Tips to choose a puppy of Lagotto Romagnolo. Characteristics of the breed. Lagotto Romagnolo suitable for families and children. Lagotto Romagnolo Serious farms.

When to take the puppy?

In terms of the law accomplished on the 60th day of age, the puppy can be yielded. But is the puppy really ready to leave mom and siblings? The litter from the sixtieth day onwards shows important changes. It is analogous to what the families notice when they pass the moment of initial settling their puppy explodes in all its splendor. It is a process of growth that starts slowly from the seventh week. With increasing motor capacity increases the intensity of interaction and in an increasingly strong and decisive until the twelfth week. Until the eighth week the litter must be serene. Do the first experiences without exaggerating, adapted to their age. Without too much noise or frenetics.

Between the eighth and tenth weeks of life The puppy knows a new feeling: fear.

It is important to be able to follow our puppies during this period. Mommy helps us and our attentive eye does the rest. We are in the environment where the puppy has grown and it is easy to see if the whole litter proceeds uniformly in the growth of character. It is a delicate phase that must be held close to the mother and the people who have always reassured the puppy. Sometimes it is enough a sudden noise or a sudden movement, and here all together they look at you with a thousand exclamation marks:

Now what happens!?!?! No villains!!! Let’s do a little racket!

It kind of works like that. Maturation times vary from litter to litter. Often they also depend on the breed. In any case, there is always the time when the awareness of fear comes up. In Nature The feeling of fear plays an important and also vital role. The darers face the danger without fear and often get into trouble. In this period is mainly mum Lagotta to give important lessons of life to their puppies.  His boys in the face of unexpected reactions feel fear and are put back to the rules of Mother. Exaggerated games or eat in the bowl of MOM are some examples that MOM Lagotta prohibits. Instead we must avoid that the Lagottino perceals with terror situations that in the future will be completely normal. Other dogs, people and children for example. We want balanced Lagotti and for this we seek balance even in the puppy. Knowing the feeling of fear is important. It will not have to be overwhelmed by turning into terror, much less ignoring it by becoming a rash.

The character of the dog is formed in good and bad for a long time by the experiences made during this period.

On the day that the puppy changes home, as much as we commit all to make it as stressful as possible, it is a strong experience for the puppy. It can take days to settle. The loss of appetite and diareas are fairly normal events in the first week in the new home. For this reason we entrust the puppies after the 70 days of life. In this environment the puppies are at ease, the place where they were born and raised and will also be the place where to overcome brilliantly the first signs of fear. The Lagotto Romagnolo is a breed of dog that easily tends to the fear and confidentiality of the puppy. It is all too easy during this period to mark negatively the puppies of Lagotto Romagnolo that difficult and with so much effort can be recovered. A Lagotto Romagnolo grown and bred properly is a special dog with features that will have to remain in him throughout his life.

Entrust a puppy after 12 weeks

There is a time window in the bibliography that represents the best time to entrust a puppy.

Exceeded the period of the feeling of fear that arrives approximately to 70 days of life the puppy will accumulate experiences. Until 12 weeks the puppies are sponges that from every situation I learn spontaneously and immediately.

After 70 days it is the ideal time to leave the farm and enter the new family.

Here you will start to meet new people and environments. The process of socializing and character training continues up to 4 months of age. Traffic noises and cars if it will be a puppy that lives in the city. and other dogs, adults and puppies like him. Games made under the watchful eye of his new family. For the respect of the hierarchies will have to locate his pack leader. Learn to respect the rules of the family and the basic commands that will soon lead him to be a polite and happy dog Lagotto representative of his race.

Taking a puppy at 70 days of life is a good choice, often the best to have a happy and pleasant Lagotto.

Yielding puppies abroad means educating them and starting them to new experiences awaiting the vaccine against rabies and passport. expatriation procedures for a dog are not the same in all European countries. Although we have requests for our puppies from other European countries and not only do we only give them up if we can follow them in their growth. We look first at the welfare of our puppy. We entrust the puppies only to those who can come to take them in breeding. We don’t ship them for sure! If a puppy stays with us for a longer period we will take care of its character growth by starting it to as many experiences as we can.

