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Puppy of Lagotto Romagnolo frequently asked questions.

When you decide to welcome a Lagotto Romagnolo puppy into your family, doubts about its management begin.

Whoever chooses a breed dog, in our case a Lagotto Romagnolo knows roughly what to expect from this fantastic breed. The character, the size, the maintenance of the coat and many other aspects are defined even if each puppy has its own peculiarities that make it unique.

From the first visit or telephone contact we are asked many questions, from the most general ones about the breed to the specific ones of the puppy adopted.

Often after the adoption of our puppy we are contacted for information and advice.

Being able to contribute to the growth of your puppy is also of interest to us.

Here is an overview of the most frequently asked questions.

What should we prepare for the arrival of the puppy at home?

It is important not to be caught unprepared or have second thoughts about where our puppy should have his puppy, his bowl, his toys.  These are the items to be procured. It is important to define immediately the spaces that we will put at his disposal and maintain them.

When the puppy arrives home, new certainties will have to be created. The more the new family will be able to give them to him, the less problems of acclimatisation he will have.

If we have to make an accommodation in the garden and our residence is in Tuscany, important information is also in the article OUR BREEDING.

The hygienic bags kit to go out for a walk with our friend.

What will the puppy of Lagotto Romagnolo eat ?

A natural feeding for the Puppy of Lagotto is always preferable. Not everyone is able to prepare it. To understand how to vary the diet, it is good to have the support of a vet. There are not always the conditions for cooking food for the puppy at home and the choice of using dry food is the most popular.

We grow our puppies with quality, puppy specific croquettes, a specific product for Breeding.

The right choice is to continue with this product to avoid diarrhea.

At our breeding farm when the puppy is delivered you can take a 20KG bag of the product used by us. We provide the information to find this product later from our dealer at an agreed price.

The kibble will always be specific for puppies until the first year of the puppy’s life.

The daily quantity of kibble is indicated on the packaging and depends on the age of the puppy. Up to 6 months the ration will be divided into three meals. Then morning and evening. However, we must adapt the quantities to the individual puppy’s metabolism and therefore check his weight periodically.

When will I get my pedigree?

All the Puppies of Lagotto Romagnolo of Allevamento Valle dei Medici have the Pedigree. There are no discounts or possibilities to have puppies without pedigree.

If the pedigree is registered directly to the breeder, it will be showed together with the puppy. It remains to communicate the transfer of ownership to ENCI. Then we will send it to your home in next weeks.

Alternatively, the most practiced, the Pedigree is registered directly to the new owner. In this case, ENCI will send pedigree directly to the new owner.

When do I have to call the Vaccines?

The vaccines program is reported on the Health Booklet that we deliver together with the Cucciolo di Lagotto. Our veterinarian always reports what the next deadlines are. The recommendation is to choose activities for the puppy that do not lower his immune defences near the vaccines. For more information on our vaccination protocol see WHEN TO HOLD A PUPPPY.

Treatments against external parasites, worming and stool testing are listed in the puppy’s health booklet. In particular, treatments against external parasites should be repeated monthly.

When can I do some laps together with the Puppy of Lagotto Romagnolo?

Since the puppy arrives home, it usually takes 5-6 days for him to show himself calm and completely set. This is important to proceed with the vaccine recall. During this period it is good not to stress your puppy with a leash or collar.

Then, proceeding in stages, we can start to get your puppy used to the collar and therefore the leash.

Can I let the Lagotto Romagnolo puppy play with other dogs?

We will have to wait for the first vaccine booster to attend other dogs of which we are not sure to be vaccinated.

We can meet vaccinated dogs but avoid potentially risky areas.

The management of a puppy must be careful.

We cannot let a 7-8-10 Kg puppy run freely with dogs that weigh three or four times more.

Like a child with a mini motorbike that always keeps the gas at maximum. The finish is quite safe.

It will definitely hurt, and the traumas due to this senseless handling can come out even months or years later.

When can the puppy take a swim in the sea or lake?

The love for water is in the history of the Lagotto Romagnolo, the pedigree reads: “aquatic rescue dog”. Taking a Lagotto puppy where there is water will send him into ecstasy. Until the age of 9 months it is always advisable to be careful how the toys develop.

Running on the beach, taking continuous shots to jump into the water are dangerous activities for every puppy.

Making your puppy swim brings enormous benefits to our puppy’s muscles and bone development.

These experiences made with the right care are healthy for your puppy and big puppy. We are always available for further information or details on specific situations.

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