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Lagotto Romagnolo Cucciolo: dog harness or Collar ?

The majority of Lagotto Romagnolo puppies coming out of our kennel go to be a pet dog. We entrust puppies that also go for truffles but only to families that previously considered them as companion dogs, family dogs.

The result is that one hundred per cent of our puppies go to families who care about our puppies and are attentive to every detail to give their friend the best possible.

So when we prepare for the arrival of the puppy at home we have to choose between the material to buy:

do we take a collar or a dog harness?

The equipment we find on sale are many. Extendable leash, leash with collar, harnesses of every shape and price. Finally, the leash that you wear directly without the need for a collar, not a choker of course.

When we have to choose the equipment for our dog it is fundamental to make considerations of health, the character of the breed and also the age of the dog.

  • For the Lagotto Romagnolo puppy we can start with an extensible leash to accustom the puppy to this new experience.
  • Later, when it will be normal to walk alongside us, we can use the leash without a collar.

In our opinion, collarless leashes (retriever leashes)are preferable for practicality, hygiene and safety.

As well as being annoying and unhygienic in the long run, the collar can also be dangerous if your puppy or dog is hooked.

Although Lagotto Romagnolo is a light dog, dysplasia is one of the breed’s diseases.

We should not use dog harness at least until the dog’s bone development is complete. About ten months.

It is now known that a dog who wears a dog harness when he is on a leash has strong stress on his hips. In a puppy with a skeletal development to complete this is detrimental.

The dog harness is an attractive garment, many choose it also for the puppy of Lagotto Romagnolo.

A puppy from Lagotto Romagnolo in character, character and temperament will quickly learn to go on a leash without pulling. The negative stress that the harness induces will not be many, in any case it is better to avoid.

Let’s invest time in education.  Why should we choose the harness? I think it’s the idea that the puppy feels more free to walk with us. But it’s the harness that does the most damage to a puppy when he pulls for whatever reason.

Lagotto Romagnolo Puppy or Adult: dog harness or Collar ?

When we talk about a puppy or an adult, the harness could be used. Once the skeletal development is complete and with a polite dog, there are no particular contraindications.

We should be careful that the straps do not cause friction irritation to the dog. The armpits are the areas most at risk.

The harness should dress perfectly and be adjustable as the puppy grows so as not to create skin irritation. There are an infinite number of different harnesses for the quality of materials and models.

The Swedish dog harness is also highly recommended by dog trainers.

The retriever leash is worn from the head and stopped at the right distance so as not to tighten the neck.

There are various locking systems to adjust the leash without it tightening the dog’s neck and at the same time it does not slip off.

They are n sale in any pet-shop of any shape and colour and with more or less practical fastening systems.

We do not see any contraindications to the collar.

From the photos sent to us by the owners of our puppies, however, we can see how attractive the harness is.

Depending on the character of the puppy and our ability to handle leashed exits, we can also consider the use of the harness to be the best solution.

However, I am afraid that those who make this choice are often not fully informed. If they are convinced that they are doing the right thing or they are getting carried away by fashion or the not entirely well-founded idea of making the outing more carefree.

It is important to know the limits and risks we run when choosing a bib.

Only in this way will we be able to balance the sense of greater freedom that gives the harness with the damage an old-fashioned, poor quality harness can cause to the puppy.

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