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The correlation between food and health is often forgotten even for humans. This relationship was well known more than two centuries ago to the father of medicine, Hippocrates.

“Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food”.

Even before Lagotto Romagnolo’s puppy becomes part of our life, the problem of how to feed it arises. Finding the right product to feed the puppy and even afterwards is not very easy. And even cooking ourselves is not so obvious.

The question is whether to cook the food at home or use the food, the croquettes.

Cooking our own food for our dog is certainly a demanding choice, but one that will benefit our Lagotto Romagnolo in the long run.

We ask our vet’s advice, to understand how to ensure a balanced diet for the puppy. An adequate diet to guarantee the correct development of our Lagotto Romagnolo.


The croquettes must be specific for puppies up to the compimentFeeding the Lagotto Romagnolo as a puppy and not only.o one year old. If we have opted for croquettes as a daily food for our puppy from Lagotto Romagnolo.

The quality croquettes ensure all the substances necessary for the correct growth of the puppy, vitamins, proteins, calcium and so on.

The dog does not need to change his food as he likes to do.

For this reason it is possible to choose the croquettes as a daily diet. Changing even just the brand of kibble can cause dysentery in the puppy and also in an adult dog.

How to choose the right product

It is not easy to find your way around the many products available.  Only the label on the package can provide useful information to understand which is a good food for our Lagotto Romagnolo.

The most famous brands are not necessarily the best.

The power of advertising can exceed the quality of the product. Then we will have to learn how to read the label, even if only to submit the products that we think are the best to our vet. Our Lagotto Romagnolo are completely dependent on our choices and even the breeder can share the experience made on his dogs giving useful information.

The croquettes are divided into two classes. Two fundamental adjectives for the choice of the nutrition of your Lagotto Romagnolo and not only:

  • CRUELTY-FREE, a product not tested by vivisection experiments on animals.
  • GRAIN-FREE, product without cereals and grains. Composed exclusively of animal proteins, fruit and vegetables.
    This information is indicated on the packaging of the croquettes.

For more information on how to read the label and how to choose a dry diet for your dogs, there is a lot of information on the WEB.

A first decisive information to be evaluated is the meat content. The dog is a carnivorous animal and the meat content must be high.

The label shows the substances that make up the feed in descending order. The first substance will be the one most present inside the croquette. The indicated meat content should be dehydrated, and attention should be paid to this as well. The presence of water increases the weight of the meat compared to other substances. But it is only water!

The content of ash, additives and chemical preservatives should be as low as possible.

After careful analysis and evaluation, I have chosen a product with excellent requirements.  In order to understand if over time the diet chosen for my Lagotto Romagnolo puppies could have repercussions on their health, I relied on personal experience and that of other breeders.

Dog signals

The dog sends clear signals when the chosen food is harmful to his health.  Continuously grazing grass is a sign of poor digestion.

Dermatitis and localised hair loss are often attributable to poor nutrition. In these cases, it is clear that you need to consult your vet..

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