The Lagotto Romagnolo: character and temperament

Lagotto Romagnolo is a relatively young breed and his use has always been almost exclusively as a working dog. For this reason many of the people who contact us have not had previous experiences with this breed as a pet dog. They ask us about the character of the Lagotto Romagnolo. They wants confirmations on how much good and beautiful they read. The Lagotto Romagnolo has recently entered in the homes of families and for this reason a breed still to be discovered but the little Lagotti are giving important confirmations. The people who contact us talk about their furry friends. Terriers, beagle or settler or mestizo who loved to the point of not being able to stay without a dog.

Now, after seeing and being informed about the temperament of the Lagotto Romagnolo, they choose him as their life partner.

A family who has time and space, it also happens they have never had a dog, soon the family Lagotto become two. Families also with children who in one shot discover the love of the dog and the charm of Lagotto Romagnolo. The question often ends with a: “But really He is so?!” In fact it seems impossible that these little creatures are all that man always look for in a pet dog. The Lagotto Romagnolo is a working dog and he knows how to do it really well. It is a feat to find the most appropriate adjectives to be used to describe the character of the Lagotto Romagnolo. To reassure that the Lagotto Romagnolo is just like that! We should tell a multitude of anecdotes and situations. Only by experiencing the Lagotto you comprehend character intelligence and temperament. It also happens the children bring in the family the first Lagotto. Then the parents want the second one.

The character of the Lagotto Romagnolo

The character of the Lagotto Romagnolo is a unique aspect of this breed.

Affectionate and playful, patient with children and tireless playmate. Lively and entertaining outdoors as composed and respectful in the house. Smart!

All adjectives that are well suited to the Lagotto Romagnolo, but only by living it is understood how he is the maximum expression. The fact that the Lagotto Romagnolo does not leave fur in the house is often seen as one more thing..

The temperament of the Lagotto Romagnolo

The temperament of the Lagotto Romagnolo is astonishing.

The Lagotto dog knows how to be from apartment and at the same time brilliant and fun in the outdoor. Easily trainable and connected to the owner. The Lagotto always tries to please his reference humans. Both indoors and outdoors.

Intelligent to understand at first time, and touty if someone does not recognize him this ability.

He is a quiet dog and not bother, knows how to compose and wait. He turns into sticky when we cuddle him and he never tire of being cuddles. Don’t argue with other dogs. And he is docile to the point he would never bite anyone, much less a child. He’s not a bark dog. At most warn when there are unexpected visits. These are the characteristics of the Lagotto Romagnolo. Finding a flaw is really hard.

He is a balanced dog that can understand and adapt. For us that we breed the Lagotto Romagnolo his many potentials, in all fields are not a surprise. We were enormously pleased to know a Lagotto Romagnolo was introduced into the group of Pet Therapy at the Meyer Pediatric hospital in Florence

Characteristics Fur Lagotto Romagnolo

The fur of the Lagotto Romagnolo is a woolly weaving hedgehog. The mantle of Lagotto Romagnolo is constantly growing. The combination of these characteristics makes necessary maintenance interventions on the mantle that by nature tends to felting.

The Lagotto Romagnolo does not smell bad and does not stink.

A dog that lives a lot in the open air gets dirty more easily. The dirt accumulated on the mantle can give a bad odor but it is not typical of the dog. To be more explicit the Lagotto does not in itself have the classic hunting dog smell.

Hair Care: The curly mantle of the Lagotto Romagnolo

The Lagotto Romagnolo raises a lot of interest also as a dog from the apartment because it does not lose fur. Against the constant growth of the mantle and the tendency to felting requires a minimum of care in the management of the hair.

An annual shearing in the spring period when temperatures tend to rise is advisable.

The dog will be less heated with the arrival of the summer. The mantle of the Lagotto will not be the refuge of a thousand grasses during our excursions or walks to the gardens. The shearing is a sort of reset. You can manage the hot season better and get in order to the next autumn-winter.

How many combing the fur of the Lagotto?

Here’s one of the recurring questions. It doesn’t have to be a very frequent, daily practice. Once a week or even two, depending on the period and length of the mantle.

A longer cloak should be cared for more frequently.

which combs or brushes to use to treat the fur of the Lagotto?

