lagotto cane da compagnia famiglia e bambini

I met a Lagotto Romagnolo

We kind of expected it, and it’s basically coming true. There are more and more unexpected encounters with Lagottos roaming the cities.

Many families who live in the city have begun to know and realize that the Lagotto Romagnolo, known for its ability to search for truffles, is an excellent companion for children and also for those who simply have some time to devote to him.

Having left the countryside and become a part of the city environment, the Lagotto has become the friend of many people.

The question posed to the owner of the Lagotto comes naturally. What is life like with a Lagotto Romagnolo?

The answer is often obvious.  After such a meeting, those who had always wanted a dog, realize that they have finally found the breed of dog they had always been looking for.

The opinion of those who live with a Lagotto is surely disinterested and authoritative.

To avoid misunderstandings, it must be said that, like people, every puppy has its own personality. Each puppy becomes a big puppy and especially in its adolescent phase is challenging.

Then there are the people who live with him. Too much affection or simply because of inexperience, mistakes are made in education. Sometimes mechanisms are triggered that make the adolescent phase of the dog a little more complicated and long. Nothing transcendental, on the contrary, but do not imagine that you have welcomed a doll.

Why the cognitive visits.

Starting from the premise just made, there are more and more requests that we receive to visit us to know the breed.

In past years we have done many such visits. We used to meet those who today I would call the pioneers of the Lagotto Romagnolo as a companion dog.

Pleasant meetings experienced as a moment: “in the spotlight for our dogs“.

Often families also decided to book one of our puppies. This was not the ultimate goal for us nor for those who outside the period of present litters came to visit us.

Unfortunately now we are more and more difficult to satisfy the increasing requests of visits to know the Lagotto Romagnolo. And in fact that is the reason for this article.

On the one hand, we think there is also less need. Today the possibility of meeting a Lagotto and listening to its owner is much more likely than in the past and it is a good start.

Our kids are growing up and taking up a lot more of our time. Especially on the weekends. Our litters have also increased and therefore we must necessarily adapt to the growth of the present litter in order to safeguard their health before letting people into the places where our puppies live.

  • The visits to the kennel for the choice of the puppy remain decisive, important and often essential.
  • The visits to get to know the breed we had to concentrate in short periods of the year and by appointment.

Moments in which it is really possible and our serenity is such as to make pleasant for all the mutual knowledge.

After a phone contact, some of them understand immediately our limit or need. Others more determined come directly to the gate of our house. Others have already chosen us and we can hardly make them understand that we cannot.

By phone we are always available to give any kind of information and try to complete a picture of the breed sometimes started by chance encounters with a Lagottino.

Maybe one day we will organize open days for those who want to spend a few hours in company of our dogs. If necessary, we will meet a veterinarian and together with us, our stars (Lagotto Romagnolo), we will deepen and solve some of the typical doubts of those who decide to welcome, perhaps, a Lagotto Romagnolo.

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    • Davide
      Davide says:

      Hi, I wouldn’t know how to help you, we are in Italy, the homeland of the Lagotto Romagnolo breed, however we do not ship puppies. I know that in this period it is not easy anywhere to find a Lagotto Romagnolo puppies, I hope you can find a beautiful Lagotto soon.


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