Breeding philosophy

Kennel Lagotto Romagnolo, born from the love for dogs. Breed Lagotto Romagnolo for passion, thinking about our dogs and their puppies. A family choice to breed in an amateur way appreciating the joys that our dogs give us and that our puppies are ready to give to new families.

I met a Lagotto Romagnolo

We kind of expected it, and it’s basically coming true. There are more and more unexpected encounters with Lagottos roaming the cities.

Many families who live in the city have begun to know and realize that the Lagotto Romagnolo, known for its ability to search for truffles, is an excellent companion for children and also for those who simply have some time to devote to him.

Having left the countryside and become a part of the city environment, the Lagotto has become the friend of many people.

The question posed to the owner of the Lagotto comes naturally. What is life like with a Lagotto Romagnolo?

The answer is often obvious.  After such a meeting, those who had always wanted a dog, realize that they have finally found the breed of dog they had always been looking for.

The opinion of those who live with a Lagotto is surely disinterested and authoritative.

To avoid misunderstandings, it must be said that, like people, every puppy has its own personality. Each puppy becomes a big puppy and especially in its adolescent phase is challenging.

Then there are the people who live with him. Too much affection or simply because of inexperience, mistakes are made in education. Sometimes mechanisms are triggered that make the adolescent phase of the dog a little more complicated and long. Nothing transcendental, on the contrary, but do not imagine that you have welcomed a doll.

Why the cognitive visits.

Starting from the premise just made, there are more and more requests that we receive to visit us to know the breed.

In past years we have done many such visits. We used to meet those who today I would call the pioneers of the Lagotto Romagnolo as a companion dog.

Pleasant meetings experienced as a moment: “in the spotlight for our dogs“.

Often families also decided to book one of our puppies. This was not the ultimate goal for us nor for those who outside the period of present litters came to visit us.

Unfortunately now we are more and more difficult to satisfy the increasing requests of visits to know the Lagotto Romagnolo. And in fact that is the reason for this article.

On the one hand, we think there is also less need. Today the possibility of meeting a Lagotto and listening to its owner is much more likely than in the past and it is a good start.

Our kids are growing up and taking up a lot more of our time. Especially on the weekends. Our litters have also increased and therefore we must necessarily adapt to the growth of the present litter in order to safeguard their health before letting people into the places where our puppies live.

  • The visits to the kennel for the choice of the puppy remain decisive, important and often essential.
  • The visits to get to know the breed we had to concentrate in short periods of the year and by appointment.

Moments in which it is really possible and our serenity is such as to make pleasant for all the mutual knowledge.

After a phone contact, some of them understand immediately our limit or need. Others more determined come directly to the gate of our house. Others have already chosen us and we can hardly make them understand that we cannot.

By phone we are always available to give any kind of information and try to complete a picture of the breed sometimes started by chance encounters with a Lagottino.

Maybe one day we will organize open days for those who want to spend a few hours in company of our dogs. If necessary, we will meet a veterinarian and together with us, our stars (Lagotto Romagnolo), we will deepen and solve some of the typical doubts of those who decide to welcome, perhaps, a Lagotto Romagnolo.

saetta amore lagotto

The luck of meeting Saetta ❤️

I approached the Lagotto Romagnolo for its fame as a truffle hunter dog. A bit like our “Customers” do before taking the step, I tried to find out as much as possible about the breed. To understand its needs and how to manage the fabulous curly hair.

Before making up my mind, I had the chance to meet a lot of Romagna’s lakes, both male and female, and I talked to their owners.

From the beginning it was clear that this dog was special.

Those who lived the dog every day, at home, on the couch, those who made every move with his Lagotto next to them, even in the woods, were very satisfied. Even in times of scarce truffle he would come home happy for the turn and often even with some unexpectedly delicious hypogeum mushroom, the white truffle.

The others, alas, always had something wrong with them.

I decided to buy what is still my Super Lagottina. Beloved Saetta ❤️❤️

passione lagotto romagnolo

Photo Lagotto Romagnolo: Linda and Saetta the first day at home. March 2013

The first of the Class

She was the first, every day with the same enthusiasm and the first in everything!

My little soldier: the first to make an exhibition and, moreover, winning with CAC.

The first to give me puppies all mine. Some beautiful Lagotto Speciali.

The first to teach me that no matter how hard I tried, I can’t find truffles without them. So I kept quiet and left the initiative to her.

And just behind master truffle hunters with “phenomenal dogs”, the little soldier found what expert and commanded dogs left, perhaps voluntarily, to us.

For years with Saetta we have understood each other on the fly.

She checks my clothes to see if something fun is planned. She pays attention to my tone of voice to see if it’s a good day. My movements to know when it’s time for a cuddle, a walk or a bit of gardening.

