La pulizia delle orecchie Lagotto Romagnolo

Ear cleaning

The Lagotto Romagnolo is a canine breed that requires particular attention to the cleanliness of the ears. The ears pendulous already require a regard eye for all dogs. The Lagotto Romagnolo does not lose its fur, nor does it in the inner part of the ear. A periodic check is necessary and the opportunity to remove a few clume that vice versa would grow towards the ear canal. The lack of aeration and the storage of moisture determine the ideal conditions for the development of microbes. They delivered dermatitis, otitis and Malassezia. If we notice that the dog is scratching his ear repeatedly is the first sign of a probable infection. The presence of dirt and bad odor require immediate intervention to avoid annoying as dangerous otites. As a puppy we will have to get used to the dog to be removed the hairs near the ear canal and in the inner part of the Auricular Pavilion. The first few times will do some verse but no pain. Growing up will be almost happy to undergo this practice a bit like for the bath. It depends a lot on how we used to live this experience since puppy. After a bath or a refreshing summer, every time there is the possibility that the humidity remains around the ears we will have to dry them. A towel or a paper cloth are enough. They are simple attentions that actually have to be taken for each dog in particular for the canine breeds with pendulous ears.

The Lagotto requires in addition the eliminations of the internal hairs.

The formation of wax is mainly due to the lack of air. Sometimes the wax is not easily visible, but its presence is detectable by the bad odor (stench forte) Malassezia.

Even a bad diet can cause inflammation and formations of dirt in the ears.

If we do not solve with an intense cleaning and the use of earphones it is advisable to always consult your veterinary surgeon.

How to clean the ears

Once the clups of internal hairs are removed, the procedure to follow is rather simple. We will use specific ear solutions for cleaning the dog's ears. The PH of the dog's skin is different from that of the man. Often veterinarians recommend otodine for the removal of wax.

  • Remove the clume of hairs
  • Wipe the exterior of the pavilion with cotton moistened with the chosen detergent product or oxygenated water.
  • We will pour the product without exaggerating inside the duct. The anatomical beak allows the detergent liquid to be introduced to the right depth.
  • We massage from behind the dog's ear in order to make the detergent act well.
  • With cotton or gauze we will clean and dry your dog's ear.

Parties and cuddles to our Lagotto who lent himself to this practice. The next time it will be easier to fill!

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