educare cucciolo assenza stare da solo

How long can a lagotto endure our absence?

The desire to have a lagotto Romagnolo, a puppy that will soon become a pet dog often puts us in front of this question.

Will my dog endure a few hours of solitude?

The companionship of man for every dog of any breed both as a puppy and as an adult is indispensable.

A dog left alone too long accumulates anxiety.

A Lagotto Romagnolo shows his dissatisfaction with the destruction of objects, the Abrade in the garden or on the couch. A sad and unfulfilled expression or excessive excitement at our sight will soon lead him to be a disubbidient and rude dog. Business commitments often keep us out of the House during the week and the time to devote to our furry friend may not be enough. It is a matter of finding a balance between being able to dedicate to our dog only the weekend (absolutely insufficient) and to be able to be together only part of the day.

It is impossible to get used to a pet dog and specifically a lagotto to live without his family for a whole day and this for five days a week. You can teach your lagotto to spend a part of the day without his family.

The first days with the puppy thinking about everyday life

Some families manage to organize on time the day of the arrival of the puppy. They manage to take a Friday and/or a Monday of holidays to follow more the first days of the puppy in the new house. Already from the first days of setting, you can start the puppy to pass serenely some hours of the day alone. We can simulate even if we are present our absence. We will propose periods of the day without us, always longer period until we get exactly to what the typical day is. Some small tips on our behavior since the arrival of the puppy:

  • Placate our enthusiasm and that of children is always good thing.
  • Let the puppy look for you to be cuddling. This is an exercise that we usually do here with the new family before the foster care and start the journey.
  • When the puppy will need to rest is the opportunity to get away and to get him accustomed to not having anyone near. It is important that since the earliest days the puppy is also alone.
  • Upon our arrival we will be careful not to excite him any more than he already is, just for seeing us. The greeting will not be the first gesture and we will approach him when we have the feeling that he has relaxed. In fact it would be good practice to behave like this with an adult dog. It helps him in self-control.

Prepare the puppy for our absence

We will leave the puppy alone in his "lair" for a few minutes. We will gradually increase the time of solitude even when we are present. We will be able to evaluate his behavior and increase or decrease the time of loneliness according to his reaction. Even when we understand that we have demanded too much from our little we will be careful to control our emotions. We will avoid running to him and pamper him because we seem to have done him a wrong. We did not! You won't have to pass the message: "Complain that I'm running from you!" Again, we'll see or hear but devoting ourselves for a few seconds to other things. Then We'il take him with us. And there cuddles to more I can not! What to do before leaving the Lagotto puppy, pup or adult for a few hours alone: if a part of the time period when we are not there, the dog Lagotto, it goes to sleep, surely it will be quiet. Clever No! Ahah and then: playing or a walk or a meal will help him to nod off and download redundant energies. When he wakes up he will find his game to nibble. Leaving the radio on can be a valid stratagem. Sounds or familiar noises that make him feel at ease and therefore serene.

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