vendita lagotto romagnolo

When buying a Lagotto Romagnolo what considerations should we bear in mind. The selling price is certainly an important element, often dictated by market laws. The Lagotto Romagnolo is a breed of dog that is rapidly gaining popularity and its demand is constantly growing in Italy but also in Europe, USA.

However, price is not the only requirement on which to base a choice. We are looking for a life companion that will be at our side for many years. The majority of foreign families are very clear about this concept, a little less so with Italians.

Lagotto Romagnolo puppy for sale

The Lagotto Romagnolo puppy must grow up in perfect hygienic and sanitary conditions. For its character it is very important that a Lagotto Romagnolo puppy is brought up in contact with people, close to its mother and siblings. He is helped to overcome brilliantly the first fears whenever he shows signs of shyness.

 The puppy must be delivered after it has reached its 60th day of life (better 70).

It must be equipped with a microchip, health booklet and pedigree, all treatments  and passport for foreign families.

The health booklet must contain information on the state of the vaccinations and be stamped by a veterinary surgeon. The worming, better if it is written on the health booklet, must be repeated several times during the first two months of life and it is important that the stool test is negative before the vaccinations.

Certifications of exemption from hereditary diseases is another factor. In our opinion mandatory.

Buying a puppy that has been looked after from a health point of view is an investment in the future.

Buying a Lagotto puppy, followed in its character development, is just as important.

A purebred puppy is a puppy in terms of morphology and character. The sale of purebred puppies without a pedigree is forbidden by law, but above all the cost of the pedigree does not affect the selling price of a puppy.

The presence of beauty or work champions should not affect the sale price of a Lagotto Romagnolo puppy. They are important certifications of the breed’s typicality and respect for the breed’s characteristics, both morphologically and in terms of working attitude.

A serious sales contract helps to clarify the obligations of the breeder and the future owner.

Sale of adult Lagotto Romagnolo

Our kennel does not sell adult Lagotti Romagnoli. The documentation that must be provided with the dog will be the same as that of the puppy. Obviously, the character of the dog will already be fully formed as well as its physical structure.

The selling price of an adult Lagotto should be higher than that of a puppy, if only because of the higher costs incurred. In reality, even for dogs, demand often determines the price. If they are beauty champions or truffle hunters, the value of the dog can rise considerably.

When we are looking for an adult pet dog, the selling price is very likely to be lower than the selling price of a puppy. Market laws, alas!

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