How to educate a puppy dog Lagotto Romagnolo. Dog Education

educare cucciolo assenza stare da solo

How long a lagotto can bear our absence?

You desire to have a Lagotto Romagnolo, the puppy will soon an adult pet dog and often the question is:

Will my dog bear  few hours of solitude?

The companionship of man for every dog of any breed both as a puppy and as an adult is a need.

A dog left alone too long accumulates anxiety.

A dissatisfaction lagotto romagnolo show his felling with the destruction of objects, digging in the garden or on the couch. A sad and unfulfilled expression or excessive excitement at our sight will soon lead him to be a not polite and rude dog. Business commitments often keep us out during the week and the time to devote to our furry friend may not be enough. It’s necessary find a balance between to live together at our dog only the weekend (absolutely insufficient) and only a part of the day.

It is impossible to accustom a pet dog and more and more a lagotto to live without his family all day long for five days a week. You can certainlly teach your lagotto to spend a part of the day without his family.

The first days with the puppy thinking about everyday life

Some families organize on time the day of the arrival of the puppy. They manage to take a Friday and/or a Monday of holidays to follow accuratly the first days of the puppy in the new house. Still in the first days you can teach the puppy to spent serenely some hours of the day by himself. You can simulate your absence even if you are present . You will propose short periods of the day without you. Then the periods will be progressively longer until we get exactly the typical day.

Some small tips on the behavior since the arrival of the puppy:

  • Placate your and the children enthusiasm is always good thing.
  • Let the puppy look for you, then you can cuddle him. This is an exercise that we usually do here with the new family before the foster care and start the journey.
  • When the puppy will need to rest it is the opportunity to get away and to get him accustomed to not having anyone near. It is important that since the earliest days the puppy is also by himself.
  • Upon our arrival you will be careful not to excite him any more than he already is, just for seeing us. The greeting will not be the first gesture and we will approach him when we have the feeling that he has relaxed. It would be good method behave also with an adult dog. It helps him in self-control.

Educate the puppy for our absence

We will leave the puppy alone in his “lair” for a few minutes. We will gradually increase the time of solitude even when we are present. We will be able to evaluate his behavior and increase or decrease the time of loneliness according to his reaction. Even when we understand we have demanded too much at our little we will be careful to control our emotions. We will avoid running to him and pamper him because we feel like to have done him a wrong. We did not!

The message is not: “Complain, so I’m running to you!” Again, we let him to see or hear us but we will be envolved ourselves to other things for a few seconds . Then We’ll take him with us. And we cuddle him more we can!

What to do before leaving the Lagotto, pup or adult for a few hours alone:

if a part of the period we are absent the dog Lagotto spent it to sleep, surely it will be quiet. wily No! Ahah, then: playing or walk or a meal will help him to doze off and lose redundant energies.

When he wakes up he will find his game. Leaving the radio on can be even a valid stratagem. Sounds or familiar noises make feel him at ease and also serene

Before introducing the leash we understand the character of Lagotto Romagnolo puppy

The Lagotto Romagnolo has a diffident character compared to the novelties. In every new situation he tends to want to make his own idea first. He wants to understand what’s going on. For the owner it is important to understand the signals your puppy send every time a new experience begins. Especially the leash. The goal of the puppy owner is to make the leash feel like an experience with extremely positive implications.

The psychological trauma that can result from wearing the collar and then the leash must be minimized. This will make it easier for him to appreciate the rewards he will receive during the walk and the walk itself.

Dog harnesses are generally not recommended. Once you have overcome the difficulty of the start, the bib makes the puppy more difficult to handle. With both the collar and the harness, we will never play with those who pull harder with our puppy.

The bib is chosen because in the collective imagination is still rooted in the concept of a puppy pulling on one side and us on the other. That’s exactly what we’ll never have to do.

For these reasons, the bib is uneducative for our Lagotto Romagnolo, and harmful to his body.

For the Lagotto Romagnolo, the rock to be overcome will almost certainly be the starting point.

There are puppies that as you put the leash leave and follow you. Others, the majority, live the moment with a bit of fear and stand still or even retreat.

First steps on a leash with the puppy of Lagotto Romagnolo

The collar should be introduced step by step. We will get the Lagottto puppy used to wearing the collar. To have it removed and put back on. Short exercises where we will reward your puppy every time you do well to put on and take off the collar. Another way to improve the relationship with our puppy.