If today I carry on this passion of breeding and have chosen to spend a lot of my time with my dogs, I certainly owe it mainly to my little Saetta.

The luck of having them all

Shortly afterwards Thor arrived. My mother-in-law’s family dog had recently died. Balto represented so much for our whole family. We needed a dog that could be a pet dog. After some hesitation Sara convinced herself to take a Lagotto.

They are inseparable and Thor is special to Sara. She tells us at least three times a week! And we are just pleased!

Luce with her infinite desire for cuddles, Runa with her sweetness, Moka with her requests for confirmations and our Chicca born here. And recently also Pedro the handsome boy who learns everything and who will be our future breeding male. Perla and Giada the two little twins who rely on each other and who represent so much for the piece of Lagotto history they bring with their presence. They are all equally special. The merit is theirs!

Each has its own character, its own characteristics, many facets that, living together, can be perceived and distinguished. All different, but united by being Lagotti Romagnoli, and soon you are conquered!

❤️ I love Lagotto Romagnolo! ❤️

vendita lagotto romagnolo

When buying a Lagotto Romagnolo what considerations should we bear in mind. The selling price is certainly an important element, often dictated by market laws. The Lagotto Romagnolo is a breed of dog that is rapidly gaining popularity and its demand is constantly growing in Italy but also in Europe, USA.

However, price is not the only requirement on which to base a choice. We are looking for a life companion that will be at our side for many years. The majority of foreign families are very clear about this concept, a little less so with Italians.

Lagotto Romagnolo puppy for sale

The Lagotto Romagnolo puppy must grow up in perfect hygienic and sanitary conditions. For its character it is very important that a Lagotto Romagnolo puppy is brought up in contact with people, close to its mother and siblings. He is helped to overcome brilliantly the first fears whenever he shows signs of shyness.

 The puppy must be delivered after it has reached its 60th day of life (better 70).

It must be equipped with a microchip, health booklet and pedigree, all treatments  and passport for foreign families.

The health booklet must contain information on the state of the vaccinations and be stamped by a veterinary surgeon. The worming, better if it is written on the health booklet, must be repeated several times during the first two months of life and it is important that the stool test is negative before the vaccinations.

Certifications of exemption from hereditary diseases is another factor. In our opinion mandatory.

Buying a puppy that has been looked after from a health point of view is an investment in the future.

Buying a Lagotto puppy, followed in its character development, is just as important.

A purebred puppy is a puppy in terms of morphology and character. The sale of purebred puppies without a pedigree is forbidden by law, but above all the cost of the pedigree does not affect the selling price of a puppy.

The presence of beauty or work champions should not affect the sale price of a Lagotto Romagnolo puppy. They are important certifications of the breed’s typicality and respect for the breed’s characteristics, both morphologically and in terms of working attitude.

A serious sales contract helps to clarify the obligations of the breeder and the future owner.

Sale of adult Lagotto Romagnolo

Our kennel does not sell adult Lagotti Romagnoli. The documentation that must be provided with the dog will be the same as that of the puppy. Obviously, the character of the dog will already be fully formed as well as its physical structure.

The selling price of an adult Lagotto should be higher than that of a puppy, if only because of the higher costs incurred. In reality, even for dogs, demand often determines the price. If they are beauty champions or truffle hunters, the value of the dog can rise considerably.

When we are looking for an adult pet dog, the selling price is very likely to be lower than the selling price of a puppy. Market laws, alas!

lagotto romagnolo breeder italian water dog

Lagotto Puppies in Breeding

When you decide to have a Lagotto Romagnolo puppy, the choice of the breeding and of who breeds them is decisive. On the site we have tried to put as much information as possible about us, see ABOUT US. About our Lagotto Romagnolo and the puppies available in our kennel and the next litters. About our ideas and beliefs.

We believe that seriousness and transparency can go peacefully hand in hand. All the information concerning the health of our Lagotto dogs are on the site.

Here are the most common questions we are asked at first contact.

Can we visit the puppies in the kennel?

The visits to the kennel are an important moment to get to know the puppies, the kennel and the breeder. The visits give us pleasure because we get to know the new families of our puppies, or simply dog lovers. The returns we have always been positive, and this repays us for all our efforts.

The visits are always without obligation, aimed at showing our creatures and getting to know the breed.

The price of a Lagotto Romagnolo puppy?

The price of one of our puppies depends on the expenses incurred for that specific litter. The price of a puppy can be influenced by the external stud, the pregnancy of the mother, the health certificates of the parents and also the number of puppies. To understand how the price of a Lagotto Romagnolo puppy is determined, see also PRICE OF A PUPPY IN A BREED.

When is the puppy delivered?

We deliver the puppies after their 70th day of life.

The socialisation of the puppy is not just a matter of saying. The differences between puppies raised with their mothers and in families with children and other dogs of different sexes and breeds can be seen.

