Cura del pelo del Lagotto Romagnolo Toelettare e Tosare

The Lagotto Romagnolo does not lose fur. His cloak is one of the strengths of this breed. Who has a Lagotto Romagnolo pet does not find annoying hairs around the house, couch or car. Who has a lagotto Romagnolo da Tartufi, with the management of shearing will have a dog suitable for all seasons. The Lagotto Romagnolo should not be brushed for any reason, comb using combs with steel teeth not too sparse. The breed standard provides a curly coat and a rustic look.

The combing is aimed at keeping the hair clean and free of knots.

Behind the ears and under the armpits are the points where the hair tends to felting more easily. Grooming should never be excessive. We must not confuse our Lagotto Romagnolo with a poodle, do not offend the owners of the poodles. A small video that helps you understand how the main grooming operations take place. Operations that we will however go below to describe specifically the Lagotto Romagnolo. [Av_video src = '

Care of the mantle of a pet Lagotto

With the arrival of the heat and to renew the mantle an annual shearing is necessary. The period in general is the one that coincides with the arrival of the heat may-June. With a short hair the Lagotto can walk and run for meadows without filling with annoying pellets of grasses and dangerous forasacchi.

The fur on the head and on the legs grows slower. In These two areas the hair is kept slightly longer.

The tools needed for the management of the mantle are the Clipper, the scissors and a comb.

  • The Clipper must necessarily be professional vice versa after three shearing we have to throw it and we will never do a good job. The blades must be well oiled and usually 3mm thick. A viable alternative is to turn to dog grooming. Only recommendation take a picture of the head lagotto, too often are roasted as poodles, but it is another dog the Lagotto. The number of annual shearing is limited and the expense is also not high.
  • The scissors can also be common scissors if we have no intentions to participate in exposures. Sometimes it may be necessary to make small finishes. The grooming from exposure is very complex and not all dog-grooming people know how to roast a lagotto from exposure.
  • The comb as mentioned is a teeth not too sparse and steel. The purpose is to keep the hair clean and the hedgehog in order without knots.

If we exclude special situations that have fouled our dog indecently, the complete bath can be limited to once a year. The time must be assessed according to the season. The conditions of the mantle particularly full of knots can induce us to make an extraordinary bath. A conditioner can help to detate the knots better. Then we can proceed with a slight lowering of the length of the hair.

Dog products should be used due to a different PH of the pet's skin compared to humans.

Care of the mantle of a lagotto from truffles

The fur of the Lagotto Romagnolo work represents an important protection against water and cold.

With a thick coat the lagotto enters the stain to recover the most cramped truffles and easily exceeds the shrubs in the woods.

Usually we proceed with a couple of shearing a year. The first with the start of the warm season for the renewal of the mantle. It is then repeated in order to go in search of truffles in the summer time. The hair kept short, in addition to making the heat feel less, is not filled with annoying and dangerous forasacchi and other seeds of the season, setaria or seeds of alfalfa (the famous Pallini). In Tuscany From September begins the search for the white truffle. With the arrival of autumn all the regions open to the Pico magnatum. Emilia Romagna, Lazio each with its own calendar. To be found ready the fur of the lagotto must be left roasted but not more sheared for a couple of months. Conversely we will see our lagotto stop in front of the barrier of pruni which typically protects and shades the white truffle.

A truffle lover of his own lagotto will take care of the mantle weekly. After each exit check the need to wash the lagotto or a nice combed. Often we proceed manually to remove Forasacchi or other seeds present in the fur

When the first toelttatura to a puppy of Lagotto Romagnolo

On when it is the most opportune time to give the first snip to the fur of the puppy of Lagotto if they hear many. Anyone who believes that shearing too early can make the big deal lose. Who thinks that a nice shearing strengthens the fur. I do not think that the hedgehog is formed definitively as a function of when Scorciamo for the first time the fur of our puppy. It depends on nature and how we will keep it in order with constancy. Around three months we can begin to shorten the length of the mantle. We remove the necessarily felted hair that the puppy has been wearing from birth. How much shortening depends substantially on the circumstances.

The outside temperature, the climate and where the puppy spends most of the time in the house or in the garden, are the elements to be assessed to decide how much to shorten the length of the mantle.

Grooming from the puppy our Lagotto Romagnolo with constancy accustomed him to this moment. Starting soon it will get used to being handled by staying quiet.

Cleaning the ears of the Lagotto

The control and cleaning of the ears of a lagotto Romagnolo is one of the operations to always keep well in mind.

The curly hair that forms around the ear can be a vehicle of infections and dirt responsible for otitis. The hair may form progressing towards the ear canal and be a vehicle for external bodies such as dangerous forasacchi which can also cause serious damage.

The hair that forms on the ear-piece and near the ear canal must be removed.

The Lagotto the first few times will find this practice strange and not be so available. By getting used to it, over time, we will see that it benefits and depending on the subjects we also notice a certain inclination to get cleaned. In any case the cleaning of the ears does not cause pain. There are specific products for ear cleaning. Once the ear has been introduced into the auditory duct it must be massaged and then dried with cotton. Internal cleaning with detergents is not a substitute for the removal of the hair which is still necessary.  

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