If your puppy already has a good relationship with us, it becomes much easier.

Once the leash is attached to the collar, we kneel down to get up to the level of the puppy. Caressing him and rewarding him with some tasty treats, calling him and encouraging him we will be able to make him take his first steps.

If our common sense tells us that for the moment it is too early, we will try again later.

After a few sessions we will be able to take our first short walk.

The character of each puppy makes the difference. The timing, the necessary attention depends heavily on how we have prepared this event, and much on the character of the puppy.

In the very first walks we let our puppy have fun. We will follow him.

Using an extendable leash will help your puppy to enjoy the novelty more independently, but always safely.

Once the leash will be a fun thing, indeed coveted. The temptation to run around behind new smells will be uncontrollable.

The time has come to work on education.

We educate the puppy not to pull on a leash

The actions to take during the walk are only three:

  1. Call up our puppy as soon as he starts to pull.
  2. Stop until you are back in the center of your attention.
  3. Encourage and reward the puppy with croquettes or tasty tidbits every time he does the right thing.

The action not to be done during the walk is only one:

  1. Do not pull the puppy for a leash for any reason!

We encourage our puppy every time he does the right thing by telling him “Good!”. With time, patience and a bit of constancy, it will soon become a pleasure to be on a walk with your Lagotto Romagnolo. The “Dog activity bag” are handbags to bring the prizes, croquettes or other tidbits and hook comfortably to the belt. They are a fundamental accessory to always have with us during a walk. Useful every time we want to educate our Lagotto Romagnolo introducing some new command.

Leashed walks are a magical moment to strengthen the relationship with your Lagotto Romagnolo.

When the dog is walking with its owner it should just be fine with him. With time and dedication you succeed.

Lagotto Romagnolo Cucciolo: dog harness or Collar ?

The majority of Lagotto Romagnolo puppies coming out of our kennel go to be a pet dog. We entrust puppies that also go for truffles but only to families that previously considered them as companion dogs, family dogs.

The result is that one hundred per cent of our puppies go to families who care about our puppies and are attentive to every detail to give their friend the best possible.

So when we prepare for the arrival of the puppy at home we have to choose between the material to buy:

do we take a collar or a dog harness?

The equipment we find on sale are many. Extendable leash, leash with collar, harnesses of every shape and price. Finally, the leash that you wear directly without the need for a collar, not a choker of course.

When we have to choose the equipment for our dog it is fundamental to make considerations of health, the character of the breed and also the age of the dog.

  • For the Lagotto Romagnolo puppy we can start with an extensible leash to accustom the puppy to this new experience.
  • Later, when it will be normal to walk alongside us, we can use the leash without a collar.

In our opinion, collarless leashes (retriever leashes)are preferable for practicality, hygiene and safety.

As well as being annoying and unhygienic in the long run, the collar can also be dangerous if your puppy or dog is hooked.

Although Lagotto Romagnolo is a light dog, dysplasia is one of the breed’s diseases.

We should not use dog harness at least until the dog’s bone development is complete. About ten months.

It is now known that a dog who wears a dog harness when he is on a leash has strong stress on his hips. In a puppy with a skeletal development to complete this is detrimental.

The dog harness is an attractive garment, many choose it also for the puppy of Lagotto Romagnolo.

A puppy from Lagotto Romagnolo in character, character and temperament will quickly learn to go on a leash without pulling. The negative stress that the harness induces will not be many, in any case it is better to avoid.

Let’s invest time in education.  Why should we choose the harness? I think it’s the idea that the puppy feels more free to walk with us. But it’s the harness that does the most damage to a puppy when he pulls for whatever reason.

Lagotto Romagnolo Puppy or Adult: dog harness or Collar ?

When we talk about a puppy or an adult, the harness could be used. Once the skeletal development is complete and with a polite dog, there are no particular contraindications.

We should be careful that the straps do not cause friction irritation to the dog. The armpits are the areas most at risk.

The harness should dress perfectly and be adjustable as the puppy grows so as not to create skin irritation. There are an infinite number of different harnesses for the quality of materials and models.

The Swedish dog harness is also highly recommended by dog trainers.

The retriever leash is worn from the head and stopped at the right distance so as not to tighten the neck.

There are various locking systems to adjust the leash without it tightening the dog’s neck and at the same time it does not slip off.

