexistence with children is always possible. Temperament, responsiveness and meekness are characteristics that have made some dogs particularly suited to the fortunate life with a child. Adopt a Lagotto Romagnolo when there is a child in the house still remains a commitment. With the Lagotto, compared to some other breeds, we will have to worry less about what the dog could do to the baby and more about what the baby could do to the Lagotto puppy. For nature The Lagotto is not able to give a bite, even under torture. After adopting a puppy of Lagotto Romagnolo we will still have to educate their child to relate in the correct way with the dog.

A child who grows up with a puppy is without a doubt a lucky child.

Dog characteristics suitable for children

All dogs can happily live with children. What changes is the level of attention to have during their coexistence. A dog is still an animal and its way of communicating is through gestures that must be correctly interpreted. There are breeds of dogs with huge size that are however known for their patience and small size dogs known for their fiery temperament. The size is not an element on which to choose a dog for the children. The size may be critical to other evaluations or become an additional item. Many families with children call us believing that they have found in the dog Romagna the dog suitable for living with the child and family life.

Sometimes it is the curly hair that is curious and approaching this canine breed. Oh yes! The Lagotto Romagnolo does not lose fur.

It's a low-allergen, hypoallergenic dog. And here is that from a trivial curiosity we go to deepen who is really the Lagotto Romagnolo. At this point it turns out that it has a quiet temperament, it is a clever and tame dog.

A dog with a quiet temperament in the house but outdoors loves to play and walk.

A dog suitable for children is a balanced and properly socialized dog from the first weeks of life.

For the Lagotto Romagnolo is uninfluential sex.

I dare say it is really secondary if it is male or female. It is the character of the Lagotto who in the face of excessively stressful situations makes him become closed and not aggressive and to make the difference between the sexes meaningless. The Lagotto Romagnolo is recommended for families with children from veterinarians who have so many breeds of knowledge. By the same owners of Lagotto who have now become inseparable companions.

Educate the child to stay with the Lagotto

Adopting a lagotto when in the family there are children requires some attention to make sure as an adult a dog balanced and free of fears and fears. Our commitment is maximum to entrust extremely serene and fun puppies. The first week of cohabitation with the new family is a major trauma to the puppy, and despite the family's commitment requires a brief period of setting before the puppy feels at ease and begins to give the best of himself. It is always recommended not to leave the dog alone with the children. For the Lagotto Romagnolo the fears are for the puppy of dog rather than for the child. We didn't drink our brains! A lagotto will never hurt a child. At least as far as our puppies are concerned. Those that we see and entrust. On the other hand, we know that the Lagotto takes some time to become familiar with every new situation. Learn quickly, but the enthusiasm of a puppy of a man can Intimidorirlo and take him to flee from the person to whom we had thinking deciding to adopt a puppy. We will have to be present and control how the child relates to the puppy. That is the best time to educate the child to manage and relate to the puppy. Soon they will become inseparable friends!

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