vaccini cane lagotto romagnolo

Dog Vaccines and Socializing go hand in hand

The dog vaccines begin at our breeding farm and continue at the home of the new families. The timing of the vaccination protocol is one of the first questions that we are asked by the families who decide to welcome one of our puppy Lagotto Romagnolo.

The prophylaxis is not just one. Under the indications of our veterinarian we follow the prophylaxis recommended by WSAVA, World Veterinary Association for small animals, said in English sounds better.

The vaccination prophylaxis provides:

  • First Vaccine carried out on the kennel around 45-50 days
  • First Pentavalent vaccine carried out in the farm around 60-65 days
  • First Recall after 3-4 weeks
  • Second Recall 3-4 weeks after first Recall
  • Annual Recall

The first vaccination is carried out after 60 days.

The puppies in Tuscany, by regional law, can only be given after 60 days. More or less now is so in almost all regions. For a correct socialization it is important for us to keep the puppies in the breeding, close to the Mother, about ten more days.

It happens that we have to resist the pressure of the new families of puppies who would like their puppy from Lagotto Romagnolo as soon as possible.

Vaccinating the puppies before 60 days is impossible for us. We will have to change veterinarian.

Surely there are protocols to anticipate vaccines. It may not be the need to give up the puppies or pressure from the owners. In fact we, both to conclude the socialization and to follow the WSAVA guidelines, we respect the protocol.

Dog Vaccines and Health

A future mother should be vaccinated before she even goes into heat. In this case, during gestation and lactation antibodies are provided to her puppies.

This is the main reason why we should never anticipate the first vaccine. We risk a bleaching effect that will cancel the antibodies provided by the mother.

Before the vaccines, the puppies are wormed and faeces are tested to ensure the absence of worms. Periods of stress, such as leaving our farm in the next 4-5 days after vaccination, must be avoided. We are trying to vaccinate the puppy when his immune system is efficient.

Once the puppy has left our farm, it will have already carried out the first vaccine.

The new owner will have to make the first booster according to the above mentioned timing. This information is included in the health booklet that is delivered with the puppy.

How to behave after the first recall of the vaccine

Once the first recall has been made, the puppy will be able to freely attend other dogs.

We will be able to take him with us, everywhere and without any pathology.

Remains to avoid those situations that could lower the immune system.

To make our Puppy swim in the sea or in lakes or rivers, such as bathing him with complete hygiene without drying him thoroughly, can still be dangerous for the respect of the vaccination protocol. Cough or cold could lower the immune system and we should skip the last booster.

The prophylaxis would have to be repeated from the beginning. Do not give up!

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