first journey with lagotto pup

Preparing to Welcome Your Lagotto Puppy

The arrival of a puppy at home is a subject we have already covered in the past. Several years have passed since that article, although it is obviously still valid.

However, there are many families who ask us for more precise details about the size of the carrier and how to organise the first trip with the puppy. What to expect, what the puppy’s reaction will be, and other information that we will try to give in this article.

What items are needed for the journey and on arrival

The travel bag or carrier

The best way for your puppy to travel by car is on the back seat in a cloth travel bag.

The bag or carrier should be openable at the sides and top.

This allows the second passenger to comfortably comfort the puppy. If a car journey is followed by a flight, the bag will be indispensable.

The measurements of the bag are for a 70-day-old puppy weighing 5-7 kg. In the case of a puppy for some foreign countries, i.e. at least 15 weeks old, the bag will be for a puppy weighing around 7-9 kg.

As it is often the case that some people also want to equip themselves with a kennel for an adult Lagotto, the measurements of the carrier will be about 60×40 cm and 50 cm high. Larger sizes are not convenient as they perform worse in protecting the dog during turns or other events.

The blanket

Using a blanket with mum’s scent can help give your puppy peace of mind. Useful in puppies as young as 70 days old that are less open to new things.

The blanket will be passed over the mother on the day the puppy is picked up.


The puppy will certainly not play on its first car journey, but as we will need to buy toys for its arrival home, we remain convinced that the tennis ball and a Kong are more than enough. For more details see the article on toys for Lagotto puppies.


We have also written an article on this subject, but our suggestion is to take a Retriever leash.

A harness is not recommended up to a year old. If the puppy proves, as is often the case, that it can keep up with the pace without any major jerking, an exception can be made and the harness can be used.


For particularly long journeys, it is advisable to carry a bowl and a bottle of water.

Feeding during the journey

When handing over the puppy, try to leave it on an empty stomach for at least 6-7 hours. The agitation and stress of the journey will undoubtedly lead to regurgitation. For the same reason, even if the journey is particularly long, it is wise not to feed the puppy during the journey:

do not give the puppy any food during the journey.

The fact that when the puppy arrives at its new home it wants to eat and finds it is positive in many ways.

We always give a one-kilo sack on the day the kitten is picked up. Now that I am writing this article, it is included in the Puppy Kit, but if things change in the future, we will continue with this good habit.

1 kg of kibble is enough for 4-5 days. In other words, there is no urgent need to buy a large bag for the puppy. If possible we will continue with the trend that we are using at the moment, vice versa we will use the feed taken from the kennel to make a gradual transition to the new brand.


I believe and hope I have not forgotten anything. The last recommendation is to stay calm, even if the moment has been so long awaited and it will not be easy to control the strong emotion.

I only remember one puppy that got confused during the return trip, Snoopy, actually took a while to accept the separation. For the rest, Lagotto puppies like children let themselves sleep in the car and after a few minutes of bewilderment and great stress they let themselves go. They spend most of the journey sleeping or being pampered.

  • Travel bag or carrier
  • Retriever leash
  • Cover
  • Kong and tennis ball
  • Bowl and water bottle
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