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Character of the Lagotto Romagnolo

The character of the Lagotto Romagnolo is exceptional. The dog’s character is to be considered an aspect of health and determined right from a puppy. Just think of the puppies that from the day they are born live in a box without having any kind of experience.

The proximity of siblings and their mother is of little use. Puppies raised in such conditions, and there are many of them, have no character development. They are psychologically depressed puppies.

Puppies that develop shyness and fears, that are not well, certainly not happy. You cannot call them healthy puppies.

Knowing the breed and also the bloodlines gives a lot of information for the management of the puppies in their growth periods.

The temperament certainly has a genetic component, but the environmental factors are much more decisive.

The breeder’s task is to raise happy puppies. The challenge is to understand what the puppy will be like as an adult. On the basis of this, we can find the best possible home for the puppy.

Lagotto Romagnolo – Breeding with health in mind

The Lagotto Romagnolo is a hardy, hardy dog. There are, however, some diseases that are typical of the breed that have an exclusively genetic component. Other diseases have a strong dependence on environmental factors that are predominant over genetic factors. I’m thinking of dysplasia.

The diet of the Lagotto Romagnolo, as in humans, is often the first cause, as are physical activity and lifestyle in general. Experience and activity in the various growth periods.

A top-quality diet and the lifestyle we offer our Lagotto dog are fundamental.

From our point of view, as we breed Lagotto Romagnolo, it is also important to make the best use of the tools that genetics provides.

The Lagotto Romagnolo is a young breed and the culture around this breed is not at the level of other breeds.

As a Labrador breeder, I am well aware of how certain breeding practices are consolidated and in demand among the breeders themselves.

Genetic examinations, X-ray results for dysplasia, annual eye examinations and more are necessary in order to be able to consider mating with a male out of your own kennel.

Providing the genetic certificates and the examinations of the parents to the future owners is common. This information is published on the breeder’s own website. A transparency that breeders give about their breeding stock and litters. Information that is also often requested by future owners or, if you prefer, customers.

Many breeders do this in Italy and certainly abroad. Information that in Italy it is not necessary to give, but that by collaborating with foreign breeders is becoming common practice.  Fortunately also for the Lagotto Romagnolo it is spreading.

In many European countries, not to mention the United States, the parents’ exemptions from certain pathologies are by law. Future owners ask for them and want to know before buying a puppy.

Clearly, this does not guarantee the health of the puppies with regard to all the possible pathologies of a dog, but there will always be a lower incidence with regard to the typical pathologies of the breed.

A lot has been done for the Lagotto Romagnolo, but we still have to do more to get on a higher level.

We are talking about a recently recovered Italian breed, which for decades was used almost exclusively as a working dog. This is the main obstacle to overcome in order to bring the Lagotto up to the level of other breeds.

I hope that soon it will no longer be enough to say: ‘my dogs are healthy’, and they all lived happily ever after.

It is the breeders’ task to make selection and improve the genetic heritage of the breed, thinking about health and character, which for us is the same thing.

It is the task of the future owners of Lagotto puppies to make selection among the breeders to raise the bar for everyone. Lagotto Romagnolo can only benefit from this.

With these words we do not want to speak ill of anyone. It is not our custom to speak ill of anyone, least of all those we do not know. We are pleased when we meet someone who thinks like us, and if we can, we collaborate calmly.

We have explained what we experience every day with our dogs and by comparing ourselves with breeders and future owners of two different breeds.

Lagotto Romagnolo: The Price of a Puppy

The Lagotto Romagnolo is a purebred dog and the price of a Lagotto puppy can also give important information about how the puppy was bred and conceived.

Bearing in mind what has just been said about the health and temperament of the Lagotto, the cost and time required to respectfully conceive and breed a litter is obvious.

Price becomes an element of choice, an index of quality, if you like. On the other hand, this is nothing new.

To see your work recognised is the least. The satisfactions are our puppies and the returns of their new owners, their new families.

And yet, even if we are talking about animals with people who love animals, the low price still misleads some people.

For those who welcome a dog into their family, the initial price of the puppy has little impact on the cost of maintaining a dog.

The Lagotto Romagnolo is a hardy dog, a breed with no particular health problems. Despite this, the cost of a healthy diet, vaccines and veterinary care in general remain a major factor in the initial price of the puppy.

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