They are n sale in any pet-shop of any shape and colour and with more or less practical fastening systems.

We do not see any contraindications to the collar.

From the photos sent to us by the owners of our puppies, however, we can see how attractive the harness is.

Depending on the character of the puppy and our ability to handle leashed exits, we can also consider the use of the harness to be the best solution.

However, I am afraid that those who make this choice are often not fully informed. If they are convinced that they are doing the right thing or they are getting carried away by fashion or the not entirely well-founded idea of making the outing more carefree.

It is important to know the limits and risks we run when choosing a bib.

Only in this way will we be able to balance the sense of greater freedom that gives the harness with the damage an old-fashioned, poor quality harness can cause to the puppy.

Lagotto e bambini

The Lagotto Romagnolo is the dog suitable for children

When you decide to adopt a dog and you have children in family necessary you look for a dog with certain characteristics. Especially when it is the first experience.

The Lagotto Romagnolo is a dog suitable for children.

There are more or less demanding breeds whose coexistence with children is always possible. Temperament, responsiveness and meekness are characteristics that have made some dogs particularly suited to the fortunate life with a child.

Adopt a Lagotto Romagnolo with a child in the house still remains a commitment. With the Lagotto, compared to some other breeds, we will have to worry less about what the dog could do to the baby and more about what the baby could do to the Lagotto puppy. The Lagotto is not able to give a bite, even under torture. After adopting a puppy of Lagotto Romagnolo we will still have to educate the child to relate in the correct way with the dog.

A child who grows up with a puppy is a lucky child.

Dog characteristics suitable for children

All dogs can happily live with children. What changes is the level of attention to have during their coexistence. A dog is still an animal and his way of communicating is through gestures that must be correctly interpreted. There are breeds with huge size that are however known for their patience and small size dogs known for their fiery temperament. The size is not an element on which to choose a dog for the children. The size may be critical to other evaluations or become an additional item. Many families with children call us believing that they have found in the Lagotto Romagnolo the dog suitable for living with the child and family life.

Sometimes it is the curly hair that is curious and approaching this canine breed. Oh yes! The Lagotto Romagnolo does not lose fur.

It’s a low-allergen, hypoallergenic dog. And here is that from a trivial curiosity we go to deepen who is really the Lagotto Romagnolo. At this point it turns out that he has a quiet temperament, he is a clever and tame dog.

A dog with a quiet temperament in the house but outdoors loves to play and walk.

A dog suitable for children is a balanced and properly socialized dog from the first weeks of life.

For the Lagotto Romagnolo is uninfluential sex.

Male or female is really secondary . It is the character of the Lagotto who make the difference. The Lagotto Romagnolo is recommended for families with children from veterinarians who knowledge many breeds or from the owners of Lagotto who have now become inseparable companions.

Educate the child to live with the Lagotto Romagnolo

Adopting a lagotto romagnolo when in the family there are children requires some attention to make sure as an adult a dog balanced and free of fears. Our commitment is maximum to entrust extremely serene and fun puppies. The first week of cohabitation with the new family is hard for the puppy, and despite the family’s commitment requires a brief period of setting before the puppy feels at ease and begins to give the best of himself. It is always recommended not to leave the dog alone with the children.

With the Lagotto Romagnolo our fears will be for the puppy dog rather than for the child. We didn’t drink our brains!
A lagotto will never hurt a child. At least as far as our puppies are concerned. Those we breed and entrust. On the other hand, we know the Lagotto puppies take some time to become familiar with every new situation. Learn quickly, but the enthusiasm of a child can intimidate him and take him to flee from the child. We will have to be present and control how the child relates to the puppy. That is the best time to educate the child to manage and relate to the puppy. Soon they will become inseparable friends!

Dog Lagotto Romagnolo and a cat for friend.

Dog Lagotto Romagnolo and a cat for friend.Dog and Cat get along almost always. If they are both puppies, everything will be simpler. Their coexistence is anyway possible. The dog is a predator. The cat is territorial. That is the main obstacle to overcome.

Two specimens properly socialized, it really makes no sense to give up the affection of a dog because we have a cat, and of course the other way around.

In the literature there are many explanations on how to introduce an adult dog in a family where there are one or more cats, and also how to insert a cat when we have dogs. We will focus on the arrival of a puppy of Lagotto Romagnolo when there are already cats in the family. This competes us. Our puppies are followed at all times of their growth to be dogs loved by their families and have all the requirements, created with socialization, to have a cat for friend.