Dogs that as adults are well-balanced, funny and well.

The socialisation of the puppy is decisive in forming the character of the Lagotto Romagnolo.

We never anticipate the vaccination protocol.

The health of your puppy is important.

With this in mind, waiting a few days to adopt a puppy should never be a problem.

What documents do you deliver with the puppy?

All our litters are the offspring of pedigreed Lagotto Romagnolo puppies that have been tested for the main breed diseases. Checking the parents for genetics and evaluating their character is a necessary act to create the premises for an excellent litter. In the HEALTH section there are other articles full of important information.

The puppy is delivered with a health booklet, dog registry entry, first vaccine, pedigree (always), passport, genetic test results and x-rays of the parents, puppy kit.( What is not present on the website)

Is it advisable to book a Lagotto Romagnolo puppy?

We don’t have many litters per year. The booking of the puppy allows us to evaluate the puppies during their growth phases, knowing which is the context in which they will have to be inserted.

We try to satisfy requests based on the composition of the family, the space and time available or whether there are expectations for a Lagotto Romagnolo that also goes to truffles or exhibition.

For booking we ask for an advance to have a mutual commitment. For the programme of the litters see BREEDING PLAN.

Booking your puppy well in advance allows the adoptive family to follow the puppy during its growth with photographic and video contributions.

On the website we update with videos and photos of the puppy and the litter as it grows with its mother. A modern way to enjoy this wonderful experience even from a distance.

Our breeding Lagotto Romagnolo:

is located in Mugello, in the province of Florence and therefore in Tuscany. It is the Regions that draw up the regulations for the protection and keeping of animals.

For the custody of our dogs, we have reserved spaces larger than those provided for by the relevant laws issued by the Region of Tuscany. Since we are always present in the kennel, it is our home, our Italian water Dogs live with us in our garden or at home.

The spaces we have reserved for them are used exclusively for night shelter or to manage possible needs. Contingencies of cohabitation such as separating puppies from adults or rainy weather situations. We are an amateur breeders with the intention of maintaining our family dimension. The only way to consolidate a daily relationship with our friends.

The structure of our breeding

For our dogs we have opted for fences. Having space available and believing that logistics and accommodation can affect the quality of life and avoid stress due to staying in the box.

Even if little used, such spaces are indispensable for the management of our Lagotto Romagnolo. Our dogs mainly live with us all day long.

As in a tourist village we have built some beautiful terraced houses. The houses are always tidy, with a stall, a hedge and trees to provide shady areas.

Inside each fence we have created smaller enclosures used when necessary or at mealtimes.

Every Lagotto Romagnolo must be able to eat peacefully, at its own time. We want to avoid mechanisms whereby those who have finished eating in their own bowl approach another’s bowl.

Once the meal is over, everyone returns to live the spaces made available to them. Inside the cottages we find two separate spaces with a kennel. Even at night our dogs must be able to choose to sleep next to each other. Or each dog can sleep in its own kennel.

Pregnancy management
In one of the houses we have made permanent delivery boxes. They are used to manage the litter when it has reached the moment of being able to live outdoors.

Pregnant mothers live their last month of gestation strictly at home with us.

We squeeze in a little, but it is important for the future mother to become familiar with the environment where she will have to give birth to our puppies. In the house she will be able to follow her litter until the puppies are ready for their first outing.

We are very proud of the accommodation we have created. We are very pleased with the praise given to our breeding and how we keep our Lagotto Romagnolo.

lagotto romagnolo allevamento

The Lagotto Romagnolo is an Italian breed with ancient origins. It was born as an aquatic carry dog. Following changes in the territory of origin it has seen its use change.

The Lagotto Romagnolo has become the recognised and undisputed specialist in the search for truffles.

For years, perhaps even decades, the Lagotto Romagnolo has been crossed with dogs of other breeds. Mainly truffle hunters in search of the dog with wide and meticulous search characteristics when needed. The Lagotto Romagnolo has risked extinction.

The work to recover the purity of the Lagotto Romagnolo began in the 70s. There were not many specimens. By analysing the pedigrees with the highest degree of genealogy, we can easily see how dogs are often recurrent.

From these few lines on the origins of the breed, we can understand why pedigree and health must be taken into consideration when we talk about the Lagotto Romagnolo dog.

Lagotto Romagnolo: Health

The Lagotto Romagnolo is a rustic and resistant dog, but in the genesis of the breed there are some pathologies that we take into consideration.

We only breed Lagotto Romagnolo with genetic tests and official X-rays for hips and elbows.

Lagotto Romagnolo: Pedigree

In a breeding farm, pedigree is not a piece of paper to add to the dog. It is a work and selection tool. It is important for the morphology, character, health and working attitude of the dog.