The carer is used when the hair is badly placed, inaccessible to a comb in thin-toothed steel. The carer wastes a little The shape of the hedgehog. The hedgehog will still tend to reform. The carer if used frequently and intensely can greatly spoil the mantle. At that point it is advisable to have a bath with a nice drying. The goal to have a nice hair is to be able to comb in the back of our little coat with the comb with sparse teeth. In summary: Long steel carer and comb with sparse teeth on one side and more dense on the other.

How many do you wash the Lagotti Romagnoli?

It depends on how dirty it is. In fact, or absurd the bathroom is not a practice required for the dog. Washing the Lagotto Romagnolo means using balms beyond the shampoo. The conditioner facilitates the operation to dissolve knots and detangle the felted hair. When the dog is quite dirty the only brushing and combing may not be enough. The bath becomes inevitable. A nice dry with the phone helps the hair to resume its beautiful characteristic shape: the Hedgehog. Good chance for a DIY snib.

How to shorten the fur of the Lagotto Romagnolo?

  • If we opted for a machine shearing, special electric shaver for dog, we will make a height of 3mm. We will discover another dog, with strengths and faults, certainly lovable and sweet. A grooming machine will do it well without problems and with professional equipment.
  • If we want to shorten the mantle to scissors we will aim at a height of about 2 cm. The owners of the pet lagoons are not always allowed to go to a DIY hairstyle. Yet it is a feasible thing, in time it can give also satisfactions. The not yet high breed diffusion is the main reason why the Lagotto’s mantle is often shortened randomly by grooming shops.

How to shorten the fur of Lagotto Romagnolo with scissors?

In This operation we will have to follow those that are the morphological characteristics of the breed described in the breed standard. The rustic look that the dog must keep helps to cover any scissor errors. In time we will certainly improve and often with satisfaction we manage to maintain a nice and orderly appearance of our Fido. Here are some tips. We will not be ready to go to an exhibition but we will certainly caress your dog joyfully.

As a general rule the scissors are used on a mantle untated by knots and well cared for.

Head: Trim the ears to give it a triangle shape. Do not shorten excessively over the nose and not even stop between the eyes. Give the head a round shape starting from the lower jaw to get to remove the hair in front of the eyes. Under the eyes the hedgehog must be combed down, above the eyes a round shape is privileged but never an excessive lowering. Standard Lagotto Romagnolo: The ideal Lagotto [/caption] Neck: keep it lower than the trunk going to exalt the shape of the shoulders and above that of the head. Clean well under the ears. Trunk: An almost constant height, slightly shorter on the hips, trying to enhance the shoulders and thigh. Clean the bottom well. Back area: Shorten the thigh back by recovering a little height on the end of the leg. Respect the same hair height even on the tail. Feet: Turn well around the foot for the fingertips to touch and no stray tugs! I got a little ventured into these explanations. I hope it’s appreciated the attempt! However, the images of the standard of breed of Lagotto Romagna help in trying to give some forms that at least come close to the idea of the Lagotto Romagna.

The new member of the family has 4 legs

Understanding if there are conditions to accommodate a puppy in the family is the first responsible step to fulfill. Especially for those families, and it happens often, that they never had a dog. It is often the insistence of children. Approaching the ten years the desire to have a puppy is strong and even the arguments become more convincing. Here’s the step is done. On this site we have often written about the character, temperament, size and other particularities of Lagotto Romagnolo.

The Lagotto Romagnolo is the ideal dog as a companion dog for the Family and children.

Our task is also to look for families suitable for our puppies. Families who want to have a close relationship with their dog and be good masters. With the knowledge that a Lagotto lives about 15 years and that will depend on them every day. Adopting a dog does not disrupt the life of the family, but it will surely require time and energy. It will also have limits. How the exits and the holidays will be conditioned by his presence.

The advantages of having a dog in the family, especially for children, are enormous..

The affection these animals give us is inexplicable. Like the feeling of well-being when we are welcomed back home. A walk with our 4-legged friend is a healthy touch to the mind..

Basically, a dog doesn’t ask for much, but he needs it every day.

Are we ready to welcome a puppy?

The breed of the dog is important. For example, guard dogs will have different needs than hunting dogs. Will change the education or need for motion. We will have to be able to manage and satisfy the natural instincts of our dog.

For those who choose the Lagotto Romagnolo the path that leads to understand if we are ready to adopt a puppy is very simplified.