Dog ‘ Lagotto ‘ and cat friends at home

The Lagotto is a dog that for character, nature and intelligence has all the requirements to get accepted and not pose a danger to the cat.

The predatory instinct of the dog should move the cat attack if he considers him as his prey.

In the selection the Lagotto Romagnolo has almost completely lost that instinct. Awaken the predatory instinct in a socialized lagotto, when he is a puppy, in the home environment will not be easy. Almost impossible if we proceed with the necessary attentions.

When the puppy grows we should ask to our pets the respect of the hierarchies.

With a lagotto it will be really hard to have to go that far! For each dog the respect of the hierarchical scale and therefore of the person always comes before any unlikely predatory instinct. The Lagotto Romagnolo in particular for temperament and character has no difficulty in living with other animals, and the cats too. If we attended and managed in the right way the first meetings between the two family furry friends everything will go fast for the best.

The cat could pose a danger to the puppy. The reason why a cat might not accept a puppy is always and exclusively traced back to the territory.

Considering that in the house the food will always be plentiful for both.  Only space sharing can trigger conflicts. The cat is a free spirit e haven’t many hierarchies in his hand.
His first thought will be: “When I come back to my territory I do not want you little lagotto around me, it’s clear!.” If for a moment we can think like our cat, we will identify easily which is his territory. It is important to avoid macroscopic errors.  The clashes are very dangerous for the puppy of Lagotto..

The first meeting between dog Lagotto and Cat

Our Lagotto puppies have not received an imprinting such as to consider the cat an enemy. Probably not even the cat treats the puppy as an enemy.

As usual you have to proceed by degrees.

The arrival of lagotto puppy we will continue to give the same attentions to the cat, as usually. Slowly we have to get them to the idea there are both. Let them see from afar, feel the reciprocal smells transported by our clothes, it serves to make the right associations. We must not be in a hurry to make them known.

When possible, it is useful for the first meeting to take place in neutral territory. Out of the house.

Slowly it will be completely normal both are inhabitants of the same house. The moment of the meal can be an opportunity to exploit. Our message will be clear: “Here the food is not lacking for anyone!”

In our presence they can eat at the same time. Two bowls well apart but that make the idea of coexistence.

Evaluate the reactions of both to increase the duration of the contact periods. Both in the same room or in the garden. Considering that the puppy of Lagotto will have to acclimatate to the new house and to the new people too, it is good really good idea proceed with the utmost caution and without any haste.

The moment of “they lived happily ever after”will come. Definitely!

The humans who like the Lagotto

The Lagotto Romagnolo is the dog suitable for you, but You are suitable for the Lagotto Romagnolo? Which are the characteristics of the owners and the family who decide  to indulge themself in the amazing friendship of a Lagotto Romagnolo.

Family composition

Number of people composing the household: there is no minimum number, from one up it always right.

Who can take care of the dog during our absence: The Lagotto is not a dog that required too commitment. Can endure a few days of relative calmness. You can rely on some familiar who already knows and who can look after it. Grandparents are often very happy to provide this service. Alternatively you can turn to Dog-Sitter that can meet the needs of movement and pampering of the Lagotto. Dog-sitters are often canine educators or have diplomas that certify their ability beyond the desire to spend hours with a dog.

Children’s presence: The Lagotto loves children, he does everything and they are excellent playmates. A particular eye should be given to the puppy if the child is still too small. It’ll be a strong friendship that will see them grow together.

Family Lifestyle

House: A garden or a large balcony facilitates the management of a dog, especially a puppy. It is not indispensable however for the Lagotto Romagnolo.

The Lagotto knows how to live in the apartment.

The Lagotto does not lose fur and also for this is a hypoallergenic dog. It doesn’t smell like a typical hunting dog. They are all elements that greatly facilitate coexistence.

Dynamism: quiet in the house and dynamic outdoors. A real funny dog. He is sufficently patience to wait for the moment of maximum fun and recreation. He loves water and a trip to the lake to the river or to the sea makes him tireless and happy.

Presence in the house other animals: the cat but also other animals do not arouse aggressive instincts in the Lagotto.

The leader of the Lagotto dog is authoritative, never authoritarian.

