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Allergy to dog-hypoallergenic or anallergic?

Allergy sufferers to dogs are intolerant to allergens found on the dog's skin or allergens found in the dog's saliva. They are two different allergies that are conveyed through the hair of the dog. In practice, close and prolonged contact should be avoided. The level of intolerance is decisive in understanding whether living with a dog is sustainable.

The symptoms and the level of reaction are completely subjective. The choice of having a dog must be assessed conscientiously by the direct concerned, preferably with the advice of a physician.

We often hear about breeds of dogs that are non-allergenic or hypoallergenic as if the two terms were synonymous, but it is not so! Hypoallergenic dogs. The suffix hypo means a lesser amount of allergens. In the case of mild forms of allergy with moderate symptoms, coexistence with a pet is sustainable and the resulting benefits can justify any inconvenience that may be achieved. Allergy-friendly dogs. The suffix an has instead a privative value that is not an allergy. It is not scientifically proven that there are anti-allergic breeds and strong doubts also exist for breeds of dogs called hypo-allergenic. The difference between a dog that does not by allergies and one that disperdes a lesser amount of allergens may seem subtle, is instead decisive for those who suffer from allergies. For this reason the opinion of a doctor and to know well their subjective reactions is fundamental for those who decide to make the choice of a furry friend.

There are no allergy-free dog breeds.

The breeds of hypoallergenic dogs

It happens with a certain frequency that ask us if really the Lagotto Romagnolo does not lose fur and does not molt. That's right! It is often a great convenience if we live in the apartment. Other times it is a necessity. The desire to have a dog is strong right in the allergic people or in their cohabitants. We try to reconcile the desire to have a dog with intolerance and the consequent symptoms due to a generally mild allergy. Our lagotto attend our house, our living room and the couch. They lay down on our carpets and live our car. With certainty we can affirm that the Lagotto Romagnolo is a dog that does not lose fur. They are generally the curly-haired breeds that have this characteristic. They do not leave fur and have a lower flaking of the skin. Is that enough? Only the person concerned can know. The choice of having a dog pointing towards the hypoallergenic breeds is clearly personal and to be done on the basis of their own experiences and reactions.

When the allergy is due to allergens present in the saliva of the dog the matter is complicated.

The accommodation and availability of spaces can affect the final decision. Having a garden and the possibility to add spaces to the permanence of our dog can reduce the contact to make the coexistence between the person and the dog completely normal or acceptable. The pedigree in these situations is as much as ever recommended since we are looking for a morphological aspect typical of the breed.

Importance of the dog-man relationship

The dog needs the relationship with the man and in particular with the people of the family who adopts it. It becomes difficult to encourage and in the same way discourage people with allergies to the dog to welcome one. On the one hand the reactions of allergic people are subjective. On the other hand, our lagotto will need a lot of attention and pampering, as a puppy but also as an adult. A thorough assessment should be made on this point.

The family and the people who live the house will have to ensure the conditions to give the dog the behavioral serenity and the freedom it needs.


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