The Lagotto Romagnolo is a breed that has no contraindications. His requests to make us “Good Masters” are those of a pet dog who likes the couch, the house and go out for a little fun.

When you decide to take a puppy, of any breed or not, we have to keep in mind something too obvious:

All dogs need to be in good physical and mental health every day, and they live many years, and they get older!

So! A few questions that as a test can help us figure out if we are ready to welcome a dog into your family.

Does the whole family agree to take a dog?

The dog will have to be an integral part of the family, and as such relate with everyone. It must never become an element of division and claims such as: “You wanted it and now…” would be a catastrophe!

Living with the dog will inevitably be for everyone and for this reason everyone must be in favour of his arrival at home.

Over time it will happen even to the most reluctant to have to take care of and relate with the family dog.

If there are already other animals in the house, the possibility of coexistence between them must also be carefully assessed. I am thinking about the most common situations of other dogs or cats.

Do I have enough space and time to keep a dog?

Knowing the breed of your puppy by being helped for example by the breeder is important to assess well. The space can be a limit for those who have an apartment in case piccolo. Especially if it puts its attention to breeds of dogs with large or extremely energetic dimensions. The Lagotto Romagnolo does not need spaces dedicated to him. He will identify himself as the most comfortable place to make his rest. Where to put the bowls will instead be our cure. Having a garden or a terrace makes managing a dog simpler. The space of per se however does not guarantee the happiness of our lagotto. Those who think that having a lot of space to make available to their dog will have to devote less time makes a mistake. Time is a fundamental element for those who decide to have a dog. It is also important that the whole family is in favour of the arrival of the new partner. In addition to making needs the dog needs to get away, play and have contacts with the outside. It is important for physical exercise and psychology. It serves to remain a balanced and pleasant dog for the family.

The time to devote to your dog will have to be of quality!

Our Lagotto can definitely spend a part of the day alone in the house or in the garden. He will be equally happy if we dedicate ourselves to him, to entertain him and to amuse him in whatever way he is. Equally it will not be enough to stay with us at home all day our Lagotto. Surely you won’t feel lonely, but you will be bored if we don’t find some time to take at least a walk.

What financial commitment will I have to support?

Knowing the breed is important in order to assess the costs. The breeder can provide useful information. The initial cost of the puppy is only one part, often the smallest of the expenses we will have to incur for our dog. This is why we believe that saving on the initial price of the puppy makes little sense. Especially if we then have to spend more on the health or re-education of the puppy. And without having the certainty of being able to make up for it.

Veterinary expenses are an important cost. Taking care of your dog means making annual vaccine calls. Consider unforeseen events or diseases that, just like men, can affect our faithful friend. Old age will also certainly require more attention and care.

Eating must be of the highest quality for every dog. Nutrition is his health. Due to its size, the Lagotto Romagnolo is not a dog that eats large quantities. But food, even if dry when of first choice, has a cost.

Other expenses may relate to the dog’s objects such as the kennel and bowls, games and the carrier. Grooming and hygiene. Education courses.

On holiday with the dog?

Holidays are also influenced by the presence of a dog in the family. These are small sacrifices that the dog can reward. Holidays with dogs are possible. We will have to choose those places where dogs are accepted. If we are absent for short periods we should know who we can ask to take care of our friend.

Is it time to welcome a puppy?

Arrival at a puppy’s house is fantastic. A dog as a life companion is exciting. Sometimes I think that family without a dog is incomplete. Surely mine would be.

However, we will have to recognize and understand if we are ready to welcome a puppy and if the breed chosen really suits us.

If we do not have the conditions of time, space or the possibility to make some small sacrifice is better to postpone the time to adopt a puppy.


The prices of a Lagotto Romagnolo puppy taken in Breeding are generally higher than the prices found on the multiple advertisements. The reason for this difference in prices must be sought in the higher costs incurred in breeding to breed conscientiously and in the respect of the puppies.

In Breeding The Puppies are children of Lagotto Romagnolo selected for health, character and morphology and aptitude for the search of the truffle. Puppies bred with the care necessary to have the maximum health and behavioral guarantees.

We, like some other farms, deliver with the puppy the certificates of genetic and radiographic examinations supported by the parents.

The difference is not only in the price of the puppy, but they are the different puppies.