The pedigree is the identity card of your dog, the pedigree is its history and therefore its future.

Having a Lagotto Romagnolo puppy without pedigree is to all intents and purposes like not having a Lagotto Romagnolo. From the pedigree it is possible to obtain information on bloodlines and degrees of kinship.

Lagotto Romagnolo: Character

Character is one of the strong points of this breed. To form the character of a puppy it is decisive how it is raised in its first weeks of life. Happy and socialised puppies is our main goal.

Choosing the Lagotto Romagnolo means having a clear idea of the dog we want.

In our amateur kennel we have few litters per year. We choose the matings to have also in the puppies excellent character potential.

To breed the Lagotto Romagnolo we need to know the breed. The blood lines, the morphology and how to raise Lagotto Romagnolo puppies with a special character.

Continuous Behavioral Availability

Having a puppy from us means having a contact person who can follow the development of the puppy even when it has left the breeding farm.

For the love of each of our puppies we will always be available. At the disposal of new owners with competence and experience.

We have been living with our Lagotto Romagnolo for years and we study every aspect of the breed.

With the Lagotto Romagnolo we go truffle hunting. We have trained many Lagotto Romagnolo truffle breed. Experience that we make available to the owners of our puppies.

Puppies are not all the same. Each one has its own personality. We know each of our puppies since birth and this can help in their education.

In the family we have the expertise of a dog instructor and a veterinarian.

Knowing how our puppy grows is always a pleasure and never a nuisance.

 Lagotto Romagnolo: Choice of puppy

It is his talent as a truffle hunter that endangers the quality of life in the Lagotto Romagnolo. At certain times of the year, the white truffle season, it is precisely his life that is at risk.

These are the reasons that push us to select the owners of our puppies.

They are very happy if our puppies give vent to their hunting skills. But only if they are run by people who love them first.

The Lagotto Romagnolo is a dog that adapts well to the most varied situations and often our support for the choice of puppy is not necessary.

Other times, the space available, the composition of the family or the expectations of the owners lead to choosing the puppy together.

Truffle Italia water Dog

Lagotto Romagnolo is the recognised specialist in truffle hunting. This is its temperament. In our breeding we introduce all our puppies to the scent of truffles.

They like it, and we like to give them it.

Often the owners of our puppies make unexpected discoveries. After the purchase, for the love of their dog and out of curiosity, they decide to start the hobby of truffle hunting. What could be better!

allevamento lagotto

We started breeding with after having gained experience, knowledge and skills. In this path of growth we have been helped by great people, serious breeders and true dog lovers. We became real friends with them. Immediately in tune because they are animated by the same passion than us. We are informed and we have deepened every single aspect of breeding.

With our ideas and respecting our dogs, we carry on our passion.

We certainly do not breed by necessity, it is a passion that takes us a lot of time, day and night..

The quality of puppies and to pursuit of our idea of Lagotto Romagnolo is our reference as breeder.

Our dogs are family members. As such they need attention and time, just like children.

The number of our dogs must not increase beyond our chances of following them.

Requirements of our litters Lagotto Romagnolo

In order to breed with a certain continuity we need a certain number of females. Our ambitions remain to have few well-bred litters and with all the requirements of health and morphology. With this statement we mean:

  1. We want to create a health picture around puppies that provide the best health guarantees. All the certainties that genetics allows us to have. There are pathologies such as dysplasia that in fact we can never exclude. That’s why we do the X-rays official to our Lagotto reproducers and select the breeders for outside studs.
  2. Work at the maximum on the character of the puppy. We gradually offer our puppies as much experience as possible. With the help of their mothers we want to create the presuppositions to have great dogs, balanced and never fearful.

Parents of our litters are Lagotto Romagnolo who carried out the genetic tests and official X-rays for hips and elbows.

Commitment and time, expenses and risks that without a doubts we support because it is the least for our dogs, their puppies and the families who welcome them. When we finally get the desired results, we feel more than satisfied.

We are alwais available on the issues that you may encounter after adopting a puppy of ours. We like to be informed about how our puppies grow to became great Lagotto Romagnolo.

Dog Shows and information

Our time and our interest is directed almost exclusively to our Lagotto Romagnolo and their puppies.

From time to time we do not subtract ourself from showing our Lagotto Romagnolo to expert judges of the breed. Skills, attitudes and morphology are assessed. The purpose of these exits, stressful for our dogs at least as they are for us, it is not the attainment of goals of beauty or work. We already believe in what we are doing.

Expert judges ‘ assessments are necessary information to improve our work and the breed.

Unfortunately we note daily how little information there is in the canine field. Even us try every day to learn and improve ourselves. As far as possible we try to divulge our notions too. Information on the health, character and education of dogs and Lagotto Romagnolo in particular. This aspect is also part of our idea of breeding.