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Choosing a Lagotto kennel and the puppy.

Choosing a Lagotto Romagnolo puppy in a kennel provides guarantees. The breeder will always be available to support you with advice for the management of the puppy. How to behave for the insertion and also how to continue with the education.

It is difficult for a kennel to give you a puppy without explaining who the parents are, what guarantees of health and what assumptions have been made about the litter.

They will be able to explain and help those who do not know the breed to understand it. If, like us, the breeder also has a passion for truffle hunting, he will be able to give you valuable training advice.

If the puppy, besides being an excellent Lagotto for Companionship, will also be a brilliant truffle hound, we can only be satisfied. In a kennel the puppy is not given to just anyone.

These are the prerogatives of Breeders and of no other figure who can hand over puppies.

Notwithstanding the above, it is always a good idea to visit the kennel to see the puppies and get to know the breeders.

Choice of a Lagotto Romagnolo breeding farm

I believe that the choice of the kennel is similar in importance and method to the choice we make of the future owners of our puppies.

It is a mechanism of trust and mutual esteem that often starts from the first phone call.

There are some elements that help in the choice of a kennel. Objective aspects that distinguish breeders whose primary objective is economic from those who breed with the well-being of their puppies in mind.

  • Genetic tests on the parents cannot be considered as an extra. They are essential to GUARANTEE exemption from certain diseases in the puppy. Pathologies that can also occur after the sale.
  • X-rays of the hips and elbows of the parents are expensive examinations whose information is valuable for serious breeders. Breeders who X-ray their dogs always give evidence of the results.
  • The pedigree does not justify any difference in price.
  • The breeder must show the ability to support the future owner with competence and availability.
  • The structure of the kennel, How the dogs are kept in the kennel. The spaces dedicated to them. Where the puppies are bred. They help to understand if the Lagotto Romagnolo puppy has been raised in a healthy environment or if it is just a commodity.
  • Too many litters, raising a litter takes a lot of time. The presence of so many litters in the kennel at the same time can give rise to doubts.

Choosing the breeding. Visiting a Lagotto Romagnolo puppy

In order to choose a Lagotto kennel, the visit is fundamental. The moment that provides a lot of information and sensations. Often it happens even before the puppies are born. At other times, in addition to the cattery, we may also visit the puppy.

When weaning has started and the puppies are moving with a fair degree of ease, the first interactions also begin. We are around the fourth week and this is a good time to make our visit to the kennel.

It is a good time to visit the kennel to check the health of the mother and to evaluate the nutritional and hygienic care of the puppies.

A few more weeks and the puppy’s character begins to show itself. The socialisation work done in the kennel begins to bear fruit.

Where the puppy was born and where it spent its first two months is decisive for its adult character. The visit to the kennel should help to understand the past of the puppy that we will take home.

Choosing a Lagotto Romagnolo puppy

It was hard. We selected the breeding farm among those that had puppies available. We probably travelled several kilometres to visit it. And now the whole Lagotto Romagnolo litter is right in front of us. Some puppies are interested in our presence. Another is sleepy or naughty.

The moment is topical. They’re all great, but we’ll only choose one.

If the puppies have entered the fifth week they have a fair amount of independence and it is then that the puppy makes the first move.

In a homogeneous litter, the choice of a Lagotto Romagnolo pet puppy can also be made in this way. In a romantic way.

If the request is for a puppy that in addition to living with the family will also go truffling, the opinion of those who have bred the litter is decisive.

Talking to those who have raised the puppies from birth and understanding together which situations are most congenial will benefit the owners and the puppies and make the breeder feel at ease.

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