Both differences we would love to be appreciated, when we talk about price Lagotto Romagnolo. The Lagotto Romagnolo owes its notoriety to the search for truffles. His ability is becoming his fortune in terms of spreading.  Today It is increasingly appreciated as a pet dog. This growing notoriety has created a lot of interest and space for occasional, improvised and often dictated by economic interest litters.


To understand how you compose the price of a puppy, you have to analyze the main costs that you claim to Breed.

  • Genetic Tests on the parents or price of the assembles if the father, the stud, rigorously tested is taken externally
  • X-Rays also and elbows
  • Ultrasound Factress at the fourth week of gestation
  • Special quality Feed for puppies to be given to the Mother since the last month of pregnancy and during breastfeeding.
  • Supplements and medicines for the mare in pregnancy and lactation
  • Quality Feed for weaning puppies
  • Sverminers and vaccines and veterinary inspection visits on puppies
  • Microchip, canine Registry Register and Pedigree ENCI, of all puppies
  • Heating lamp always turned on, and washing machines even several times a day

I Definitely forgot something. These are expenses dictated by ethics and attentions that we can not even think of neglecting. Costs that those who give or sell at low prices the puppies of Lagotto Romagnolo do not get a jolt. Without thinking about quantifying the time we devote to the socialization of puppies. Another fundamental difference for puppies taken in Breeding. Those who give or sell at a bargain price a Lagotto Romagnolo must make us strong doubts.


The Price scissors, of this in fact we will have to talk, depends on many variables. The price of a puppy of Lagotto Romagnolo with the papers in order and taken in a Farm that cures every aspect of the  growth of the puppy oscillates between 1900 and 2400 euros. In Addition to the costs incurred to breed the litter on the prices Lagotto Romagnolo also affects the costs of the pairs that often depend on who are the parents. Stallions or mares from the important genealogy descendants of dogs who have obtained titles in beauty exhibits or in work tests have demonstrated morphological characteristics or attitudes to the search for truffles. Characteristics that will go to their offspring. It is Not fair to pay a little more for the titles of the dogs in the pedigree, even if they are important information about the value of the puppy.

The price for a puppy is right if it is proportional to the cost incurred to breed that specific litter.

When you decide to welcome a puppy of Lagotto Romagnolo in your family, you often do not realize that we will accompany us for a nice stretch of our life. The initial price of the puppy affects marginally the expenses that we will have to support for our dog. Often choosing a puppy with health requirements and bred with maximum physical and psychological care is the best choice, even economically.

Once you arrive at home with the Puppy, you appreciate the work done by those who have bred. At this point the price difference does not really have any more meaning.

Socializing Your Puppy Is Health

Paying the utmost attention to the socialization of puppies is essential.

During the time that the puppies are in breeding, the foundations are laid for their adult character. Well socialized puppies that as adults will be Lagotto Romagnolo balanced.

Working on the character of the litter is expensive in every sense. It takes passion and seriousness.

We have to be there every day and commit ourselves to increasing the puppy’s wealth of experience. Experiences he will carry with him for the rest of his life.

In the growing phases of the litter, there comes a time when every novelty is taken from the chest by the puppy. It won’t always be like that. That’s why it’s important to be there when your puppy is ready for the new.

Intervening in this period is a great opportunity to improve the temperament of the Lagotto Romagnolo.

The time lost is not always able to recover. For this reason we try to keep the puppies in breeding with their mothers until the 70th day. It would also be more comfortable and less expensive for us to entrust our puppies to the 60th day as the law allows.

Our puppies of Lagotto Romagnolo must have the best.

A socialized puppy does not mean that he is a puppy who has known other dogs or people. A socialized puppy is a dog that is well.

In these terms we must see the socialization and character of the Lagotto Romagnolo. A decisive element in defining a healthy puppy.

Every single puppy will have to be understood. We will be ready to intervene so that everyone can develop their own discretion.

A puppy in full confidence with the ability to distinguish and choose.

A Lagotto Romagnolo puppy capable of finding the right solutions to face new experiences and with the strength to practice them.

How the puppy’s character is formed

The character of the Lagotto Romagnolo as an adult depends on many factors. Genetics plays its part. Knowing the character of the parents is one of our tasks. The character passes from parents to children, and this is the first brick to put in for the character and health of the puppies.

Then comes our time. Following a path of growth that is not only about food. The puppies from the first days of life will have to be handled.

