prima volta guinzaglio con il Lagotto Romagnolo

Before introducing the leash we understand the character of Lagotto Romagnolo puppy

The Lagotto Romagnolo has a diffident character compared to the novelties. In every new situation he tends to want to make his own idea first. He wants to understand what's going on. For the owner it is important to understand the signals that sends your puppy every time a new experience begins. Especially the leash. The goal of the puppy owner is to make the leash feel like an experience with extremely positive implications. The psychological trauma that can cause the collar to wear and then the leash should be minimized. It will be easier to appreciate the prizes that the puppy receives during the walk and the walk itself. The harness is generally not recommended. Once you pass the rock of departure, the bib makes the puppy more difficult to manage. Both with the collar and with the harness we will never play to whoever pulls louder with our puppy. The harness is chosen because in the collective imagination is still rooted the concept of a puppy that pulls on one side and we on the other. That's exactly what we never have to do. For these reasons, the bib is miseducating for our Lagotto Romagnolo, and detrimental to his physique.

For the Lagotto Romagnolo the rock to be overcome will almost certainly be the departure.

There are puppies that as you put the leash leave and follow you. Others, the majority, live the moment with a bit of fear and stand still or even retreat.

First steps on a leash with the puppy of Lagotto Romagnolo

The collar will be introduced a bit at a time. We'il get used to the puppy to wear the collar. To get it removed and put back. Short exercises where we will reward your puppy every time that Ben gets put and remove the collar. Still a way to improve the relationship with our puppy. If our puppy already has a good relationship with us the matter becomes much simpler. Once hooked the leash to the collar we kneel to put us to the level of the puppy.  Caressing him and rewarding him with some tasty tidbit, calling him and encouraging him we will make him take the first steps. If our common sense tells us that for the moment it is too soon, we will try again later. After a few sessions we will be able to do our first short walk. The character of every single puppy makes the difference. The Times, the necessary attentions depend strongly on how we prepared this event, and so much from the character of the puppy. In the very first walks we let our puppy have fun. We will follow him. Using an extendable leash will help the puppy to enjoy the novelty with greater independence, but always in safety. Once you go on a leash it will be a fun thing, even coveted. The temptation to run after new smells will be uncontrollable.

The time has come to work on education.

We educate the puppy not to pull on a leash

The actions to take during the walk are only three:

  1. Call up our puppy as soon as he starts to pull.
  2. Stop until you are back in the center of your attention.
  3. Encourage and reward the puppy with croquettes or tasty tidbits every time he does the right thing.

The action not to be done during the walk is only one:

  1. Do not pull the puppy for a leash for any reason!

We encourage our puppy every time he does the right thing by telling him "Bravo". With time, patience and a bit of constancy, it will soon become a pleasure to be on a walk with your Lagotto Romagnolo. The "Dog activity bag" are handbags to bring the prizes, croquettes or other tidbits and hook comfortably to the belt. They are a fundamental accessory to always have with us during a paseggiata. Useful every time we want to educate our Lagotto Romagnolo introducing some new command.

The walks on a leash are a magical moment to strengthen the relationship with its Lagotto Romagnolo.

When the dog walks with his owner, he should just be fine with him. With time and dedication you succeed.

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