socializzazione cuccioli imprinting ed esperienze

Puppy Socialization is health

Paying attention to the socializing of puppies is crucial. In the period that the puppies are in breeding they throw the foundations for their character as adults. Well socialized puppies that from adults will be balanced romagnol Lagotto. Working on the character of the litter is wasteful in all senses. It takes passion and seriousness. We must be present every day and undertake to increase the baggage of experience of the puppy. Experiences that will take you behind for the rest of your life. In the growing stages of the litter, there comes a time when every novelty is taken by the puppy's chest. It won't always be. This is why it is important to be present when the puppy is prepared for novelty. Intervening during this period is a great opportunity to improve the character of the Lagotto Romagnolo. The lost time is not always able to recover. For this reason we try to keep the puppies in breeding with the mother until the 70 ° day. For us it would be even more comfortable and less wasteful to entrust our puppies to the 60 day as the law allows you to do.

 Our puppies of Lagotto Romagnolo must have the maximum.

A socialized puppy does not mean that it is a puppy that has known other dogs or people. A socialized puppy is a dog that is well.

In These terms we must see the socialization and the character of the Lagotto Romagnolo. A decisive element to define a healthy puppy.

Every single puppy will be understood. We will be ready to intervene so that everyone develops his discretion.

A puppy in full confidence of whether with the ability to distinguish and to choose.

A puppy of Lagotto Romagnolo able to find the right solutions to face new experiences and with the strength to practice them.

How to form the character of the puppy

The character of the Lagotto Romagnolo as an adult depends on many factors. Genetics does its part. Knowing the character of the parents is one of our tasks. The character passes from parents to children, and this is the first brick to put on the character and health of the puppies. Then comes our moment. Following a growth path that is not exclusively about nutrition. Puppies from the first days of life will have to be handled.

Simple passive exercises that stimulate brain development.

And then they will have to attend men women and children. Familiarize yourself with the noises of the house. And then again know other animals, other dogs. Breed dogs and different sex, their world soon must widen. Puppies pass a stage where they are open to everything. They willingly accept the reproaches of adult dogs, of the mother and quickly without intimidating distinguish what is to do and what not. Putting the nose in the bowl of the pack leader, is not to be done, not even as adults. By attending other dogs, here they learn this at the right time. No adult dog would bite a puppy, but education is demanded. This is the time to learn.

It is depressing for puppies to see only the person who brings them to eat two or three times a day.

It's depressing to think about puppies bred like that.

Breed beautiful puppies in character

Our puppies of Lagotto Romagnolo grow in the house.  We want people and children to attend from birth. Our puppies stay indoors even when coexistence becomes difficult. We prolong their stay at home until the puppies are ready physically and mentally to stay out with mom. Once the puppies can live in the garden they will start new experiences. They will know the head of the pack, the adoptive father of all our puppies. This is very educational for them. Everyone out, all together to get strength, games and fights between brothers and then all on the adult dogs. You are a spectacle!

With the game the puppy lets himself carry and enthusiastically faces the life.

Mom must always be there. She educates and helps her puppies in moments of awe. With mom everything happens naturally. The presence of the mother from safety to her litter. Getting out of your kennel, hanging out in the garden is all the easier for the puppy. The imprinting phase lasts until the 12th week. Our puppies are already in their new families. Now it's up to them to continue the puppy's education. We will always be available to help our puppies and their new family.

A puppy of Lagotto Romagnolo happy and cheerful, and sure of if he will always know how to face life with the right momentum.

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