runa attesa gravidanza lagotto cane

Dog pregnancy

The dog’s pregnancy lasts 63 days from the day of ovulation. This is a very precise figure. It is all about identifying the day of ovulation. Blood tests carried out in laboratories are able within a few hours to provide the level of Progesterone and thus the exact day of ovulation.

Proceeding with the help of science allows us to plan mating correctly and, more importantly, to know the date of birth. We can then be ready for any eventuality.

There is also additional information that can be gathered in the days leading up to the calving, so that we know how best to assist in the happy event.

Breeding is our profession, and as in all professions experience and preparation are essential for the end result. In our case, being up to the mark is very important because our mistakes are paid for by our animals, our Lagottos and their puppies.

For this reason we are necessarily strongly opposed to improvised and do-it-yourself litters. There are many sad testimonies of those who have ventured into this experience in ignorance.

A pregnant dog will have to be handled differently. Diet, walks, supplements, games, everything changes during this period.

Childbirth marks the end of the pregnancy. An event full of emotion and adrenaline that must be followed personally with the utmost attention. Sometimes obstetrical manoeuvres or medicines are required to help our canine and her puppies. At other times, moving in time and reading every signal, we must necessarily ask for the help of the vet to proceed to a caesarean section.

Benefits of reproduction

A female who has had her litter has a remarkable change, also character-wise.

Becoming a mother is an experience that completes and matures.

The self-denial of the bitches near their puppies is surprising in the first days. The care and attention they have for their creatures. A process that is repeated with renewed wonder.

Reproduction is a request from Mother Nature that is repeated every 6 months. Man’s intervention is sometimes necessary to counter some merciless rules. Mothers must not be put at risk and weaker pups must be helped to live through and overcome the great physical stress of childbirth.

A series of virtuous acts must be performed during the dog’s pregnancy and during the birth.

With a slight twist, the sterilisation of non-breeding bitches should also be considered a virtuous act.

The consequences of repeated calving without resulting in pregnancy, as Mother Nature mercilessly demands, are the cause of probable tumours of the udder or serious uterine problems.

Hysterical pregnancy

Hysterical pregnancy in dogs can have mild or even severe symptoms. Psychological setbacks and mental stress undoubtedly add to the physical symptoms.

In correspondence with the heat and the hormonal peak, our dog can develop this desire to be a mother to the point of having all the symptoms.

What is most noticeable are the swellings of the udders which can even lead to the production of milk.

Fetishistic behaviour towards objects that are associated with puppies. The whole situation is unfortunate and a veterinary visit to rule out serious complications is always recommended.

Sterilisation also solves the problem in this case. Its benefits are manifold and extend the life of our dog.

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