Simple passive exercises that stimulate brain development.

And then they will have to attend men, women and children. Familiarize yourself with the noise of the house.

And then get to know other animals, other dogs. Dogs of different breed and sex, their world must soon expand.

Puppies go through a phase where they are open to everything. They gladly accept the reproaches of adult dogs, of their mother and quickly, without fear, they distinguish between what is to be done and what is not.

Putting the nose in the bowl of the pack leader is something not to be done, even as an adult.

By frequenting other dogs, they learn this at the right time here. No adult dog would bite a puppy, but education is demanded. Now is the time to learn.

It is depressing for puppies to see only the person who brings them food two or three times a day.

It’s depressing to think of puppies raised this way.

Breeding beautiful puppies for character

Our Lagotto Romagnolo puppies grow up at home.  We want them to meet people and children from birth.

Our puppies stay at home even when living together becomes difficult. We extend their stay at home until the puppies are physically and mentally ready to stay out with their mothers.

Once the puppies can live in the garden, new experiences will begin.

They will know the pack leader, the adoptive father of all our puppies. This is very educational for them. All out, all together to get strength, games and fights between brothers and then all on the adult dogs. You are a spectacle!

With the game the puppy gets carried away and enthusiastically faces life.

The mother must always be present. It is she who educates and helps her puppies in moments of fear. Everything happens naturally with the mother.

The presence of the mother gives security to her litter. Going out of your kennel, walking in the garden is easier for the puppy.

The imprinting phase lasts up to about 12 weeks. Our puppies are already in their new families. Now it’s up to them to continue with the puppy’s education. We will always be there to help our puppies and their new family.

A happy and cheerful Puppy of Lagotto Romagnolo, and sure of himself will always know how to face life with the right momentum.

lagotto cane da compagnia famiglia e bambini

The Lagotto Romagnolo has a mild temperament, a balanced character and is linked to its master. Loyal and loving, he is an ideal pet dog for the family and suitable for children. The picture of the Lagotto and the Child on the cover is of our “Valle dei Medici Heros” in the Yago house with our nephew Ettore and kindly granted by his family.

The Lagotto since he was a puppy loves to play. For training he uses this temperament. He can carry out the most demanding obedience commands without any effort.

At its origin the Lagotto Romagnolo was an excellent dog to bring back. This characteristic of his is still very much alive today, we can spend hours throwing an object at him and having him brought back to us.

Its intelligence, mild temperament and lack of aggressiveness make the Lagotto a very appreciated dog by families.

The Lagotto Romagnolo is not a demanding dog. It knows how to stay in its place until it is decided that its time has come, provided that it arrives anyway.

The Lagotto Romagnolo is defined as a working dog. In reality, it is a dog that knows how to please its owner, which is why we find it in manifestations of agility, obedience. Whatever the job for Lagotto Romagnolo is, it’s a game.

Particularly suitable for children and recently recommended for pet-terapy.

With its small size it is suitable for living at home, it is not a barking dog. Its diffusion in Italy but also abroad, is having an exponential growth, thanks to its increasingly appreciated qualities as a companion dog.

The Lagotto Romagnolo does not change its coat. Its thick and curly hair is not lost at home. Its coat has a constant growth that requires a couple of grooming per year. Also for this characteristic it is a dog increasingly sought after by those who live in flats.

Personally, I happened to see a dreadlocks style pond. Although it attracts the attention of all passers-by, let’s say it’s not exactly the best.

The Lagotto Romagnolo does not like to be scolded at all. He gets touchy, and when it happens that we have to scold him, we must never exaggerate. He understands at first and if we insist, it offends his fine intelligence.

With these qualities, the abrupt and snappy bosses are unable to have any relationship with Lagotto Romagnolo. Often with no dog, but with the Lagotto they are really incompatible.

The Lagotto Romagnolo is endowed with enormous patience and intelligence. Qualities of which it is fully aware and for this reason it knows how to wait for the moment of play or pampering.

It can stare at you tirelessly for hours with languid eyes, and when called for two caresses or to play or for a walk, in a few moments it becomes very active, wags its tail and shows all its happiness.

Ideal for children because they can become inseparable playmates.

Sharp enough to understand from your outfit what is about to happen…get out, and go!!!