The management of a lagotto is very easy. The Lagotto’s innate desire to be close to his own family is often enough to create an excellent relationship based on respect and desire to do things together.

Respect: The Lagotto is very intelligent and respectful. There will be no need to repeat the same. Just be consistent and polite to grow with respect a balanced and perfectly integrated adult.

Firmness: For the Lagotto Romagnolo is not a decisive feature. Being a stationary master can help any dog in the educational process. The Lagotto is not a dog that will often ask us to have recourse to this dowry.

Dedication: Spending time with our dog improves the understanding and allows us to better understand his language and therefore his needs.

Authoritativeness: firmness, dedication and calmness, will make us an authoritative master. The ideal owner of the Lagotto is a calm person. The Lagotto who estimates his leader makes him feel a god on earth. Sorry if it is not enought!

Ability to correct mistakes: knowing how to recognize our mistakes in education is indispensable to correct them. The Lagotto will give us second chances, but if we persevere he’ll definitely take sideral distances from us by retreating into himself. We will sometimes have to change the way we relate to him and we will get completely different results. Introduce prizes and change the tone of voice or you ignore unwanted behavior when done voluntarily to attract our attentions.

Good Lagotto Romagnolo to everybody!

The day a little lagotto dog arrives at home

Finally came the day to pick up our puppy Lagotto Romagnolo. It is a special day for the family who adoptes the puppy. After so much waiting and preparations the day is finally came and the family is increased. It’s a special day for us too. By one side we have a little displeasure for the detachment from the puppy who we have grown since the first moment of his life. On the other side we are happy for the family who adopts our puppy. In the new house often he is the only curly child. It is inevitable and even right that it is so. We must not forget, however, today is also the day the puppy leaves the brothers and mother and also us. The family on two legs that with love and patience has always found close to him. We are sure soon he will be a very nice Lagotto Romagnolo. We worked hard because he was ready to face this moment and start his story. Our puppy often immediatly understands what is going on, and a little tension we see appear in his expressions. A tough day for our puppy. The first trip in the car, the new house and the new friends, all in one.

Today is the puppy’s day, he is the protagonist and all the others come after.

How to prepare for arrival at home

Let’s get ready for the trip. If we will have a long journey we will need a dog carrier. Conversely the trip may be an opportunity to pamper and reassure our puppy. Holding him in ours arms he will understand soonly that all the attentions now are only for him. On arrival at home we will let find to him a dog bed where he could feel himself comfortable. The water bowl must not be missing.

For feeding we recommend to continue to give him the kibble we use in the weaning phase.

The changing feeding is the reason of intestinal discomfort that is best avoided. The feeding must be specific for puppies and hight quality. A blanket or a fabric game can help for the first few days and during the trip to feel less detachment. We will rub the blanket over the mother so that the smell can be something familiar. In the following days we will have to respect his moments of rest. The children will have to placate their enthusiasm and we will always privilege the serenity and tranquility of the Lagotto puppy.

The next days upon the arrival at home.

We will proceed by degrees, without haste in all new situations. The puppy will soon have to assimilate the rules of the family.  Everyone will have to keep the same attitude especially on the wrong behaviors. Soon we will begin to let him know the world around him. Short moments to meet new humans and new furry friends. We must not exaggerate, we will have time to let everyone know our wonderfull Lagotto Romagnolo.

We will be carefull to the safety of the puppy when he facing new situations, self-esteem must not fall. Better stop!

The experiences to be done and those to be avoided

Our puppy Lagotto play with other dogs is fun for him and also for us. There are many stimuli the puppy receives in these moments. Experiences that contribute to the formation of character and socialization.

Evalutate age, tonnage and temperament of our puppy’s playmates is a must.

The pupies often plays lively and it can be dangerous for him. Its bone structure is not fully developed and could be in risk by exaggerated movements or by blows received playing.
The puppy can attend only dogs definitely vaccinated until has notm concluded the protocoll of vaccines.

Up to 4 months the period of formation of the puppy character is not concluded. Each experience, better if it is positive, contributes to the formation of the adult dog’s character.

To teach the puppy not to do the needs at home we will need of patience and constancy. Only one recommendation: do not grumble the puppy up to 4 months of age. Puppies don’t controll these needs. Grumbling or having intimidating attitudes, will only help you to have a bad relationship with yours Lagotto Romagnolo.

Have a balanced Lagotto Romagnolo it will be fantastic, in the next future!