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Lagotto Puppies in Breeding

When you decide to have a Lagotto Romagnolo puppy, the choice of the breeding and of who breeds them is decisive. On the site we have tried to put as much information as possible about us, see ABOUT US. About our Lagotto Romagnolo and the puppies available in our kennel and the next litters. About our ideas and beliefs.

We believe that seriousness and transparency can go peacefully hand in hand. All the information concerning the health of our Lagotto dogs are on the site.

Here are the most common questions we are asked at first contact.

Can we visit the puppies in the kennel?

The visits to the kennel are an important moment to get to know the puppies, the kennel and the breeder. The visits give us pleasure because we get to know the new families of our puppies, or simply dog lovers. The returns we have always been positive, and this repays us for all our efforts.

The visits are always without obligation, aimed at showing our creatures and getting to know the breed.

The price of a Lagotto Romagnolo puppy?

The price of one of our puppies depends on the expenses incurred for that specific litter. The price of a puppy can be influenced by the external stud, the pregnancy of the mother, the health certificates of the parents and also the number of puppies. To understand how the price of a Lagotto Romagnolo puppy is determined, see also PRICE OF A PUPPY IN A BREED.

When is the puppy delivered?

We deliver the puppies after their 70th day of life.

The socialisation of the puppy is not just a matter of saying. The differences between puppies raised with their mothers and in families with children and other dogs of different sexes and breeds can be seen.

Dogs that as adults are well-balanced, funny and well.

The socialisation of the puppy is decisive in forming the character of the Lagotto Romagnolo.

We never anticipate the vaccination protocol.

The health of your puppy is important.

With this in mind, waiting a few days to adopt a puppy should never be a problem.

What documents do you deliver with the puppy?

All our litters are the offspring of pedigreed Lagotto Romagnolo puppies that have been tested for the main breed diseases. Checking the parents for genetics and evaluating their character is a necessary act to create the premises for an excellent litter. In the HEALTH section there are other articles full of important information.

The puppy is delivered with a health booklet, dog registry entry, first vaccine, pedigree (always), passport, genetic test results and x-rays of the parents, puppy kit.( What is not present on the website)

Is it advisable to book a Lagotto Romagnolo puppy?

We don’t have many litters per year. The booking of the puppy allows us to evaluate the puppies during their growth phases, knowing which is the context in which they will have to be inserted.

We try to satisfy requests based on the composition of the family, the space and time available or whether there are expectations for a Lagotto Romagnolo that also goes to truffles or exhibition.

For booking we ask for an advance to have a mutual commitment. For the programme of the litters see BREEDING PLAN.

Booking your puppy well in advance allows the adoptive family to follow the puppy during its growth with photographic and video contributions.

On the website we update with videos and photos of the puppy and the litter as it grows with its mother. A modern way to enjoy this wonderful experience even from a distance.

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